Ava Lentz earned prominence as the daughter of former senior pastor of Hillsong Church NYC, Carl Lentz, and his wife Laura Lentz. After her parents’ marriage ran into trouble fans wanted to know how she felt about all of the commotion.

And in response to that, Ava showed support to her father with lovely words for a birthday wish on her Instagram. Scroll down to learn more about her.

Ava Lentz Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign

Ava Lentz was born on 1 June 2004. In June 2020, she turned 16 years old while celebrating her birthday.

As stated by, Ava owned Gemini as her zodiac sign.

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Family Background — Mother, Father, Siblings

Ava Lent was born to her father Carl Lentz and her mother Laura Lentz. While her father was born in the United States, her mother hailed from Australia. The couple attended the Hillsong College and tied knots in 2003.

But in 2020, the relationship of Ava’s parents soured after Carl admitted cheating on his wife Laura.

More on her family background, both of her parents served as a pastor and had professional relationships with high-profile individuals. The couple went on having three kids including Ava.

Ava grew up with two siblings: her sister Chalie Lentz, and Roman Lentz, her brother.

Ava Lentz Height, Weight, Distinct Features

One look at Ava Lentz’s parents and it answers from where she got her good looks from. She stood tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters). Moreover, she weighed 49 kilograms (108 lbs).

Social Media Reach: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter

Ava Lentz might come short when it comes to fame putting her in comparison to her parents. However, she also gathered an impressive number of followers on her social media account.

Ava’s Instagram account earned her 35.2k followers at the time of penning this wiki-article based on her life. Moreover, her Twitter account only earned 4 followers with only one Tweet where she said ‘Hi.’

However, like many teenagers, Ava doesn’t seem to be on TikTok.

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Ava Lentz High School, Net Worth

For Ava, who is 16-year-old at the time of penning this piece, life is all about having fun, hanging out with her friends, and living life carefree.

She enjoys going to the beach, taking selfies, and posting it on her social media account, making as many memories as she can like normal teenagers do.

Ava doesn’t need to worry about her career path at the time. But in the future, she does have to make a serious decision that decides her future endeavors.

However, unlike many who doesn’t have options to choose from she is blessed to have a few of them. With an impressive social media following, she could pursue a career in social media.

Some kids in her age group are already doing that including Charli D’AmelioSienna Mae Gomez, Jenna Davis, and many more. She already earned an impressive number of people on social media and has links with high-profile individuals like Justin Bieber and his wife.

If not that, then Ava can definitely pursue modeling. She is growing up to be a very beautiful teenager and her father can make sure she is represented by the best agencies by pulling some strings.

If any of that doesn’t pan out well then she can either pursue a family profession or choose an academic route that contributes to her net worth.

As of the time of this writing, Ava Lentz is estimated to worth below $100 thousand. And she will be inheriting her parent’s sizable fortune they built over the years.

Ava Lentz Dating, Boyfriend

Ava Lentz is in her age where romance blossoms with blissful feelings. She is very pretty so a lot of boys definitely had their eyes on her.

She might’ve also taken a liking towards a lucky boy but might not have admitted at the time. Which is why she never garnered attention for the romantic entanglement.

The way it seems, Ava’s father Carl Lentz is the only man who she can call the love of her life. But that doesn’t mean the chances of her having a boyfriend now is zero.

Ava might be dating someone, but in secret away from media attention. And it might not be right to discuss the prospect of her finding one true love at this age since she saw her parents’ relationship of 13 years shattered to pieces.

Carl Lentz succumbed to the rumor that one Kayce Smith, risking his marriage with his wife Laura Lentz.

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