The third season of Temptation Island is finally here. The reality television program on Fox and USA Network was initially delayed with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now that the season is here, released on Feb. 16, 2021, meet Corey Sobczyk who agreed to put his year-and-a-half relationship with Erin Smith on the test.

Corey Sobczyk Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born as a Scorpio on the 14th of November, Corey Sobczyk reached 25 years of age in 2020.

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Corey Sobczyk Bio — Family, Hometown, Education

Corey Sobczyk’s mother, as per her Facebook page, is named Karen Hurley Sobczyk. Originally from Vicksburg, Mississippi, she now (2021) lived in Henderson, Nevada. Besides, she studied at United States Air Force (USAF) and went to Warren Central for her high school education. (Xanax Online) She is married to Robert Sobczyk, Corey’s father.

More about the family: Corey has four siblings— all sisters— Devin Lee, Haley Sobczyk, and Taylor Yslas.

Like Corey, all the Sobczyk siblings were born and bred in their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

For his education, Corey first went to Coronado High School and eventually found himself graduating in Business Administration and Management from the University of Arizona.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

The Las Vegas living Corey could be discovered on Instagram, Twitter as well as Facebook with his full name as the handle on each. And, as of Feb. 2021, he had collected couple-thousand followers on them.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Corey’s looks of a passable model will undoubtedly help him receive a significant fanbase now that he is on national television.

Corey Sobczyk stands above 6′ in height and a lately reported 89 kg in weight. He has brown hair, a handsome face, and appears physically strong with well-developed muscles. Not to miss, he made a good-looking pair with the prettiest Erin Smith.

Corey Sobczyk Job, Net Worth, Career

As mentioned in his LinkedIn bio, Corey Sobczyk is a sales associate at The Buildsters Corp. in San Diego, California. He joined the company only in January 2021. And, he is of course a full-time employee there.

Before this, he served at the Hard Rock Hotel for more than a half-decade in several positions i.e. as a VIP marketing host, resort pool manager, and lastly as a VIP manager.

This way, Corey Sobczyk reportedly pulled in a net worth of less than $150 thousand.

Also, one may draw an idea from the fact that report reads the average salary of a retail sales associate in California is estimated at $15.07 per hour and $10k commission per year.

Corey Sobczyk Erin Smith, Temptation Island

Corey Sobczyk and Erin Smith had been together for 18 months when they arrived to put their love to the test by giving “single life” a try on Temptation Island. And although their relationship started strong, cracks in the foundation had started to form.

Just as the way put it, Erin, a former pro soccer player is used to dating professional athletes and has a bad habit of comparing every guy she dates to her ex-boyfriends. As a result, Corey felt belittled and underappreciated by Erin, and also lost his swagger and confidence.

Meanwhile, Erin, afraid of settling, felt like something was amiss in their relationship. And so, together with her former concierge manager boyfriend, she decided to go on Temptation Island hoping the experiment will bring her more clarity. In the meantime, Corey also hoped to prove to Erin that he is the man for her and is better than her former lovers.

Corey Sobczyk And Erin Smith Still Together?

About them still being together, because it would be considered a show spoiler, we might have to wait for a while before we find out.

The last time we heard, they were living in San Diego, where, Erin was also busy working as a behavioral therapist. A look over their social media suggested— they continued to follow each other on it. Although Corey’s page did not contain any evidence of Erin outside of their Temptation Island promos. But then again, back in Nov. 2020, he took to comment “took my breath away” with fire emoticons to a picture Erin shared. Not to miss, to his Erin had replied “Yo breath be stanky.”

Anyway, with Corey and Erin, on the show, is also these costars who are long-haul couples. Kristen and Julian have already been together for whopping 11 years. The rest of the pairs are Chelsea and Thomas who have been together for a year and Erica and Kendal the ones with a two and a half years relationship down the road.

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