Litzi Botello appeared on National Geographic’s Port Protection alongside Gary Muehlberger. She shared her stories with the viewers of the show and garnered attention following that.

So, here is the Litzi Botello wiki that helps readers to know her better.

Litzi Botello Age

Litzi Botello was 61 years old as of February 2021. However, she never shared further details on her date of birth. This restricted information regarding her birthday and zodiac sign.

Litzi Botello Family

Litzi Botello was born to her mother Tia Botello and her anonymous husband. She often shared pictures of her parents on her Facebook. As her friends on Facebook shared, she is a spitting image of her mother.

Surely, Litzi cherishes her relationship with her parents but intended to keep everything private about them. Based on one of the comments on her parent’s pic, her mother has passed away. And that is all we know about her parents.

More about her family, Litzi has at least one sibling, her sister named Jessica Botello.

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Her Height

With her long still-colored dark hair and the kindest face a person can have, she is aging to be a very beautiful lady. The black color makes her look very pretty that contrasts with her fair skin. (

Furthermore, Litzi Botello stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). Plus, she weighed almost 68 kilograms (149 lbs).

What Happened To Litzi Botello’s Arm?

If you’re here and if you came after watching Port Protection, you might have noticed that Litzi Botello is a one-armed lady. But, she never felt the necessity to share what exactly happened to her arm. She had mentioned in the show that she had lost her hand as a child.

But, Litzi isn’t demotivated just because she has only one arm. In the show and outside of it, she often boasted about being able to do whatever two-handed people can do. The way she has survived in the wilderness of Alaska, she is not wrong at all.

Is She On Instagram?

To cut to the chase, no, Litzi doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

However, she is on Facebook where she frequently posts on the platform. She showed the love and affection that she has for her family. Her Facebook also featured her two sons and her husband.

Litzi was on Facebook on 27 January 2021 where she posted a snap of her two sons.

Litzi Botello Net Worth

While Litzi Botello’s total net worth is obscure, many expect her to have under $100 thousand.

What job Litzi has is a mystery to many. As an individual with private nature, she hasn’t offered much to the lovers of Port Protection. But, being able to survive in Alaska is not a piece of cake, and she does it with ease and has been doing it for almost 40 years.

This only meant that Litzi is well-equipped with the knowledge to survive in the community with only 100 people. Along with National Geographic’s Port Protection, she has also been featured on print media.

Litzi was interviewed in Anchorage Daily News when 2 small schools in Southeast Alaska were closed down. She shared her memories of her town from years back then. She also shared the school served as the hub for events such as thanksgiving, basketball games, annual bazaar, and many more.

On a different page, Litzi is also into arts and crafts. She also makes very beautiful Fimo arts. She also made fish, raven, and a few others using Fimo clay.

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Litzi Botello Husband

As Distractify told, Litzi Botello met her husband, John Bean in her early ’20s. And soon after they tied knots in May 2000, the couple moved to Alaska and settled there. By trade, he worked as a fisherman.

Litzi and her husband did a great job raising their kids. They spent most of their life happily married in Alaska.

More on her husband: John was born to Robert Sutherland Bean and his wife Diane Bean. His grandfather George Bean was Motor Mechanist’s Mate in the U.S. Navy during World War II who served in the Philippines. He came from a huge family with five siblings.

What Happened To Litzi Botello Sons?

Litzi Botello and her husband John had two kids: Jhonny Duarte Botello and Leland Caulder Botello Bean. His eldest son Leland was born on 26 June 1991 whereas her youngest son Jhonny was born on 28 June 1996.

But, Litzi knows what is it like to have one’s kid pass away for an unnatural cause. She had to face that unfortunate event when her son eldest son Leland passed away on 10 July 2017. However, the reason behind Leland’s death is a mystery.

However, Litzi’s second son Jhonny passed away because of an accident with a logging truck. He suffered a brain injury, multiple fractures to the left femur, jaw fracture, along with multiple scrapes and abrasions.

Furthermore, doctors put Jhonny in a medically induced coma to perform Cerebral Angiogram to determine the extent of brain injury. He was a college valedictorian who graduated in 2014. He also knew carpentry and was hired as a full-time worker.

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