One of the pioneering acts of hip hop Prince Markie Dee passed away in February of 2020. However, his relationship and married life were a mystery to many. But, worry not as we’ve put together this article to assist readers to learn more about him.

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Prince Markie Dee Cause Of Death

Prince Markie Dee of legendary hip hop group Fat Boys passed away on 18 February 2021, just a day before his 53rd birthday. However, the cause of his death hasn’t been revealed as of the time of penning this article.

Following his death, messages from his closest and dearest friends and family flooded the comment section and hip hop forum. The list also included his manager Louie Gregory and rapper Eminem.

Prince Markie Dee Parents, Siblings, Real Name

Born with real name Mark Anthony Morales, he was born in Brooklyn, New York City, the United States. Born to Puerto Rican immigrant parents in New York, he was one of the first-hand witnesses of the rise of hip hop in the South Bronx, New York.

His parents did play a vital role in his life and career. If they didn’t have him in the United States, New York in particular, he probably wouldn’t have earned the legendary status. But, he never shared any further details on his parents including their name and identity.

In the same way, Prince Markie Dee also avoided sharing information on his siblings. But the fact that he has a nephew named Mat Morales who graduated high school, he either has a brother or sister or even both.

Bu no further information on his siblings surfaced as of this writing.

How Tall Was He?

Prince Markie Dee stood tall at a towering height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters). Moreover, he previously weighed about 195 kilograms (430 lbs). But while talking to Sway in the Morning, he shared that he lost about 175 lbs at the time.

Was He On Instagram & Facebook?

Yes, Prince Markie Dee was on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram account earned him a total of 35.4k followers in total. Moreover, he made 3467 posts in total at the time of this writing.

Likewise, Markie’s Twitter profile garnered him 27.8k followers on the platform. However, he is nowhere to be found on Facebook.

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Prince Markie Dee Net Worth

Along with a successful career, Prince Markie Dee stacked an attractive net worth of $1.5 million.

While Prince Markie Dee earned prominence with The Fat Boys, he joined forces with Darren Robinson (the human beatbox) and Damon Wimbley (Kool Rock Ski) in the early ’80s to form Disco 3, their group. Later on, the group’s reputation went even further after they won a talent contest at the Radio City Music Hall i 1983.

Later, Markie and his friend’s promoter advised them to rename themselves as Fat Boys based on their sizes, a unique name for the trio. Fat Boys also received credits for bringing beatboxing to mainstream hip-hop.

The group produced a total of seven full-length albums. While the album Crushin’ (1987) went platinum, the other three albums went gold. Similarly, their song Wipeout which featured The Beach Boys peaked up to 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1989, the group released On and On, a rap opera album.

In the same year, all three of the Badboys landed the opportunity to appear on Disorderlies.

After a successful career as a group, Markie launched his solo career. During that time, he collaborated with several celebrated artists such as Mariah Carrey, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, and a few others.

Prince also released his 1992 album Free from which the song Typical Reasons (Swing My Way) reached R&B 1 hit. After the rap career, Prince Markie Dee became a popular radio host at WWIB Miami. The Rock the Bells station always gave a warm welcome to Markie who had a show named SiriusXM.

Prince Markie Dee Wife, Girlfriend, Kids

Prince Markie Dee had plenty of women following him back in the days. And even at the time before his untimely demise, he never held back when it came to having fun, which meant drinking and partying with women.

But, he certainly had at least one serious relationship. From that relationship, he had a son Markee McFly of whom he writes about and shares on social media. He also has a granddaughter named Nyla, Markee’s daughter. He loved her so much that he dedicated a post on her name and wrote an open letter to her on Instagram on 13 November 2019.

There Markie wrote that his granddaughter was the most important thing in his life. He thanked the mother of the child Lalinda for creating blessing him with such an adorable grand-daughter.

Furthermore, Markie also has a goddaughter named Makrie who graduated college from the University of Albany in September of 2017.

While he dIDn’t appear to be dating anyone at the time, and the whereabouts of his wife remained obscure, he was believed to be in love with Sandra Pepa D or Just PEPA. In 2015, he wrote a post about her where he wrote,

“#Throwback teenage years still my friend to this day @Darealpepa”

Whereas, some even claimed he and PEPA were engaged after dating for a while.

Based on his Instagram post, Prince Markie Dee also appeared to the one @benidet who he claimed to be his wife on 11 October 2014. The lady appeared on multiple occasions on his Instagram getting cozy with him.

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