In May 2020, Christian Schauf created a buzz as the latest boyfriend of Meghan King Edmonds. As seen with every celebrity spouse, fans began searching for info about Christian. Moreover, they wanted to know about his net worth, height, and romantic life.

Discover everything about the Christian Schauf wiki in the article below!

Christian Schauf Wiki — Age, Family, Education

Christian Schauf was born in 1980. As a result, she touched 40 years of age in the Summer of 2020. What’s more, Christian celebrated his birthday on 16 June every year. Therefore, he carried Gemini for a Sun sign.

Coming to his upbringing, Christian came from a family of four. Born to a (mother) Karyn and (father) Bob, Christian grew up with three brothers: Gabriel, Jacob, and Zachary. Moreover, the Schauf siblings were as close as one would imagine.

A US Army veteran, Gabe Schauf held the job of a mortuary science teacher. He married Kate in 2015. What’s more, Gabe and his wife would become first-time parents in March 2016. Two and a half years later, they welcomed their second child.

With his siblings, Christian grew up on the farm that their parents ran. In interviews, he credited his tenure as a young farmhand for making him a successful entrepreneur. Admittedly, Christian’s derived his relentless work ethic from farm life.

Christian studied at the University Of Wisconsin-Madison from 1998 until 2003. From the same, Christian graduated with BS degrees in both Communications and Business Management. Moreover, he must’ve spent a year studying Music Production at Berklee College of Music.

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Christian Schauf Net Worth

While in college, Christian Schauf interned at “Harley Davidson Motor Company.” Post-graduation, the handsome American worked at and ESPN Winter Games and X Games. Between 2003 and 2011, Christian held multiple jobs at “Ardea Beverages,” “Periscope,” “Catchpenny Productions LLC,” and “Crispin Cider Company.”

For three years, from 2013 until 2016, Christian worked at “Pear Sports.” Likewise, he joined Trovata Internation Inc and The Fight Lab as an owner and partner respectively. As of 2020, Christian still held the said positions.

Christian founded “CCS Unchartered Supply Company” —  an emergency survival kit company. Inspired by an incident in Colorado, Christian launched the company in June 2016. An adventurer at heart, he even started a podcast titled “Life Uncharted.”

From all the managerial level gigs, Christian Schauf pocketed an income of over $300 thousand p.a. In turn, the earnings contributed to his wealth which revolved around $10 million net worth. Furthermore, Christian reportedly donated a chunk of his income to charity.

Christian and Mike Escamilla — his business partner — raised $491 thousand through a crowdfunding campaign. In 2017, they pitched their product in the Shark Tank. For 10% of their business, Robert Herjavec offered the duo $200 thousand.

Long before he became a success because of business acumen, Christian enjoyed a musical career. For eight years, he toured overseas and in the US with an Indie band named “Catchpenny Productions”. What’s more, they released two albums.

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Christian Schauf Meghan King Edmonds, Married, Girlfriend

No doubt, Christian Schauf kept a clean apperance. While standing around five feet eleven inches, Christian maintained 73 kilograms through biking, hiking, and skiing. When Meghan King Edmonds first met him, she probably noticed his chiseled features.

Christian met Meghan through their mutual friend and personal trainer & nutritionist Nancy Anderson. Page Six confirmed the romance by quoting an insider. The same source also revealed Christian and Meghan had been dating since the start of 2020.

On 27th May 2020, Meghan made their romance Instagram official. She joked, “I guess if it’s in @people, it must be true… I’ll just say this: I’m happy and looking forward to writing my next chapter”. Cameran Eubanks and Leah McSweeney commented with kind words on the post.

As fans can recall, Meghan is the wife of former MLB star Jim Edmonds. Following five years as a married couple, Meghan separated from Jim after accusing him of cheating. They share three children. After the divorce, Jim began dating Kortnie O’Connor — their one-time threesome partner.

Before Jim, Meghan was married to Brad McDill. They called it quits in 2011, following three years of marriage. After splitting from Jim, Meghan had laid out the qualities of an ideal man. She outlined,

“I just want a partner who is supporting me and isn’t jealous or trying to suppress. Someone who grows with me instead of staying stagnant at a certain place. To me, that’s intimacy. I just need that partner next to me who’s going to hold my hand and sees me.”

Talking to Page Six in late-Nov 2020, Christian confirmed his split from Meghan. Admittedly, they remained on good terms. Several days earlier, E! News had reported the business broke up with the reality star because he couldn’t handle the attention. Christian refuted the claim in his interview with Page Six.

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