Daniella Kalita became popular as the newly added cast member of the 2021 season of First Dates. She, alongside Fiona Beck and David Marc, is the new addition for the new season.

Daniella’s young and fresh attitude left many with a question, who is she? And what’s her family background? As she has unique facial attributes, the question of her ethnicity has also come up. So, to know all, keep reading!

Daniella Kalita Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Daniella Kalita reached the age of 25 on her 2020 birthday. She was yet to reveal her birth date when she joined the cast of the First Dates. However, in late May 2012, someone mentioned and wished her for her birthday.

Daniella herself has not confirmed her birthday in late May. But, if go by the wish, her zodiac sign would be Gemini.

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Daniella Kalita Wiki — Family, Ethnicity, Hometown

Daniella Kalita didn’t unveil many details about her early family life. However, on her social media, the lady keeps sharing pictures of her family members.

Daniella’s mother, Daena Kalita is both on Instagram and Facebook. Although her Instagram account is made private, the information on her life came out through her Facebook.

Daena was a student at Pounton County High School located in Pounton, UK. Besides her educational background, Daena’s profile also strengthens the fact that her daughter might hold a mixed ethnicity.

Also, Daniella is a born and bred Manchunian which means, Manchester is her hometown. She also opened up through her Instagram that her grandparents died in the space of 13 days.

All in all, Daniella’s early family seems to have impacted her life so much.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Daniella is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But it was only after she became a part of the reality show First Dates, that she started becoming more active on most of her social media accounts.

Thus, her followers on Twitter, Facebook, as well as Instagram is on the verge of increasing. Similarly, it was her Instagram that had a rapid increase of followers comparatively as it reached over 1.1K until the end days of January 2021.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Daniella Kalita stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Her 48 kgs weight not just complimented her height but her distinct features as well.

Daniella has got some unique features that make her looks gorgeous. Her long, blond, curly hair could be the clear cut winner in the race of distinct features. But her beautifully blended skin color, sharp facial and bodily structures are no less stunning.

Daniella Kalita Net Worth, Career, Education

Daniella Kalita became popular for her appearance in the reality show, First Dates. But what was her job before that?

Daniella worked as a waitress in several restaurants. She always loved serving people and worked in the hospitality business for quite a long time.

Not many details on her education have been out in public. But from her Facebook bio, her fans got to know that she attended Sale Grammar School for her education.

She has not unveiled her latter education but it seems like she studied to have a career in hospitality itself as she also has experience in managing bars.

Daniella’s net worth from her career in hospitality garnered her a net worth of near $150 thousand.

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About Daniella Kalita On First Dates

Daniella Kalita’s journey towards the Channel 4 reality shows First Dates has been a unique one. She was always fascinated by the idea of the show, so, applied to become one of its contestants as a teenager.

She did not hear back from them then. However, later being called to serve the dates was an amazing opportunity for Daniella. She was more than happy for getting to serve as a waitress in the show First Dates.

Daniella Kalita Boyfriend, Dating, Husband

Daniella Kalita has not revealed her own date although she mentioned that she was curious to know how the dates end up in the new season of the First Dates.

She wanted to show up in the show as a teenager, which means she was looking for someone worth dating then.

But did she have a boyfriend or a husband when she got selected as a cast of the First Dates? This remained a question that many of her fans and followers believed that she’ll open up on soon.

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