Audiences recognize Charles Barkhouse from the History network’s series The Curse of Oak Island and The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down.

Occasionally, Charles joined this interesting group of specialists including the American TV producer Alex Lagina and treasure hunter Gary Drayton— searching for mythical treasure on the notorious Oak Island, on the South Atlantic shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here in the column, we especially talk about Charles his wiki (bio). Furthermore, readers get acquainted with his family background, jobs as well as net worths.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Nationality

Taking about Carles Barkhouse: he was most probably in his late sixties, at the time of this writing. However, his precise birthday and the year he was born remained a mystery unsolved. So did his nationality.

Charles Barkhouse Wiki — Family, Parents, Education

Charles Barkhouse grew up in Nova Scotia and also across Oak Island, the place where his grandmother lived. Henceforth, since the very beginning, Charles was fascinated by Oak Island and its rich and mysterious history.

His grandmother had closest friends on the island — a family who inhabited the place during the 1930s and 1940s. One of them was the godparent of Charle’s father.

Moreover, Charles and his grandmother received from them archaic gifts like a painting and wingchair, crafted by Smith’s Cove family. Later, he also got a book from his grandmother — all of which only further piqued his interest in the island to the extent that he even chose to pursue his education, accordingly. He took History courses in college.

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Charles Barkhouse Job, Net Worth, The Curse Of Oak Island

Charles Barkhouse is an Oak Island expert, historian, tour guide, and museum curator.

Oftentimes, he appeared as the historian in the American television production The Curse Of Oak Island. In the show, he discussed the historical artifacts and treasure of the island, the latest discoveries, theories, and several prior attempts to investigate the site.


Steve Guptill, Marty Lagina, Charles Barkhouse, and Gary Drayton, from right to left (Pic:

The series particularly explores the “Money Pit”, Smith’s Cove, Borehole 10-X, Site 2, “Nolan’s Cross”, the “Hatch”, and the “Swamp”.

The last two and a half decades of Charles’s life were spent working on the island and conducting research to add to his already vast knowledge. He did public speaking, authored books, and hosted lectures about Oak Island.

He officially served in a tour guide position for Oak Island Tours, the company that owned most of the island.

All in all, it was reported that Charles made a net worth $5 million and above from all the efforts he put into it.

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Is Charles Barkhouse A Templar And A Freemason?

When Charles was busy guiding the Lagina brothers towards the treasure in The Curse Of Oak Island, his fans made some theories on the famed money pit treasure. One of which declared Charles Barkhouse a Templar who vouched to protect the money pit from those who would try to find it. Meanwhile, some also claimed that he was leading Laginas away from the treasure instead of helping them find it.

More so, Charles described himself as being a “Freemason” and a “Knights Templar” on his Facebook account. Interestingly, the profile was no longer prevailed.

It seemed he was also not that into tweeting and Instagramming.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Charles Barkhouse stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 meters). Meanwhile, his weight remained a private affair.

He wears specs which undoubtedly is advised by his doctor for accurate eyesight.

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Is Charles Barkhouse Married? Wife, Son

From what it looked like, Charles Barkhouse is a very private person.

So far, he succeeded in keeping his personal life away from his fans and media. Also, Charles did not share much on social media, when at some point, he was using it.

As a result, the fan-queries — if Charles was married / if he had a son or a daughter— stayed unanswered as of early 2020.

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