People often get curious and attracted to some crazy ideas whenever they hear about lost and hidden ancient treasures. Their fantasy and thoughts start acting on them and they set out on an endless search for the ultimate prize. Devoting his time and money to the same is Marty Lagina.

Marty was a long time player in the race to find the buried fortunes of the tiny Oak Island. In doing so, he gathered a team of hardworking people and set on a mission which was filmed and documented on the History channel as “The Curse of Oak Island”.

To know more about the show and the man behind the whole idea dive right into the article.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Marty Lagina, a native of Michigan, turned 64 at the end of 2019. What’s more, he celebrates his birthday on 26 August every year.

He boasts the sunshine sign Virgo which gives him a strong sense of purpose in life. People with this Zodiac sign devote themselves to fairness and are always ready to work on other’s benefits.

The same traits can also be seen inside Marty as he was a big part of the treasure hunt of Oak Island for many years. As of 2020, he was still searching for the treasure as he has a strong desire to find it.

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Marty Lagina Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Marty Lagina was born in Kingsford on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on 26 August 1955 to parents: George Jacob Lagina and Anne Lagina. 

Alongside them, he also has a sibling brother, Ricky Lagina in their family of four. For as long as he can remember, he spent most of his life in Michigan and even completed his formal educations there.

Being a lover of his birthplace, he kept himself rooted in his culture and recognizes its value. So, he intended to pass the same onto his future generations as well.

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Marty Lagina Net Worth, Businesses, Winery

Talking in terms of qualifications, Marty Lagina is an engineer by profession. Before making himself known to the world, he worked at the Amoco Production company as a petroleum engineer.

From then onwards, Marty made the most of his specialties in the engineering and energy business and founded the gas exploration and production company called Terra Energy, Ltd. Soon enough, he sold the company for an estimated$ 60 million and diverted his attention to something else.

That something else, however, turned out o be one of the turning points of his career. Along with his brother, Marty set out to find the buried treasure in Oak Island which was broadcasted as a show called, “The Curse of Oak Island” on the History channel.

That was not all he carried his family ties of winegrowing and started his very own winery called “Mari Vineyards” in Michigan. He combined his modern-day knowledge and ancient techniques to produce the best wine in the area.

His business did not halt there. His passion for green energy also made him own a wind turbine company, “Heritage Sustainable.” It is one of the largest wind turbine business in Michigan.

Considering all his business and multiple jobs, the reality star earned a fortune for himself which takes his net worth to around the $100 million figure.

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Marty Lagina Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Appearance-wise, Marty Lagina didn’t come under the muscular, tall, macho man types. He stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and carries a bodyweight of 79kgs.

Marty’s other distinctive feature included his smile and calm personality which suits him a lot and what most people like in him.

Social Media Reach: IG, FB, Twitter

Despite being a hugely popular personality, Marty Lagina does not officially own a social media account.

However, he does have some fan-based accounts with a massive fan following his gives us a slight hint of his social media reach.

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About Son Alex Lagina


Marty Lagina with his son, Alex Lagina in 2019 (Pic: Marty Lagina Fans Facebook)

Apart from a blooming family business and the popularity of the members of Marty’s family, a serious question on his son Alex grabbed attention.

With Alex following in his father’s footsteps and entering into reality, people were curious about his lately inactiveness on social media. 

The last time he was active was in August of 2019. And frequent death incidents on “The Curse of Oak Island” made people guess whether he was dead or alive. Though the information remained unknown, the fans were hoping for the best.

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Marty Lagina Wife, Married, Children

Coming onto a more personal side of things, Marty Lagina is an all-out family person. He married his wife Margaret Olivia Lagina, an engineer, nearly two decades back and had a family of his own.

The couple went on to have a son, Alex Lagina, and a daughter, Maddie Lagina who was famous on social media as well. Though they were all busy with their respective work, they often spent time together.

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