The Oklahoma State star, Cade Cunningham was the top overall pick of the 2021 NBA draft that happened at Barclays Center in New York. He was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in hopes that he can be the player to finally get them back to prominence.

“It’s still crazy to be in the moment,” the basketball star said. He added, “Words can’t really explain the emotions — everybody is so happy, my family is all here. To be able to celebrate this moment with them, it’s a blessing.”

But how much do you know about his family? We’re talking about his wife, baby mama, siblings, and girlfriend. If the answer is “not much”, then by the end of this article, your answer would be otherwise. 

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Does Cade Cunningham Have A Wife?

No, Cade Cunningham doesn’t have a wife. As of July 2021, he wasn’t married and was out there still enjoying the dating game.

The fact that Cade went on to become the 2021 No.1 NBA draft pick was also because he chose to prioritize career over settling down. He has surfed the wave of hype rail to rail, practiced more than anyone, and used conceptual sense more than the physical one.

According to him, the Detroit Pistons will surely prosper with him on the team. “Having a great young core will definitely help our chemistry because we will have to work harder for everything because we won’t have a lot of experience,” Cade added.

It’s a rare thing to see someone so young being so comfortably ordained as the next big thing. But then again, Cade always dominated the entire four years of his high school career, and the freshman year of college.

What Do We Know About Cade Cunningham’s Daughter?

Cade Cunningham’s daughter is his “motivation”. He said that she was a “bundle of happiness in a 2-year-old body,” and his “everything right now.”

The 6-foot-8-inches star was still playing his senior season for the legendary coach Kevin Boyle at Montverde (FL) Academy when his daughter Riley was born in 2018. However, he missed Riley’s birth. Cade revealed he was away at Montverde when someone broke him the news that he became a father

So, to make up for things, Cade now kept his daughter close to his heart (literally). He often took her to his games, and she was also one of the biggest reasons why Cade ended up at Oklahoma State in November of 2019.

As per Oklahoma State coach Mike Boynton, Cade’s daughter often hung out around the school and was adored by the rest of the team.


Cade Cunningham and his daughter, Riley (Source: Instagram)

If you have been following Cade over his socials then you should already know how much the teenage dad loved his daughter. The last we saw the daddy-daughter pair was on August 5, 2020, over both of Cade’s Instagram and Twitter. He posted three adorable pictures with his daughter and captioned them with, “My (earth emoji).”

Overall, everything Cade was aiming for, was for the sake of his daughter. He wanted the best future for Riley and for that he had to be “the best” in whatever he was pursuing. “I have to make this work,” Cade said.

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Is Cade Cunningham Still With His Baby Mama?

As of July 2021, it was unclear if Cade Cunningham and his baby mama were together. However, we do know that Riley lived with her mother in Texas, and also she split her time with Cade’s parents. So, from that, it’s clear that Cade and his baby mama weren’t completely out of touch.

But if you ask us to take a guess, we’d say that the two have separated. Although Cade often flaunted his lovely daughter over socials, there was no sign of his baby mama over the pictures. Moreover, he refrained from talking about her or revealing her name during the interviews.

Does Cade Cunningham Have A Girlfriend?

If Cade Cunningham was still with his baby mama, then the chances of him having a girlfriend were almost zero. But even if he wasn’t with her, given Cade’s priorities, he wasn’t the type of person to choose relationships over a career.

As of 2021, Cade was focused on building his career and taking care of his daughter. Moreover, entering the NBA at such a young age was no easy task. He had to work harder even more than ever and prove his worth as the top overall pick of the 2021 NBA draft.

So, perhaps Cade didn’t have a girlfriend then.

How Many Siblings Does Cade Cunningham Have?

Cade Cunningham has two athlete siblings — a brother named Cannen, and a sister Kaylyn. Details on them:

  • Cannen Cunningham: He was signed as the assistant basketball coach by the Oklahoma State at $200,000 a year in November 2019. Previously, he played at SMU under Larry Brown from 2011-15.
  • Kaylyn Cunningham: She played basketball for three years at Lamar High School under the coach Errin Level. As of 2021, she lived in Arlington, Texas

Talking about Cade’s parents, they are Carrie and Keith Cunningham. Admittedly, his mother, in particular, has been an important bedrock for the basketball star. 

Carrie revealed that she was petrified after hearing the news that her son was becoming a father. Carrie said, “Just hoping that with a lot of love and support and a lot of prayers that everything would be fine.”

As for Cade’s ethnicity, he is biracial. His father is black and his mother is white.

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