John Lee, the father of Olympic Gold medalist Sunisa Lee, was highly searched for after his daughter brought gold home at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Distraction is to be avoided at all times by Gymnasts, John who had an accident that left him in his wheelchair, went through a lot to see his daughter reach the pinnacle of sports.

Scroll down this John Lee Wiki to learn more about Suni Lee’s father.

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What Happened To John Lee, Suni Lee’s Father?

In 2019, Suni Lee’s father John Lee was helping a neighbor trim a tree. But he fell from the tree and became paralyzed from the waist down. Speaking with WTHR, he shared that his doctor confirmed that he was pretty much paralyzed from his chest down. The accident also left him with a broken wrist.

Two months after the accident, John was discharged from the hospital and he headed home in his wheelchair.

John Lee Age

As of 2021, John Lee was already past 50 years old but his precise age hasn’t been revealed yet. On 12 April, Sunisa went on Twitter to wish John his birthday. There on the tweet, she wrote: “happy birthday dad! thank you for always being my number 1 supporter & my best friend. I love you so much, you are the reason I do it all.”

John Lee Nationality

John Lee was born in Laos. So, he is a Lao person by nationality. He immigrated to the United States later to take refuge because of the Vietnam war. He was born to anonymous Lao parents, but since all the attention to him came from his daughter, he felt it unnecessary to share information on his parents.

Along with his parents, any siblings he had remained away from public attention.

His Height

John Lee stands tall approximately at a height above 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). As for his daughter, Suni is 5 feet tall (1.52 meters).

His Instagram, Facebook

By a brief search of John Lee’s social media, we can conclude that he isn’t interested in being on social media. However, his daughter’s Instagram account earned 964k followers. She only posted 78 times on the platform until 30th July 2021.

Moreover, Suni is on Twitter with 94.5k followers where she tweeted only 492 times in total.

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John Lee Job

John Lee, from Shoreview, Minnesota, the United States has a job as a Products Engineer at Cummins Power System. He was also a Navy Veteran. Because of this reason, he had the privilege, to get medical care from the spinal cord unit of the local Veterans Administration medical center for additional treatment.

Because his recovery would take time, Dennis Shaw manager of Cummins held a meeting day after his accident on how could they support John’s family. The company made sure he had what he required. His co-workers visited him at the hospital to up his morale and do all the paperwork to ensure that he had everything he needed in the role that was appropriate for him until he was able to work again in October 2020, as Product Application Manager.

Talking about his work, John shared that he did everything but at a slower pace. He has had to have speech therapy. His team helped him with the process of getting back.

As of July 2021, John was working from home due to the pandemic.

According to Comparably, the average Cummins Inc. Product Manager earns an estimated $135,146 annually, which includes an estimated base salary of $115,721 with a $19,425 bonus.

Based on that, John Lee should have a total net worth of nearly $800 thousand.

John Lee Wife, Kids

When Sunisa Phabsomphou was only 2 years, old, her mother Yeev met her father John Lee. There exists no information on Suni’s biological father. At the time, John was a recently divorced father with two kids from his ex-wife.

John and Yeev never married but John’s role in the life of Suni is more than her biological father. She even opted to have his last name after dropping her last name Phabsomphou. The blended family had six kids.

John and Yeev’s kids are Jonah, Shyenne, Evionn, Lucky, Noah, and of course, Suni.

Throughout Suni’s career from the very beginning, John has been a great support in her life. When they couldn’t afford to buy a beam Suni to the gym for practice, he even built her a wooden balance beam for her in their backyard.


John Lee, his wife, and kids (Pic: ESPN)

Suni Lee made her senior debut at the US gymnastics championships — competing in honor of her father.

During her Olympics game, the family couldn’t visit her because of the COVID-19 protocols. But, they organized a watch party and invited friends and family over to cheer for their daughter.

John is proud of his daughter not only for being the first Hmong-American to represent the U.S. in the Olympic Games, but also to win gold. She won gold with her floor routine, scoring a 13.700, which pushed her ahead of Brazil’s Rebeca Andrade in second and the Russian Olympic Committee’s Angelina Melnikova in third. Lee won with a total score of 57.433.

By age 14, Suni was named to the U.S. junior national team and it was clear that she was going to become a star gymnast.

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