Brooke Daniells is best recognized as the partner of TV actress Catherine Bell. Hailing from the community of Scientology, the relationship always stirred conversation as of this writing. But, Brooke has always been very private about her relationship.

So, scroll down this Brooke Daniells Wiki to learn more about her.

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Brooke Daniells Age

Brooke Daniells celebrates her birthday every year on March 2. She received warm wishes for her turning age 43 in March of 2021. Based on that, she secured Pisces as her zodiac sign.

Her Hometown, Family

Brooke Daniells was born to her anonymous father and her mother Penny Atwell Jones in her hometown in Clearwater, Florida, the United States. Almost no information has been shared on her father. On top of that, no pictures of him could be discovered on social media.

Whereas, her mother, Penny, is best known for her association with the Scientology Church and is an OT 8 Scientologist. In 2020, during the presidential election, she gained wider attention for being a Donald Trump supporter.

Coming to her siblings, Brooke Daniells grew up with two siblings; her brother Damien Mochary and her sister named Phaedra Leesley. Damien has two kids from his previous marriage and was engaged to his new girlfriend in 2016.

Whereas, Phaedra Leesley is happily married for over 20 years and has two daughters from her marriage with her husband TJ Leesley. She worked for Ciano Farmer/CSTAR as Promo/- Marketing.

In April 2015, Demia mentioned on Instagram having two other siblings; Janine and Tristan.


Brooke Daniells Measurements, Height

Talking about physical appearance, Brooke Daniells reminds people of her mother, Penny, when she was young. Talking about height, Brooke stood tall at 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Moreover, she weighed about 61 kilograms (134 lbs) all thanks to her height.

Moreover, Brooke even in her early ’40s looks very young and is blessed with the measurements of 33-24-34.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Brooke Daniells could be discovered on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, where she goes b the name @brookabell, she boasted a total of 272 followers. On Instagram, she posted 3238 times but kept the profile private to avoid leaking personal information.

Furthermore, she can also be discovered on Facebook but hasn’t updated anything since November of 2017.

However, she couldn’t be discovered on Twitter.

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Brooke Daniells Net Worth

Brooke Daniells has shared very little about herself, professionally and personally. Besides her association with the Scientology church, she also earned prominence mainstream as a party planner. Her work was shared by her love interest Catherine Bell on her social media platforms.

One other thing that earned her prominence is Food Photography. She put a lot of time and effort into bringing out her passion for food and photography together. She even started a blog titled in July of 2014.

To promote that blog, Brooke also created an Instagram page under the same name. The page garnered 372 followers where she posted 419 times in total. Her blog was mostly focused on life, recipes, kids, travel, health, crafts, and many more. In the end, she also built a reputation as a lifestyle blogger.

Oftentimes, Brooke’s content overshadows her photography skills, and she is a wizard behind the lenses. She has taken amazing shots and posted them on her blog. In the meantime, Brooke’s total net worth is estimated to be about $400 thousand.

Catherine Bell And Brooke Daniells: Dating, Married Yet?

Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bells were friends while the Good Witch actress was still married to her screenwriter husband Adam Beason. But, the couple ended up getting divorced after 16 years of marriage. The couple had two kids, a daughter named Gemma born on 16 April 2003, and Ronan on 21 August 2010.

According to the People, the split was amicable and they definitely agreed on co-parenting.

Thus, arrived Brooke Daniells in the spotlight after the end of their marriage. Then, rumors started to circulate that they were not just friends but were actually dating each other. They have been together ever since and are assumed to be dating since 2012.

On July 4th, 2020, Catherine Bells spent time with the family of Brooke Daniells. However, it always generated a feeling of discomfort in the life of Penny because of her daughter’s involvement in a lesbian relationship.

Brooke’s mother, a Scientologist who was very sensitive about her stature in the church, to have her daughter in a relationship with another Scientologist, Catherine Bells. The homophobic church did in fact make it difficult for gay members, as reported.

But, Penny ignores and has been ignoring it, and Catherine is always welcome and are very close to mother of Penny. As of this writing, Catherine and Brookes aren’t married and shared no plans about it.

Brooke Daniells Husband

Brooke Daniells has two kids from her previous relationship. It has been assumed that she named her blog after her kids; Hadley and Elizabeth. She loves her kids and supposedly raising them as a single mother.

Whereas, there exists almost no information on her ex-husband. Furthermore, not even the identity of her husband has been revealed as of May 2021. However, several other sources noted that she was married to one Kenneth Daniells. Later, they ended up getting a divorce and Ken became her ex-husband.

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