Mama June might not really be a perfect mama but she is an entertaining mama, maybe not so much to her children and her relatives but the audiences of the world. And among the relatives angered by Mama June was also her sister-in-law Janice Shannon.

Mama June is a reality TV sensation, who started with TLC‘s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and then continued with We TV‘s Mama June series. Janice Shannon was also part of the Mama June series.

In this Janice Shannon wiki, we shall inform the audiences everything they need to know about her relationship with Mama June, their roles in the show Mama June and other many interesting facts.

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Janice Shannon Age

Janice Shannon was born on 1 April 1954. Thus, she was 67 years of age (as of May 2021). And since she celebrated her birthday every year on the 1st of April (April Fool’s Day), her zodiac sign was Aries.

Her Height

Janice Shannon stands at a rather small height of 5 ft 2 inches, or 1.57 m. Also that this phase of her life, she weighed 78 kgs, 171 lbs. Regarding her high weight, Janice had a witticism to throw. In a Facebook post from 2010, she equated weight with wisdom and said that women get heavier with age because they get wiser.

Janice has also frequently suffered from pneumonia. In 2010, she suffered from pneumonia the second time and the illness attacked both of her lungs. She did recover later on.

Janice Shannon Family

Janice Shannon’s maiden name is Janice Hughes and she was born to parents Thomas Hughes and Dahlia Hughes. Her father was an army veteran who had previously served in the US military. And her mother used to be a nanny. Her mother’s birthday was on 28 October.

Janice’s mother was a woman of refined humor and an iron fist when it comes to raising her children. She recounts some of her mother’s epic sense of irony and justice like “Keep crying and I’ll give you a reason to cry about.” Or “One day you’ll have kids, I hope they turn out just like you.”

Apart from her parents, Janice had two sisters in the family, Cynthia Hughes Saylor Puckett and Christie Hughes Robinson. We do not know much about Cynthia except that she lives in Lake City, Georgia. Christie was married to a former army officer, just like her father, Curt Robinson. They married in November 2006 and were still together.

Janice and her sisters were raised in Georgia. She had a Facebook post where she explained all the peculiarities of growing up in Georgia. And she also said that she was proud of where she came from.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Janice Shannon was not present on Instagram or Twitter. She was, however, present on Facebook and had 468 friends as of May 2021.

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Janice Shannon Job

According to her Facebook, Janice Shannon’s job is that she is a stay-at-home parent. There were no universities listed where she went for her college education. (Phentermine) However, for her high school, she went to Forest Park Senior High School.

Janice might not have a conventional job, but she is a reality TV celebrity. She is famous for her occasional appearances in We TV‘s Mama June series. The series centered around June Shannon, aka Mama June, Janice’s sister-in-law. Janice was the window of June’s brother James Shannon.

Her appearance on the fifth season of the show, Road to Redemption, in May 2021 was all about her strained relationship with June. Janice has not only criticized June’s parenting, but she has also accused Jane of being the reason behind Sugar bear (June’s former partner) and his current wife Jennifer.

The bad blood between June and Janice a long time ago when June was in the middle of her drug addiction and she tried to sell a pair of old shoes for $70 on Facebook. It was an embarrassing moment for the family and at that time Janice had told June that her brother (Janice’s husband) would be disappointed in her and that June should get some help.

In the 5th season of the show, Janice could be seen talking with Jennifer Thompson (nee Lamb) about Jennifer’s issues with her husband Mike Thompson (aka Sugar Bear). Janice said that Sugar Bear should get a DNA test to prove that he was really a father of Alana. Later, she also asked the Thompson couple to get full custody of Alana.

According to our sources, Janice Shannon earns a salary of $5000 per episode of the show. And as of May 2021, she had amassed a net worth of about $300 thousand.

Janice Shannon Husband

We have already mentioned that Janice Shannon’s husband was James Shannon, also called Jim. Jim was actually from Bloomington, Illinois (his hometown) but he lived most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jim and Janice were married for over 25 years before he died on 19 September 2010. According to a Facebook post from Janice, her husband died of cancer. When her husband was on the deathbed, Janice mentioned that he was her best friend and the love of her life.

In their 25 years of married life, Janice and Jim had two daughters, Allison and Jennifer. It was possible that they also had a son but we could not find any hard evidence for that. Also, we do not know much about the known daughters, except that Allison graduated from college in 2016.

Apart from their two daughters, Janice and her husband were also once on their way to adopt June’s daughter Anna Shannon (aka Chickadee). At that time, June was going through some tough times and she approached her brother, Jim, and her sister-in-law, Janice, for the adoption.

The process was initiated, but could not conclude because June never officially gave up her parental rights. Anna was 15 years of age at that time.

Anyway, both of my daughters are grown up now. She also had a dog she lived with but he died recently, on 21 February 2021.

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