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Johannah (Faith) Duggar, the sixteenth child and sixth daughter of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting, turned 15 on October 11, 2020. And in May 2021, the news of her courting has gone public.

Word has it, she is going out with this man named Carver Bowers. So, who is Carver, and is Johannah really in a relationship with him?

Find out!

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Carver Bowers Age

Born on October 23, 2001, Carver Bowers reached the age of 19 in 2020. This makes him supposedly a passionate, ambitious, and calm Scorpio and four years older than Johannah.

Carver Bowers Family

Carver Bowers was born to his parents Curtis and Lauren Bowers. He is the fourth child after whom his folks went on to have five more kids. Carver, therefore, is the younger brother of Carolina Bontrager, Cassidy Bontrager, Charlie Bowers, and the elder sibling to Christian, Crockett, Chapman, Campbell, and Crosby Bowers.

Both his sisters have been married and on both weddings, Carver was one of the happiest groomsmen.

Carver basically grew up “in a bus” touring with his family music and film ministry from age 9.

In 2006, he and his brother had a serious dirt bike accident in which he almost lost four fingers.

“God provided an incredible hand surgeon (who “just happened” to be near our small town) and 350 stitches later, I was ready to go! Only part of one finger was lost.”

His Height

Carver Bowers stood 5’11” tall before May 2021. The late-teener was yet to attain his fuller height.

His Instagram, Facebook

Unlike Johannah who does not have social media accounts of her own, Carver is a social media person.

The self-proclaimed “master of melody” could be spotted on Instagram, Facebook as well as on YouTube with not more than 447 subscribers as of May 2021.

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Carver Bowers Net Worth, Job

Aspiring a solo career as a pianist, Carver also describes himself as an entrepreneur, singer for Bowers’s family.

Believing in Jesus and Gospel, he began his music career performing in various shows and concerts with his family.

On November 29, 2019, Carver released his first solo piano album, “Abide With Me”, with twelve tracks of easy listening/new age solo piano hymns. One of the tracks was an original song titled ‘My Joy’. He released a single “Born for You” next to mother a few days before Christmas Day. All of these were made available on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and

Now and then, Carver is also found helping those in need in the mission trips with his family.

In the meantime, the Troy, Alabama inhabitant Carver Bowers reportedly collected an estimated $150K and net worth (before May 2021).

Are Carver Bowers And Johannah Duggar Courting?

Fans of the Duggar family still had their eyes focused on Johannah’s brother Josh Duggar’s scandal when the rumors of Johannah and Carver started. (Josh Duggar, the 33-year-old father of six was arrested on two charges related to child pornography in April 2021.)

Back to Johannah and Carver, the rumors of them courting originated in The Duggar-focused corners of Reddit.

The pair were pictured together at one point. This led to some believing that they might be pre-courting. (Alprazolam) While the Duggars have no culture of pre-court, fans saw the other fundamentalist family Bates do it sometimes. And because Johannah was 15 and Carver was 19, many thought they may be doing this until Johannah gets a little bit older. But again, there were also comments suggesting that she was too young for Carver.

Besides, the rumors of Johannah’s courting were to be true, this would make her the youngest Duggar to enter a relationship. Before this, most of her eldest siblings (including Josiah Duggar and Jana Duggar) waited until they were in their 20s to begin dating.

Until now, the family did not address the noises. But a source close to Johannah’s family had something to say on the matter. The source spoke with Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball who in an Instagram post explained— because Johannah has friends in Iowa, she, along with her brother and best friend Jackson Duggar, was there to attend a spring wedding.

The photos (of her and Carver) circulating are, in fact, from the same wedding. Johannah sang a song with him and 3 others. She was also seen in a car with him.

But Katie’s source said Johanna was not courting anyone at the moment and that she was also not interested in Carver. Katie went on:

“They claim that she likes someone else, which was not disclosed. Carver may be photographed with her & may have interest in her, that part I could not confirm. However, Johanna was not at the wedding to see Carver, it was a mutual friend. They stayed with another family – not the Bowers. So, no, there is no truth to the rumor that Johanna is courting or even pre-courting Carver.”

Katie insisted her source also telling her that Jim Bob is way too protective and controlling to allow all this at Johannah’s age.

Meanwhile, Carver’s relationship status on Facebook also reads ‘single’.

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