Rhianon Ally was known in New York, Miami, and Kansas City as a news anchor before she became a children’s book author. It appears she halted her career as an anchor to take care of her kids.

Learn more about her with this Rhiannon Ally wiki!

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Rhiannon Ally New Job

In April 2019, Rhiannon Ally and her husband Mike Marusarz made headlines after the news of them leaving KSHB made headlines. Steve Watt, the general manager of KSHB, also announced the name of the replacement anchors; Christa Dubill and Kevin Holmes.

Going by their social media posts, it seems to be the case. Rhiannon hasn’t posted anything related to anchoring for a very long time. Whereas, her husband, Mike Marusarz was still working as a news anchor at WABC-TV in 2021.

Plus, on 10 April 2020, Rhiannon Ally went on her Instagram to commemorate one year of leaving KSHB and Kansas City by writing a long post. She updated she resides in Brooklyn, New York, looking after her kids as a stay home mom.

As of May 2021, Rhiannon Ally hadn’t updated her LinkedIn profile. Thus, very few knew about her new job.

Rhiannon Ally Age

On 27 November every year, Rhiannon Ally’s phone buzzes with birthday messages. As a Sagittarius zodiac sign, she proudly embraces character traits such as adventurous, sociable & friendly, and independence.

In November 2020, Rhiannon Ally turned 40 years old.

Her Height

Sweet Rhiannon measures almost the same height as her husband Mike Marusarz. Both of them stand tall to a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Her distinct cheekbones, beautiful smile with perfect teeth, and hair color that almost matches the color of her eye accentuate he underrated beauty.

Rhiannon’s slim body measured not more than 65 kilograms (143 lbs) in 2021.

Rhiannon Ally Family

Having to grow up without a father can be tough, and no one knows it more than Rhiannon. She was born to her mother Carolyn in her hometown in Missouri, the United States. With no whereabouts of her anonymous father, her mother took all the responsibility as her parents and her guardian. For Rhiannon, her mother was her everything.

As shared, the TV reporter was born to her mother’s birthday eve. Carolyn named her after one of the songs of Fleetwood Mac. Even though Carolyn dropped out of high school and ended up giving up on her dreams, she did everything in her power to raise Rhiannon properly.

From moving to a different neighborhood to working early shits at a booking binding factory, Carolyn endured all the hardships for the sake of her young daughter. She succeeded to put Rhiannon through college.

Her Instagram

All thanks to Rhiannon Ally’s profession that included working in front of a camera, she is popular on all forms of social media. Her Instagram account earned 7,028 followers as of May 2021. She posted 1562 times on the platform.

Likewise, her verified Facebook page garnered 17k followers. In the same way, she was also on Twitter with 9828 followers.

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Rhiannon Ally Net Worth

Rhiannon Ally’s net worth is estimated to be about $400 thousand.

Around Kansas City, an average TV anchor makes $65,000 in salary per year. While the figures are slightly different based on several other factors, Rhiannon with her years of experience makes almost the same figure.

Before we jump into Rhiannon’s career, let’s stroll down through her academic qualifications. As reported, she was the first in her family to go to college.

Rhiannon attended Raytown South High School and graduated in 1999. In 2012, the school alum was honored by getting inducted into the hall of fame. She then joined the University of Missouri to study pre-law.

But, Rhiannon later switched her major after her journalism professor insisted to do so. She then studied broadcast journalism. Even before her graduation, she had already completed two internship programs at local stations.

Rhiannon started her career as a TV anchor in WIBW-TV. She joined the station in 2005 and worked there for two years. Then, she worked as a traffic anchor/fill-in-anchor/reporter for almost two years.

From 2009 to 2011, Rhiannon worked as a co-host for ‘Better’ a lifestyle and entertainment show. She then started working as a host for Naughty But Nice on AXS TV from 2010 to 2012. She indulged in another entertainment reporting career by joining EPIX where she worked as a red carpet correspondent.

At the same time, Rhiannon had joined CBS News station as an entertainment correspondent/anchor for WCBS-TV. After working for seven months, she secured the chair of a morning anchor in WFOR-TV.

In June of 2015, Rhiannon Ally joined KSHB/KMCI/The EW Scripps Company as their main evening anchor for 5:00 PM, 6:30 PM, and 10:00 PM weeknight broadcasts. Up to this point in her career, Rhiannon covered Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hurricane, a massive fire that killed two Kansas City firefighters, KC Royals World Series run including the parade and rally, and several other high-profile one-on-one interviews.

Apart from her anchoring career, Rhiannon Ally authored a book titled Mommy, Please Don’t Go To Work in 2018. She wrote the book for kids who feels sad if their mommy goes to work. The book is also the manifestation of her “mom’s guilt” about questioning herself if she was working too much.

Rhiannon Ally And Mike Marusarz: Wedding, Kids

Rhiannon Ally is a happily married lady with three kids. She met her husband Mike Marusarz working together at WIBW. The news anchor couple married in 2008. Over the years, they stayed away from each other because of their job.


Rhiannon with her husband and kids in New York (Pic: Rhiannon’s Instagram)

However, after ABC News hired Mike, they got the opportunity to move to New York. The stay in New York didn’t last very long for Mike as he landed a job in Miami. To meet her husband on the weekend, she would commute.

Then, Rhiannon landed a job in Miami and they were together again.

Talking about their kids, Rhiannon and Mike welcomed a son named Roman on 29 January 2014. The family later moved to Kansas City the year after his birth. Then, they welcomed Mila their daughter on 6 January 2016.

And finally, Natalia, who was born on 18 October 2018.

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