Brock Pierce re-introduced himself as a political leader to the public. His work as a child actor until his early teens are his remarkable aspects, he wills to not hide either.

Know Brock’s family, including his parents, wife, and kids, to get ideas of his journey from a superlative child actor to a political influencer.

Brock Pierce Bio — From Family To Height

Famous for multiple genres, Brock Pierce in the native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was born on 14th November 1980 to a Construction Worker father and mother, a Minister. His parents, Jeffrey Pierce and Lynette Pierce raised him alongside his sibling brother, Scott Pierce.

Brock was into acting ever since his childhood and got roles as a child actor for Legend of the Lost Tomb and The Mighty Ducks. He was as fabulous in his childhood as he is now as an actor. Eventually, Brock Pierce turned out to be a tall and handsome looking man, with a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Talking about his weight, Brock reached about 74 kgs, with his attractive measurements and unique overall features.

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Brock Pierce Epstein, Sexual Abuse Allegations

Brock Pierce was alleged of Sexual Abuse in the year 2000. Not only him but two of his partners were also accused of sexual abuse. They were accused of providing drugs to the child actors and pressuring them for sex. His partners got charged for criminal activity while two of Brook’s allegations were dropped. Some reports tell that Brock had paid more than $21,000 to settle his one lawsuit.

Also, Brock Pierce reportedly had a strange connection with the famous American financier, Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein, who died in mysterious circumstances on the 10th of August 2019, was also a convicted sex offender.

Due to his apparent connections with the offenders, Brock had to face the Sexual Abuse questions for his lifetime. He has mentioned that despite the full-on investigation by the big agencies in the US, he was never charged with any wrong. But the questions still, to the date of his electoral campaign, keeps popping up.

His Party, Policies

Brock has involved himself in the election as a new way out for what he names “Collaborative Era”. He is an independent candidate and not from any party, or simply called a “third-party candidate.”

Nonetheless, Brock Pierce can also be called a “party” himself for the great policies he has come up with for the Americans. The majors of his party policies are Liberty, Sustainability, Wellness, Humanity, and Truth.

Liberty, here, is America’s main constitutional values while, Sustainability as per him, is essential in every level and every field. Similarly, the principle of Wellness and Humanity go side by side as they’re meant for everyone, as an individual or a company. They are meant to serve a collective purpose. Then, the last of his party’s major principles, the principle of Truth serves as the foundation for all the other principles, meant for a democratic country.

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Brock Pierce Net Worth, Companies, Movies

Few years after working as a child artist in the movies, Brock had a sudden plan for a big change when he was 16 years. At that very age, Brock believed in the change that the internet would bring, which encouraged him towards his journey of an entrepreneur.

Brock initially worked in the field of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He is considered a pioneer in Blockchain and digital currency. Through his farsighted business plans and ideals, Brock has succeeded in must of his business plans with 100s of companies on his funded and founded list. 

Brock has been partners with the company like Blockchain Capital (BCC. Also, the man has been a co-founder of Tether the cryptocurrency. He already left the company as a founder, although he has maintained his words claiming the cryptocurrency to be one of the most significant currency innovations.

Besides, Brock is also a founder of the Internet Gaming Entertainment. The company has been serving as a pioneer for MMORPG currency selling.

Moreover, the man is also involved in Hotel businesses as he left for Puerto Rico in 2018 for his new business ideal. He set operation in Old San Juan of the country, called Monastery.

From the billions of business plans, Brock Pierce has involved himself into, Brock made an estimated net worth of $400 million.

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Brock Pierce Wife, Wedding, Kids

Brock Pierce got married to his wife, Crystal Rose Pierce in the year 2016. Brock’s wedding with the love of his life was not even an extra-ordinary, but an unordinary one. It was a block-chain based marriage contract. The contract of Brock and Crystal’s marriage can be easily dissolved, renewed, and also altered annually.

The unique wedding of Brock and his wife resulted in two warm hearts to enter their lives. Their two lovely kids have become the most important part of their lives.

Brock and Crystal have two daughters, among whom the younger one, Aurora is often seen in their social media posts. Their elder daughter rarely appears on her father’s posts.


Brock Pierce and his wife, Crystal Rose Pierce pose with their younger daughter, Aurora. (Pic- Crystal’s Instagram)

From Brock’s captions, it is apparent that the man is concerned about his daughters’ future. Thus, he believes in the balanced leadership that would help unite everyone.

Even in all his social media as well as websites, he proudly mentions on his intro portion, that he is a proud father.

No doubt, Brock will also be a great leader with his family’s love and support always by his side.

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