Ben Savage is someone, who made a big name and fame from his contributions in various sectors. Most people know him for his extraordinary acting skills. However, that’s not it for the man.

So, what other job was he involved in? How much is his net worth? Who is his partner? To know all, subscribe to the article!

How Old Is He?

By his 13th September 1980 birthday, Ben Savage turned 40 years old on his 2020 birthday.

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About Ben Savage Brother

Ben Savage’s brother, Fred Savage is a popular Hollywood actor and TV director. He is popular for his role of Kevin Arnold in the well-rated TV series of the 90s, The Wonder Years.

Fred is the eldest among three siblings, their sister Kala Savage being the middle one and Ben, the youngest.

Not just the brothers, but Kala has also made it big in the world of entertainment. Her roles in the movies Little Monsters and Dead Write, as well as in the TV series, Aliens in America are all loved by the audience.

Ben Savage Religion

Ben Savage has always been open about his family background. He was born to parents, Joanne and Lewis Savage in a Jewish family.

Thus, Ben is a Jew by religion, and particularly, he belonged to the Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity. However, due to the mixed culture, language, traditions, and residences of his family, Ben grew up believing in Reformed Judaism.

How Tall Is He?

Ben Savage is 5 feet 8 inches tall when it comes to his physical height.

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Ben Savage Net Worth

Ben Savage’s $12 million net worth certainly has a lot to do with his career. As many know, the man not only had a long-lived television career but a political one too. To make a glimpse, read further!

Ben Savage started in the entertainment industry as a child artist. During his early teens, he was already doing a successful sitcom, Boy Meets World. He portrayed the role of Cory Matthews in the show and continue to anchor till 2000 for a complete 7 years.

Involved in one particular role for many years, until his early teens to his adulthood, Ben wanted to explore a new world. So, for his education, he went for a degree in Political Science.

Before graduating from Stanford University in 2004, Ben went for an internship in Washington D.C., in the office of the late Senator, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

However, in the political tarmac, the man got no interest to continue. So, he came back to his, never-left profession, i. e. acting.

Later, in the year 2014, Ben was again offered the same role as Cory Matthews, but this time for Girl Meets World. It was the follow-up series of Boy Meets World where, now, the kids were grown up and started their own family.

Although he played some small-big roles in between and before, most of Ben’s acting career revolved around the role of Cory. So, many say that due to an impression of him, he didn’t get many offers later on.

Whatever was the reason, people loved the curly-haired handsome hunk for his exemplary character portrayals.

Hence in 2020, they played in the Hallmark Channel’s show Countdown to Chrismas. He again rose in fame after his role for Hallmark’s show.

All in all, from the real-life roles he played, as an actor and also a political intern, Ben Savage amassed a net worth of $12 million.

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Ben Savage Wife, Girlfriend, Partner

Ben Savage has always been open to his fans about his professional life. But when it comes to his personal life, he has always kept it a low-profile aspect of his public life. Thus, his fans only had limited knowledge of his girlfriend and his reel-life partner.

Via tweets, those who knew Ben updated his well-wishers on the actor’s partner and girlfriend.

Back in Dec 2013, Twitter user @Tifferrrs94 revealed, “My brother girlfriend’s friend is dating Ben savage from boy meets world and went to Topanga’s wedding.”

Years after, in Jul 2020, another Twitterati @SmokinPowell wrote, “Just found out a girl I went to college with is dating Ben Savage (of Cory Matthews fame) and I am SHOOK. I NEED TO KNOW HOW TOPANGA FEELS ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT.”
Although the user didn’t reveal who the girl was, this created quite a buzz as his fans are curious to know about his real-life girlfriend.

On the other hand, throughout most of his television career, actress Danielle Fishel (from Boy Meets World) played his on-screen girlfriend turned wife. So, Danielle’s real-life wedding with her writer and TV producer boyfriend, Jensen Karp, brought Ben to the lights too.

Danielle first married Tim Belusko. She then tied the knot with Jensen Karp in 2018.

Ben and Danielle were one another’s first kiss. Interestingly enough, they even went on a date. However, nothing came of their romantic outing.

Besides, Ben posed with his reel-life wife, Danielle’s six weeks old son named Adler. Folks on social media went quite crazy seeing him pose with her son.

Clearly, more than anything else, Ben and Danielle were great friends.

Is Ben Savage Gay?

Ben Savage might also be wondering where do these gay rumors come from! Although he tried not to address the wrong rumors about himself, it’s been quite clear that he is not gay.

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