In Jan 2021, Netflix premiered its latest offering titled Lupin. In the French-language crime series, Omar Sy played the titular character. The actor is married to Hélène Sy.

This Hélène Sy Wikipedia tries to highlight facts about Omar Sy’s wife including her age, height, and religion. What’s more, the article also aims to reveal her job and Instagram.

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Hélène Sy Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In 2020, Hélène Sy was 41 years of age. Moreover, she grew up celebrating her birthday on 6th October.

Because of her birthdate (6 October 1979), Hélène was born a Libra.

On her 2019 birthday, Omar penned a heartfelt message on IG. The actor wrote— “Okay, you’ve changed “a little” – but for the better because you’re the best. Going through all these years together is all that matters. Happy Birthday. I love you.”

Hélène Sy Wikipedia — Religion, Family, Maiden Name

If Instagram is anything to go by, Hélène Sy seemed like a family person. By 2021, she had multiple posts celebrating her parents and brother.

In her July 2019 post, she thanked her father and mother for teaching her empathy, altruism, tolerance, respect, and LOVE.

According to Hélène, her father was her first love and forever hero. Meanwhile, she considered her mother “my most beautiful landmark”. Sharing a photo of her mother in July 2020, Hélène wrote— “A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.”

On his 2019 birthday, Hélène described her little brother, Pyl as her ride or die person.

Talking about religion, every year, Hélène takes to social media and wishes Happy Eid to all her friends and family. As of Jan 2021, she had yet to publically discuss her faith.

Moreover, we couldn’t find her maiden name. As reported by, Hélène was “raised in the community bath by a mother who hosted boat people”.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Online publications noted Hélène Sy stands above 5 feet 6 inches in height. Blessed with beautiful features, she reportedly weighs under 53 kg.

Her husband, Omar Sy, meanwhile, measures 6 feet 2 inches (190 cm) tall.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Promoting social causes, Hélène launched her social media profiles to “share pics and love”.

Of all platforms, Hélène seemed most popular on Instagram. By 2020, the French beauty enjoyed around 50 thousand IG followers.

Hélène once used to own a handle on Twitter. She later deleted it.

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Hélène Sy Job, Net Worth, Movies

Unlike Omar Sy, Hélène didn’t fancy the entertainment industry. Either that or she didn’t possess the acting chops to make it in the movies.

But instead, she found joy in helping people out for a good cause. She is the founder of CékeDuBonheur, an organization that helps out hospitalized children.

Hélène founded the organization to provide the space for communication, a place with fun, and experimentation for the construction and development of a child. The company operated with that goal as a motive for 13 years.

The company committed itself to provide pediatric services that helped improve the living conditions of children that stayed in the hospital.

Besides that, Hélène is also the CEO and founder of Siyah Organics. Being raised close to nature, she learned about the healing power of plants. While on a trip to Senegal (West Africa), she was introduced to precious remedies that have been used by local communities for decades.

Hélène formed a team to layout and implement plans she had in her mind. Hence, Siyah Organics came to manifestation.

While she is not looking after the company, Helen Sy also wrote a column in Les Inrockuptibles in April of 2019. The column was dedicated to supporting Assa Traore. She was also a student of speech therapy.

All in all, Hélène Sy stacked over $400 thousand in net worth.

Hélène & Omar Sy: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Hélène began dating her future hubby, Omar circa 1998. The duo, however, waited 9 years to tie the knot.

Following their 2007 wedding, they went on to have 5 kids— 3 daughters and 2 sons. Amani-Nour, the youngest of the 5, was born circa 2017.

Alijah Demba Sy, one of Hélène and Omar’s children, graduated in 2020. Meanwhile, their daughter, Selly turned 19 in January that year.

As of 2021, the Sy family resided in LA. Hélène and her brood had located there in 2012.

Discussing their life in the US, Hélène once said— “I feel that my children are freer. They are much less returned to their origins than in France, where things have changed since my childhood. I have the impression that at the time we lived fairly harmoniously between different cultures”.

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