Ever since Beane, a Berklee graduate, was chosen by judges from American Idol to get through the top 12, he captured the attention of people across fandom of American Idol. Here in this Beane Wiki exploring his career, American Idol journey, and details on his boyfriend, and parents.

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How Old Is He?

Beane was born on 10 June 1997. He turned 23 years old while celebrating his birthday in June of 2020. Moreover, Beane secured Gemini as his zodiac sign.

Beane Hometown, Parents

Beane, real name Brennan Hepler, was born in his hometown of Brighton, Michigan, the United States to his parents: father Christopher M Hepler and mother Shelly Hepler. Based on the posts, Christopher and Shelly have been together for over two decades.

Christopher, Beane’s father, was born as one of the two sons of Rev. Dr. Wayne Leroy Hepler and his wife Connie L Beach.

Dr. Hepler attended and graduated from Williamsport High School and went on to attend Williamsport Area Community College where he earned his associated degree in business. He also attended Lock Haven University for a bachelor’s science degree in sociology.

Furthermore, Dr. Hepler earned a master’s degree in Arts in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary in Indiana. Whereas, her secured his Doctorate of Ministry Degree from the same in 1996.

Sadly, Dr. Hepler passed away on 23 February 2013.

More about his family: Beane’s siblings and cousins include Jessica Hepler, Jamie Hepler, Keara Hepler, Kambrie Hepler, Brennan Hepler, and Brock Hepler.

Beane Height

Coming to his physical appearance, Beane stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters). He made comments, that he looked like 6 feet 3 (1.90 meters) because of his lean boy type. Furthermore, he weighed about 61 kilograms (134 lbs). His appearance has changed over the years.

Beane grew his beard, got his nose and ears pierced, cut his hair short, and tattooed his arms. His V-shaped face, strong jawline, and his lean body are his distinct features.

His Social Media Reach

Talking about social media reach, his Instagram account earned a total of 32.6k followers. He posted only 68 posts on the platform. He is also on Twitter with 3201 followers where tweeted 5968 times as of this April 2021.

Furthermore, Beane is on Facebook where he has both pages and profiles. He shared a few posts of himself on his Facebook profile. Where his Facebook page 5,460 followers on his page.

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About Beane Net Worth

Beane attended Loyalsock Township High School. After high school graduation, he went on to attend Berklee College of Music in 2015. He graduated with BM in Business Management, Business Administration and Management, Music.

Furthermore, Beane joined Club Passim in December of 2018. In the same way, he joined Silver Arrow Band as a lead vocalist in October of 2018. Before that, Beane started working as a creative director in January of 2017.

To talk about Beane’s career, he hailed from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Growing up, he played Little League baseball in his hometown but his talent in music put him on a path of fame.

Growing up, he sang songs but after joining Uptown Music Collective in Williamsport, his passion for music sprouted. He studied the greats such as The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, the Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson, and more.

He performed at Berklee and later adopted the name ‘Beane’ and started doing gigs across the country. In February 2002, he had people cheering for him for his show at the Great Scott. Then, he joined American Idol (but more on that later).

Talking about his music, Beane released his first solo project, Human Beane, in 2017. The EP contained six songs where he touched on topics such as moving away from small-town upbringing, opening up about sexuality, mental health, and things that resonated with him.

Lost in the sound, We’re Alright, In Time, Little Stray, The Way It Goes, are some of his popular songs as of April 2021. From shows and music sales, Beane’s total net worth reached a little below $100 thousand.

Beane American Idol Journey

Beane arrived at the Season 19 audition of American Idol. He had a video chat with his granny Connie who told him “You are my sunshine.” In the audition rounds, he sang Wait for the Moment by Vulfpeck a funk group.

From Beane’s presence to his confidence, he left the judges stunned by his performance at the audition. Judge Lionel Richie labeled him “modern-day Mr.Rogers.” Lionel and Luke admired his performance and wondered if American Idol was the stage for him.

Then, the judges sent him to Hollywood with a golden ticket.

In the Hollywood Round, he was shown in the Rock category for the Genre Challenge. He sang Bennie and the Jets by singer Elton John. Then, he dueted with Kari Erickson by singing a song titled Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles.

During the show stoppers round, Beane sang Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On. He made it to the top 24 where he sang Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa and Angels by Robbie Williams. The adequate vote which he received put him through the Top 16.

In Top 16, Beane sang Searching for a Feeling by Thirdstory. But, the lack of enough votes put him in a Danger Zone unable to make it to the Top 10 Finalist lists.

But Grow As We Go earned him a place at Top 12 as the judges’ Wild-Card.

Beane Boyfriend 

As of April 2021, Beane was still dating his boyfriend, Anthony Rodriguez. They made a beautiful couple. The American Idol contestant and Anthony started dating in March of 2020.

On 17 March 2021 Beane celebrated his first anniversary with his boyfriend, Anthony. On Instagram, he wrote: “celebrating my love today, we’ve been dating for a year, kinda cool to be in love with your best pal 💛 swipe for shenanigans.”

Anthony first appeared on Beane’s IG on 22 July 2020 where Beane called him his “song inspo“. Meanwhile, Beane was featured first time on Anthony’s IG on 28 July 2020 where he called him “Lil Krimpet.”


Beane with his boyfriend, Anthony Rodriguez (Source: Instagram)

More about Anthony— Beane’s boyfriend is also a musician on a verge of a breakthrough.

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