Most tragedies occur without warning and sometimes they leave devastating impacts. It takes someone with a lot of courage and resilience to be able to surmount those devastating impacts and begin to live a fulfilled life. In light of this, it is safe to opine that Avery Warner — an ex-wife and a single mother — is a courageous woman who is raising her two children.

Other than her personal life, Avery is a dental assistant and has also certified in holistic nutrition and develops recipes. On her Instagram account where she is very active often shares about her healthy living.

Let’s take a peek into Avery’s life and learn more about her relationship details and family life!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Avery Warner was born on 1st April 1988. Thus, her age, as of 2020, was 32. As for her zodiac sign, she is Aries with quality traits like ambition and vigorous.

Avery Warner Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

According to Avery Warner, she had a decent upbringing. From an early age, the Eastern, Washington-native learned to be independent. Admittedly, her mother battled demons. Meanwhile, she considered her strict step-dad her actual dad.

Besides her parents, Avery recieved unbridled support from her sibling (a sister). Growing up, she and her family enjoyed camping and hunting trips.

However, her education detail was known because she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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Avery Warner Job, Net Worth

While looking at her professional career and job history, Avery Warner is said to be a dental assistant. Other than that, nothing notable was known about her work.

Furthermore, she is a yoga enthusiast and also has a passion for making cannabis-infused food. On her Instagram account, she can be seen posting about the good qualities of cannabis.


Avery Warner Cannabis dish recipe (Photo: Avery Warner’s Instagram)

Although nothing much is known about her professional career, she is said to have an estimated net worth of $600 thousand.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Standing tall at a height of five feet six inches (1.68 meters), Avery Warner possesses a curvaceous body structure.

By doing yoga, Avery maintained her body weight well and stayed in a top-notch condition.

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Social Media: IG, Facebook, Twitter

While looking at her social media status, Avery Warner was not quite active on Twitter and Facebook. However, on her Instagram account which had 100K followers [June 2020], she seemed quite active than other platforms.

Who Is Ash Naeck?

Ash Naeck is a relationship coach living in Melbourne, Australia. It is also said that he only worked with single women. Many commented that his dating service was outdated. Some even went as far as by labeling him as a sexist.

He was also business partners with Clint Facey who shared a combined background in NeuroLinguistic-Programming, Neuro-Coaching, Life Coaching, Human Science, Couples Therapy, and Advanced Holistic Living using nutrition and mindfulness techniques. Together with his business partner, Ash co-wrote a book titled ‘Living in the Now.’

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Avery Warner & Ash Naeck On “90 Day Fiance”

Avery Warner once again found love in Ash Naeck. During the show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, the dental assistant-turned-reality star revealed that she was head over heels for Ash and also traveled to Australia to meet him.

When she arrived in Australia, Ash told Avery that he had to file for bankruptcy after he was ripped off by his old boss. The Aussie hunk also shared that he could not visit her because he had been facing some issues with his visa.

Moreover, Ash had hidden his bankruptcy from Avery at the start. Also, Avery felt that he might be hiding more.

Well, Avery and Ash — who first met online — soon developed feelings for each other and began dating. However, their relationship had been rocky in parts. Avery also admitted to being jealous of him working with single women and spending hours night texting and chatting with them online.

To help her better understand his work, Ash invited Avery to one of his seminars. Later, the mother-of-two accused her Aussie boo of hiding their relationship from his clients.

As of April 2020, their status was not known as either of them posted a picture together on social media.

By June 2020, Avery’s “90 Day Fiance” season had concluded. Also by then, she and Ash were no longer dating but remained friends. The father-of-one even took a trip to the US and meet with Avery.

The unlikely friendship surprised everyone. Avery had every right to never speak with Ash who lied about splitting from his ex-wife 10 years ago. For her part, Avery insisted she took breaks from their long-distance romance while Ash remained committed.

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Daughters, Former Husband, Divorce

Well, it is known that Avery Warner is a single mother of two little girls: Scarlett and Silver. Her firstborn Scarlett was from her first marriage. However, she did not have the best relationship with Scarlett’s father because they ware in a volatile marriage.


Avery Warner with her daughter Silver (Photo: Avery Warner’s Instagram)

During Avery’s divorce process with her former husband, she had to go through a rough time fighting for her daughter’s custody. While she lost full-custody of her daughter but was granted a joint-custody.

Till now, Avery had not revealed her former husband’s identity and her elder daughter also remained absent from 90 Day Fiance.

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