April Brown and her best friend Sarah Sklash left their dependable desk jobs, bought a shady motel in Prince Edward County, and turned it into a “boutique vacation destination” called The June Motel. Apparently, Netflix loved the story of April, Sarah, and The June Motel and now the best friends are going to be a part of Netflix‘s new reality series called Motel Makeover.

Well, dear readers, if you love the story too, read the article below, which is all about April, read all you need to know about Sarah and go watch the show Motel Makeover.

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April Brown Motel Makeover

April Brown and Sarah Sklash first met at the University of Western Ontario and they have remained friends for over 17 years. Their friendship turned into a business partnership when they bought the motel in Prince Edward County in 2016.

It was hard work in the early days, especially because they did not have experience in the hospitality business or renovation works. Now, however, almost five years later, they have an additional location in Sauble Beach, an online shop for visitors to buy souvenirs, and a Netflix show.

Talking about the Netflix show, Motel Makeover is going to follow April and Sarah as they renovate their second motel on Sauble Beach. Motel Makeover is set to premiere on 25 August 2021.

April Brown Age, Birthday

According to her Instagram, April Brown turned 35 years of age on 20 June 2019. Meaning, as of the publication of this article, i.e. 29 July 2021, she was 37 years old. And she had celebrated her 37th birthday only about a month before.

Also, because April’s birthday falls on the 20th of June every year, her zodiac sign was Gemini.

Her Height

April Brown is a woman of average height, standing at 5 ft 6 inches. Except for her height, her other physical features include long wavy blonde hair, light greenish-gray eyes, and a charming smile.

April Brown Parents, Siblings

April Brown was born to Canadian parents in Canada. Her hometown is Calgary in Alberta province and she grew up in her hometown. She was also most likely born there.

Her father’s name is Ken Brown. We do know her mother’s name but she is featured quite a lot on April’s Instagram. April is often found drinking wine with her mother and clicking photos of her mother gardening. She is very close to both of her parents.

Based on Brown-family photos on April’s Instagram, she had at least one sibling. A woman called Jess Cannes was a regular feature in those photographs. However, we do not know if Jess was her sister or sister-in-law, wife of April’s brother.

Apart from her parents and her name-unknown siblings, April’s grandmother was also alive in 2021 and also a regular person on her Instagram.

During an interview, when asked about her first travel memory, April recounted one of her childhood moments saying, “My family did a lot of camping growing up, so I remember those classic summertime moments around the campfire roasting s’mores or stargazing late into the night.”

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Her Instagram, Facebook

April Brown was not present on any other social media but Instagram. And she was crazy active on Instagram, where she was present as @aprilkbrown. As of July 2021, she had 988 posts and some 2.6k followers.

April Brown Net Worth

Per sources, April Brown has a reported net worth of $1.5 million.

April’s Linkedin profile says that she is a “Motelier” and co-founder of The June Motel. Now, we know April and her best friend cum business partner Sarah are successful entrepreneurs but once they were very frustrated with life.

Since their college days and the beginning of their friendship, April and Sarah had “a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit” and were always talking about doing this or doing that. However, life was never really as easy as bouncing ideas of each other.

It took them a long time, but they eventually did it. On 1 June 2016, they bought and moved into “a dingy roadside motel in Prince Edward County called the Sportsman Motel.” The most interesting part was that they had bought an operational motel, which already had reservations and people coming in soon, and they knew nothing about running a hotel.

This is how The June  Motel’s website describes the early days of April and Sarah’s journey as Motelier:

“We built the website, created an online reservation system, painted the 60’s wood paneled lobby white, replaced the horrid flower quilts with fresh white duvets and learned how to make a hotel bed. My mother cleaned the rooms while Sarah’s Dad was the onsite handyman. We had zero staff at this point…Somehow though, when the guests finally arrived, we were ready for them.”

After that first summer, when they operated the “dingy motel”, it was time to renovate the hotel and turn it into something. They had to get really creative and resourceful to pay for the renovation. It took them a lot of asking for help and the entire winter, but the next summer, i.e. June of 2017, they were ready for the opening day of The June Motel.

According to the website, the name The June Motel came from “a very long brainstorm, fueled by a bottle of wine”. And apparently, the name reminded them of “that start of summer feeling”.

That is how the first The June Motel came about. After that, the second one happened or is happening, in Sauble Beach.

Is April Brown Married?

No, April Brown is not married but she has a boyfriend. His name is Ingo Rauth, 42 years of old as of 2021, and a “career coach”. He has his own inspiration brand called School of Becoming. And apparently, Ingo is “passionate About Supporting Professionals Go From Paycheque To Purpose.”

Ingo first started to appear on April’s Instagram in mid-2018. And since then, there have been a lot of posts of birthday wishes and travels to Europe and Mexico and practically all over the world.


April Brown and her boyfriend, Ingo Rauth during one of their travels circa July 2020 (PC: April’s IG)

They do not have any kids yet.

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