Mike Richards, the executive producer of the hugely popular game show Jeopardy!, was now set to start hosting the show. The host position was up for grabs after the show’s longtime host Alex Trebek died in 2020. And after almost a year, the show seems to have finally decided on Trebek’s replacement.

So, who is Mike Richards, the most likely new host of Jeopardy!? Read everything you need to know about Mike in this article. Read about his parents, his wife, and his married life. Also, read interesting details like his age, height, net worth, etc.

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Mike Richards On Jeopardy

According to early Aug 2021 reports, Mike Richards was on the verge of finalizing the deal to become the new host of Jeopardy!. It was not a done deal yet but the negotiations are in the final stages. And if everything goes as planned, Sony Pictures Television will make the official announcement in the coming days.

“He was everything you could hope for and more,” Mike said about Alex Trebek and the recent developments. “He was an idol of mine, and I will work every day to try to live up to the example he set.”

Of course, Mike was not exactly new to the game shows or Jeopardy. He had served as an executive producer of The Price Is Right for over a decade, and worked in the same position of Let’s Make a Deal for 897 episodes. And in 2020, he was appointed an executive producer of Jeopardy!. He has produced over 4000 hours of Game Show TV in total.

And not only that, Mike had some experience in front of the camera as well. He has hosted a bunch of game shows like Beauty and the Geek, Dailies, the 2012 revival of The Pyramid. And he guest-hosted Jeopardy! as well after Alex Trebek’s death.

Mike also had a lot of awards for his work in Television. He has 17 Daytime Emmy nominations and 3 wins. Occasionally, Mike was also a stand-up comedian.

His Age, Birthday

Mike Richards was born on 5 July 1975. He must have celebrated his last birthday exactly a month ago. And as of 5 August 2021, he was 46 years of age. Also, his zodiac sign was Cancer.

Mike Richards Parents, Siblings

Mike was born as Michael Gary Richards to parents Gary Richards and Carol Richards in Burbank, California. However, Burbank was not his hometown because he grew up in La Canada, California.

As of Aug 2021, his father was 73 years of age (born on 29 February 1948). And his mother was 76 years of age (born on 01 December 1944). Apart from his parents, he also had a sibling, an elder sister named Lisa Richards. Lisa was born on 08 October 1970 and was now 50 years of age.

Before he guest-hosted in the show, Mike talked about his own history with Jeopardy!. Apparently, he first started watching the show when he was 9 or 10 years of age and he was obsessed with the show. He asked his mother to get him a subscription to The Wall Street Journal thinking that would make him smarter and be able to answer all the questions in the show.

Mike also read a lot of Encyclopaedia Brittanica. He was putting too much pressure on himself at the time and his parents were worried about him. They told him not to put too much pressure on himself.

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His Height: How Tall Is Mike Richards?

Mike Richards stands at a height of 5 ft 11 inches. Apart from his tall height, his other physical features were dark hair, blue eyes, and wide jaws.

His Instagram, Facebook

On his Instagram handle @mrichtv, Mike Richards had a total of 67 posts and 2.7k followers. Similarly, on his Twitter handle @MRichTV, he had over 4.7k followers. We could not find him on Facebook.

Mike’s social media presence was not that big but if he is appointed the new host of Jeopardy!, that small following will surely increase ten, twenty, maybe even hundredfold.

Mike Richards Salary

As of 5th Aug 2021, the deal between Mike and Sony Pictures Television had not been finalized. So, we did not exactly know how much salary, he would get once he starts hosts. His predecessor on Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek, used to earn a salary of about $10 million every year. That would be equivalent to almost $43 thousand per episode.

Now, it was unlikely that Mike will be earning that much salary in the beginning. But it will still be quite significant.

Mike Richards Net Worth

According to our reports, Mike Richards’s net worth, as of August 2021, was only $2 million. However, considering that by the time of his death Alex Trebek was the owner of a staggering $75 million net worth, Mike’s net worth is on its way to a steep rise.

Is Mike Richards Married?

Yes. Mike Richards is married to Stephanie Richards (nee Hull). Stephanie was 43 years of age, born on 4 January 1978. They have two kids, both sons.


Mike Richards and his wife Stephanie Richards attending 41st Daytime Emmy Awards circa June 2014 (PC:

We do not know much about Mike and Stephanie’s relationship, except that they got married sometime before 2014.

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