Alyssa Scott earned recognition across several social media platforms after making Nick Cannon go trending on Twitter. The model posted a pregnancy picture of herself and wrote a caption that referred to her yet-to-be-born baby. So, who is Alyssa Scott? What is her relationship with Nick Cannon?

Scroll down this Alyssa Scott Wiki where we bring information related to her ethnicity, age, family, and career.

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Alyssa Scott Age

At the time of penning this article in July 2021, Alyssa Scott is 27 years old. She celebrates her birthday every year on 12 October. Based on that information, Alyssa secured Libra as her zodiac sign.

Her Height

While her slim physique makes her look extremely tall, she certainly isn’t the tallest one in her family. Coming third to her 5 feet 11 inches brother and 6 feet 1-inch father, Alyssa Scott stands at a height of 5 feet 8.5 inches (1.73 meters).

Alyssa Scott Measurements, Plastic Surgery

Whereas, Alyssa Scott weighed almost 57 kilograms (123 lbs), all because of her tall physique. Her measurements of 36-25-35 inches made her look even more stunning. Whereas, it also appears she underwent breast enlargement plastic surgery.

Alyssa Scott Ethnicity

Going by the appearance, Alyssa Scott is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother is a White-American whereas her father appears to a light-skinned Black man. This naturally made her a woman of mixed ethnicity, hence her exotic looks.

Alyssa Scott Family

Reportedly, Alyssa Scott was born to her father Alex Scott and her mother Lisa Marie Kalender in her hometown of Austin, Texas, the United States.

Based on one of her Instagram posts, her father served the community as a policeman. Alyssa further added in the caption, because of his strict nature she couldn’t get away with anything. Talking about her mother, Alyssa has but one lady to thank for her stunning looks, and that is her mom Lisa.

Even in her middle age, Lisa could easily be mistaken for a model. Alyssa shared a few snaps of her mother from her younger days. She hailed from Santa Cruz California and resides in Chico, California as of this writing.

Going by social media activity, Alyssa’s parents are divorced and seem to have moved on. But, no further details were spared on their current relationship.

To add furthermore to her family, Alyssa grew up with her elder brother Alexander ‘Alex’ Scott. Alex is a bike enthusiast and has competed in several dirt biking events. He married his childhood best friend and long-time girlfriend, Brittany Rose Scott. Professionally, Brittany worked as a real estate agent.

Moreover, Alyssa also has a younger sister who turned 10 years old in March of 2021.

Her Instagram, Facebook

When comments started flooding after Alyssa posted her pregnancy photo, she private the profile to avoid anonymous access. However, she again changed the privacy setting. The profile as of 5 July 2021 garnered 184k followers.

In the same way, Alyssa also created a profile on Facebook and interacted on the platform. However, she last updated her profile in early September of 2020 and hasn’t posted anything new ever since.

Disappointingly, Alyssa couldn’t be discovered on Twitter.

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Alyssa Scott Net Worth

From modeling to paid promotion, pooling all of her income source leaves Alyssa Scott with a total net worth of $200 thousand.

Before getting sought after for Alyssa Scott’s potential romantic relationship with Nick Cannon, she had already established quite a reputation as a model. Not only that, she landed a few modeling gigs for several photographers who helped her build quite a modeling portfolio.

Allegedly, Alyssa was also competed to be on the cover of MAXIM magazine. Speaking of a cover girl, she was featured on the cover page of Dreamstate’s January issue of 2021. Along with burgeoning fame as a model, several other opportunities came knocking at her doorstep.

The Texas-native landed sponsored posts for several jewelry brands, bikini brands, cosmetic goods, and several other products. The earning she made from her modeling gig contributed to her burgeoning net worth.

For a piece of trivia: Alyssa also modeled for portraiture painter David Rees whose work has been widely shared on social media. The portrait which the European artist’s painted hangs in his gallery.

Besides that, Alyssa also worked as a model for MTV show Wild ‘N Out.

Alyssa Scott And Nick Cannon: Wild N’ Out, Baby

On 21 May 2021, model Alyssa Scott posted a snap of her baby bump on her Instagram. However, it was the caption “ZEN S. CANNON” that stirred conversation and made Wild ‘N Out host Nick Cannon trend on Twitter.

Fans were quick to search the connection between Alyssa and Nick and discovered, she had once worked as a model in the show. However, Alyssa didn’t confirm Nick Cannon as the baby’s father.

Fan’s were almost sure that the baby belonged to Nick Cannon, they only needed a verbal confirmation from either of the parents of the still-born baby. However, one commenter @gi.anni437 commented—”You’re gorgeous and you and Nick are going have a beautiful baby.”

Alyssa replied to the comment with a, “Thank You.” This somewhat confirmed that Nick Cannon was the father of the baby. If the TV show host is actually the father of the baby, he will be welcoming baby number 7 in no time. However, the confirmation remains due on his end.

On 23rd June 2021, Alyssa gave birth to their son Zen S. Cannon. However, she didn’t let the world know about their newborn days later.

Alyssa had first announced the pregnancy on 5 January 2021 on her Instagram. Before that, she already had one daughter from her previous relationship.

Previously, Alyssa linked with playboy millionaire Dan Bilzerian in 2016. They were pictured together on a beach with other models. She was tagged on the post which was shared on Instagram.

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