Alex Schroeder is a young, up-and-coming cinematographer who impressed a significant mass from his work on the Travel Channel’s documentary-style reality show Destination Fear.

Below is a wiki-writing of Alex where you may find everything about him.

Alex Schroeder Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born before the year 1994, Alex Schroeder reached the age of 26 or less on March 29, 2020. Also, that his zodiac sign is Aries.

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Alex Schroeder Wiki — Parents, Hometown, Education

Born and bred in his hometown of Lakeville, Minnesota, Alex Schroeder continued living there until sometime in 2018 when he relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, probably to pursue a career.

His father Steve Schroeder is from Morris, Minnesota. He went to Morris High School there and later studied at the University of MN, Morris.

Alex’s mother Shawn McNab, as listed by her Facebook bio, went to Lakeville High School. Also, it looked like both of Alex’s parents attended the same university.

Alex has a bunch of siblings: sisters Gabriel Schroeder, Jordan Flynn, Katelyn McNab, and a brother Tishan Abrams. And because Katelyn is Alex’s half-sibling, Alex’s parents may have been separated, or else Katelyn has to be Shawn’s child from a previous relationship.

Speaking of Alex’s academic background: He went to Lakeville South High School in the class of 2012. Later, he studied at North Dakota State University.

His Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Alex Schroeder stands 6′ 4″ tall in height and a lately reported weight of under 83 kg. He is clearly the tallest of the Destination Fear crew.

He usually kept his hair short. The color of his hair is a beautiful blonde and his eyes are hazel.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

By Feb 2021, Alex had 12k followers on Twitter and 19.7k on Instagram. On Facebook, he entertained only a few thousand fans.

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Alex Schroeder Net Worth, Career, Destination Fear

Destination Fear debuted for the first time on Oct. 26, 2019. Promising its audience that the city of Lakeville will be well represented in both body and spirit, the show encircled six Lakeville high school graduates in key roles. This number included the three main cast members: the brother-sister Dakota and Chelsea Laden and their close friend Tanner Wiseman).

Accompanying these on the show’s dark undertakings were Alex as a cameraman and a cast, Connor Stallings also as a cameraman and editor, and Alex Nelson as a photographer and production assistant. (Just so you know, Alex, Chelsea, Dakota, and Tanner have been friends for life forever. Sharing a childhood picture of them, Alex had captioned his Insta-post, “Just to show everyone just how long we’ve been friends!”)

The premise of the series is such that the team takes to the road visiting several supposedly haunted and paranormal hotspots across the United States. The cast then makes the participants sleep alone and overnight at each haunted location. And then they record their experiences, all of which is shown to viewers raw and unscripted.

The series dropped its second season on April 29, 2020, followed by a mid-season premiere on October 24, 2020.

Besides, Destination Fear, Alex is known for his work on Virginia Minnesota (2018), and Ghost Adventures (2008).

For the net worth, Alex, the paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker was reported with an estimated wealth of over $350K in early-2021.

How Did Destination Fear Happen?

So, a decade ago, the Laden siblings with their friend Tanner used to be pint-sized sleuths as they tried to uncover the truths behind the strange happenings in their home. One thing led to another and soon they found themselves in fascination with anything paranormal.

Dakota’s amateur YouTube videos, the imagination and sense of adventure he put on them, led him and his friends to the making the first 10 episodes of Destination Fear and more contracts with Travel Channel.

Alex Schroeder Girlfriend, Dating, Is He Gay?

Alex Schroeder’s ‘Basic info’ on Facebook clearly states that his gender is male and he is interested in women. This is good enough proof that Alex is not gay.

Now, coming to the likes of ‘who is he dating?’ queries, his Facebook also read his relationship status as ‘single’.

Anyway, because he lived a low-key life and kept some part of his personal life away from media and public scrutiny, no one knew about his past girlfriends. And, today, he seemed more focused on making docuseries and crafting horror stories, than dedicating loving lines to his beloved, over socials.

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