Alex Landi is filled with sexiness! And he proved it by joining the ranks of hot TV doctors over Grey’s Anatomy as “Dr. Nico Kim”, and soon after appearing shirtless in Doja Cat and SZA‘s new music video “Kiss Me More”.

So, what is his life story? Stay till the end to learn all about it. 

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Is Alex Landi Dating Doja Cat?

Over Doja Cat’s music video, Doja can be seen seducing Alex Landi, who arrives as an astronaut on a bizarre new planet. After their encounter, Doja and SZA then put Alexa in a tube, where he floats around shirtless in just his black underwear.

The music video was approved by almost all of the fans, and a few were falling head over heels for Alex. Also, some even claimed Alex was Doja’s “love interest”. However, except for the rumors, there were no hints that the two were dating.

Moreover, Doja already had a boyfriend named Johnny Utah then.

Is Alex Landi Gay?

Over Grey’s Anatomy, Alex Landi played the gay surgeon “Dr. Nico Kim” who was romantically involved with Dr. Levi Schmidt (portrayed by Jake Borelli, who came out publicly as gay in 2019). The two had a separate fanbase, and there was even an IG and Tumblr account dedicated to their character.

But, Alex never talked about his sexuality as of 2021. He said, 

“As an actor, I want to do the best job I can in any role, regardless of my own personal sexuality or the character’s. I just want to do this role proud for the LGBT+ and the Asian communities”

However, metaphorically speaking, Alex did turn some straight people into gay. Over several tweets, we could see fans claiming that they were turning gay for him.

A fan wrote, 

“@DojaCat & @sza with their gorgeous #PlanetHer video were about to turn me straight but then astronaut Alex Landi appears (heart eyes emoji).”

Alex Landi Wife, Girlfriend, Jamie Choi

As of 2021, Alex Landi didn’t have a wife, nor a girlfriend. Talking one look over his socials, we can say that he was single. But Alex did have a crush on Grey’s former character “Dr. Cristina Yang,” played by Sandra Oh.

Also, Alex was rumored to be associated with another Asian actress, Jamie Choi. The two have appeared together at Venice Family Clinic Hosts 37th Annual Silver Circle Gala in March 2019, and Ted Baker London SS’19 Launch Event the same month in Santa Monica, California.

If you don’t know who Jamie Choi is, you might know her as “Jessica” from The After Party (2018), or might have seen her on Gotham (2014), as a receptionist on ep 1.

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Alex Landi Parents

Alex Landi was born to parents, Nana and Joseph P. Landi. His father, Joseph was a Healthcare PR strategist who excelled at scientific communications, brand promotion, issues management, and medical writing. He was the president of HealthLand Communications LLC and a former president of Landmark Communications.

As for Alex’s mother Nana, her personal details remained a mystery to us. However, she often appeared over Alex’s sibling’s IG. Even at the age of 59 (as of 2021), Alex’s mom looked younger than ever. Likewise, Alex’s dad was 60 then. 

Trivia: Nana celebrates her birthday on May 9, while Joseph celebrated his exactly a month early on April 9.

According to Alex, his parents were his “backbone”. He labeled them as “super supportive” parents and was grateful that they took him to his first Broadway show, The Lion King, which sparked his interest in acting.

Talking about his ethnicity, Alex inherits Korean roots from his mom and Italian from his dad.

Sad news: Alex’s grandmother Martha T. Landi, 73, passed away at home on January 17, 2010.

Who Is Alex Landi Sister?

Alex Landi has a three-year-younger sister named Jennifer Landi. Though she had yet to step into the movie industry, Jennifer was already setting her foot on the music industry. A brilliant singer, Jennifer entertained 1K followers (in 2021) over her IG @jlandss where she often uploaded her song covers.

Like Alex’s parents, his sister was another support figure in his life.

The siblings together attended The Human Rights Campaign in Los Angeles Gala Dinner in March  2019.


Alex Landi with his mother and sister (Source: Instagram)

How Tall Is He?

The brown-eyed hunk, Alex Landi stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm). His body measurements were — chest: 42 inches (107cm), waist 31 inches (79cm), and inseam: 32 inches (81 cm).

Also,  Alex wore a suit size of 40 inches (101cm), with a collar of 16 inches (41cm).

How Much Is He Worth?

Alex Landi’s net worth was $3 million in 2021.

As an actor, he was credited to over 12 movies and TV shows then. Some of the popular include Walker (2021), Grey’s Anatomy (2021), Connecting… (2020), Station 19 (2020), and Insatiable 92019).

Apart from acting, Alex was also an outstanding model. He has appeared in the TV commercials for LG, Nike, Calvin Klein, and endorsed brands like AllSaints and Nifty Genius.

His biggest goal was to become Marvel’s first Asian superhero, Shang Chi.

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