Glenn Guist appeared in season 11 of Swamp People in 2020. As of April 2021, he hadn’t appeared in a single episode since he took a “hiatus” from the show.

In this Glenn Guist wiki, discover details concerning his dead or still alive status, age, and wife. Furthermore, read about his net worth, brother, and house.

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Is Glenn Guist Dead Or Still Alive?

As of this writing (9th April 2021), Glenn Guist was reportedly still alive— and far from a dead human being. Chances are he was residing in the bayou in Louisiana.

What’s more, there wasn’t an obituary suggesting Glenn had passed away.

An official Facebook dedicated to the Guist brothers Glenn a happy birthday in February 2021, implying that the reality star was still alive.

Interestingly, History Channel had removed Glenn from the “Swamp People” page that listed its crew members.

Judging by the old tweets dated, fans missed Glenn on their TV screen. A Twitter user named Patty Yon wrote— “Ok, where is Glenn Guist? He is as much a part of Swamp People as any of them. #swamppeople @SwampPeople @HISTORY”

Another fan with the name Erin Banks tweeted— “I have fallen in love with Glenn from Swamp People.”

Glenn Guist Age

Glenn Guist reached the age of 59 years old in 2021. Moreover, 8th February marks his birthday.

Based on the facts listed above, Glenn was born on 8th February 1962.

Glenn Guist Brother

Glenn Guist was born to his parents: Bonnie Albritton and Hubert Guist. So were his siblings: brothers, Hubert Guist Jr., Daniel Guist, & Mitchell J. Guist, and sister, Tonya Guist.

Danie, Hubert, Bonnie, and Hubert all passed away before Mitchell who died in May 2012. At the time of his death, Mitchell was 47 years old.

Glenn and his brother, Mitchell starred in “Swamp People”. According to his obituary, before his death, Mitchell lived off the Bayou, hunting, and fishing.

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His Height

Glenn Guist from “Swamp People” measures around 5’10” in height. His weight should revolve around 75 kilograms.

Always sporting flannel clothing, Glenn kept a long white beard. As fans noted, he rarely showed up on the show without his signature glasses and dad hats.

Social Media Reach

Unsurprisingly, Glenn Guist didn’t seem to be on either Facebook or Instagram. However, on the former platform, he had a Fan account with over 30 thousand followers (as of April 2021).

Glenn Guist Net Worth noted Glenn Guist’s net worth to be around $200 thousand. Meanwhile, claimed his fortune was anywhere from $200 thousand to $300 thousand.

Glenn was born into a family of hunters. He and his siblings learned the art of alligator hunting from their father, who had inherited the skills from his father and uncles.

A seasoned hunter, Glenn soared to international fame appearing on the History show “Swamp People”. According to, the program follows teams of alligator hunters during the short alligator-hunting season, as they attempt to make a living by hunting in the Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana.

Glenn arrived when the show was in its 2nd season. By April 2021, he had appeared on 73 episodes.

Even after his brother, Mitchell’s death, Glenn continued to appear on “Swamp People”. In Mitchell’s memory, he resumed the work on a houseboat that had remained incomplete following the tragedy.

In 2020, Glenn starred in an episode of “Go Fishin’.”

As predicted, Glenn had yet to retire from alligator hunting as of 2021.

Glenn Guist Wife

Until 2021, Glenn Guist hadn’t married yet. Even Mitchell’s obituary didn’t mention his wife.

As for the reasons why the “Swamp People” star never settled down, Glenn never gave out a reason. Perhaps, he had plenty of girlfriends but didn’t deem anyone worthy to hold the title of his wife.

Although he never enjoyed fatherhood, Glenn loved his duties as an uncle. His niece and nephew named Nicole Melancon and CJ respectively loved him dearly growing up.

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