Bar Stool Sports boss Dave Portnoy had his sex tape leaked and people were dying to know who the lady companion was from the video. And finally, the female in the video came forward introducing herself as Sydney Raines, a Brooks, Georiga native. So, scroll down this article to know more about her with this Sydney Raines Wiki.

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Sydney Raines Age

Sydney Raines shares her birthday every year with Kris Jenner as it falls every year on 5 November. Unlike Kris who is 65, Sydney turned 22 years old in November of 2020. Based on that, Sydney is a Scorpio by zodiac sign.

Sydney Raines Family

Sydney Raines was born to her father Jed Raines and her mother Anissa Raines in her hometown of Brooks, Georgia, the United States. Her parents have stayed happily married for a little over 26 years.

While nothing surfaced on her father, her mother Anissa Raines attended Gordon College. She also joined Walden University. As for her job, Anissa worked at Piedmont Fayette Hospital as Clinical Manager.

More on her family: Sydney Raines grew up with Cole Raines, Amber Rains, and John Raines, the youngest of the Raines siblings.

Her Height

John Raines stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.65 meters). Whereas, she weighed about 61 kilograms (134 lbs) as of this writing. Furthermore, she has blonde hair and is a spitting image of her mother.

Is She On Social Media?

To talk about social media reach, Sydney Raines is on Instagram with 11k followers (as of April 2021). She used the platform to show off some skin. On Twitter, there exist three two different accounts under her name. The profile that she used most earned 1688 followers.

In the same way, Sydney Raines is also on Facebook where she last posted in August of 2020. On the platform, she is friends with 4059 followers in total.

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Sydney Raines Job

Talking about her job, Sydney Raines started working for Mike and C’s Family Sports Grill based in Peachtree, Georgia. Later, she started serving as the hostess at The Tomato House at Senoia, Georgia.

In addition to that, Sydney began working for Starr’s Mill Academy. Whereas, from April of 2018, she started working for Fayette Hospital.

Like many young and beautiful people, Sydney Raines is also attempting to establish a career in social media. She earned prominence as an Instagram model who created an impressive portfolio on her Instagram putting on lingerie.

Other than that, Sydney was also very athletic in her days as a school student. She competed in the state championship in volleyball. While her fortune is yet to be ascertained, she is estimated to have a net worth under $100 thousand.

Talking about her education, Sydney Raines attended Whitewater High School. After graduating high school, she enrolled at Point University in 2016 and 2018. After that, she joined Gordon State College in August of 2018.

Sydney Raines And Dave Portnoy

Dave Portnoy’s sex tape was leaked and it featured a naked young woman. The clip began doing the rounds earlier with the naked Barstool Sports Boss.

However, the woman had a black leather dog collar around her neck which Dave held.

And finally, Dave’s partner in the video brought himself forward and identified herself as a model named Sydney Raines. In the video, everyone could see the Barstool Sports founder yanking the neck of the Instagram model by the leash.

Sydney posted a statement on Instagram. The IG model began, “Sydney Raines here! Your only true insider into the ‘scandal”.

She continued, “I became aware yesterday that a video has surfaced on the internet and yes, that was me. Some might not approve of the video content but it was entirely consensual and, unfortunately, it is no longer private.”

Sydney also cared to address that despite the video being leaked, she and Dave were still friends with no animosity between the two.

The Georiga-native continued, “I won’t label this a mistake since we have both taken responsibility for it… But the fact that it was leaked and posted without our awareness or consent would be considered the true mistake.”

She ended the post with, “As I come forward about this, I want you all to acknowledge that this is me accepting the situation while I continue my daily life without vexation.”

It remains unclear how the sex tape was leaked. However, it has been removed from social media. As for Dave Portnoy, he too appeared unapologetic about the sex tape.

After the leak, the stock value of Penn National Gaming dropped. He displayed his surprise as to why just having a sex tape leaked would affect the share market and even urged fans to buy the shares since the price decline.

After that post, Sydney posted pictures of herself half nude with her breasts covered by two postcards.

As for her other relationships, Sydney dated the one Cody Hammond. According to Sydney’s mom’s Twitter, even she had approved of their relationship.

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