Meet Abigail Baloun, famous as Ryan Sheckler’s girlfriend.

Who is she? Well, this Abigail Baloun wiki tries to answer that. From facts about her age to details about her job, this article has it all.

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Abigail Baloun Age

Reaching the age of 24, Abigail Baloun celebrated her birthday on 5th October 2020. What’s more, 1996 marked her birth year.

Abigail was born a Libra and thus exhibits traits like diplomatic, fairness, and idealistic.

On her 23rd birthday, Abigail took to Instagram and wrote— “@blink182 forgot to mention that you no longer care if someone doesn’t like you when you’re 23.”

Abigail Baloun Family

A native of Florida, Abigail Baloun hails from a family of 6. Jeff Baloun and Sara Hardy-Baloun are her parents. Meanwhile, Mary Tabeling, Emma Baloun, and Ethan Baloun are her siblings.

Abigail’s  mother, Sara is a graduate of University of Virginia and Longwood University. As of 2021, she was working as a Project Manager at Siegfried Holding. Previously, she enjoyed stints at Deca Technologies, Atlantic Tech, and Intel Corportation.

Meanwhile, Jeff, Abigal’s father, was the SVP Operations at Menlo Micro IN 2021. Moreover, he is a native of Melbourne, Florida who attended Florida Institue of Technology.

Ethan, the youngest of the Baloun siblings, graduated from San Clemente High School in 2020. Sharing a photo of them on Instagram where Ethan was dressed in the graduation attire, Abigail wrote— “We weren’t sure you would, but you did it! Jokes aside, I’m proud of you. You’ll always have me on your team, cheering you on and dragging you out of bed. The world is yours if you want it baby brother!”

Mary and Emma, on the other hand, were residing in Florida in 2021. Reportedly, the Baloun sisters also worked there.

Her Height

Per sources online, Abigail Baloun measures under 5’5” in height. Ryan Sheckler, on the other hand, stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Gifted with beautiful green eyes and full lips, Abigail possesses an enviable figure. Moreover, her weight should be under 50 kg.

Her Instagram, Facebook

As of May 2021, Abigail didn’t appear to be on TikTok and Twitter. However, she enjoyed 5.5K followers on her Instagram handle @abigail.baloun. Likewise, her Facebook @abi.baloun enjoyed around 980 friends.

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Abigail Baloun Job

Professionally, Abigail Baloun held the job of the Mother Baby Registered Nurse at MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach. She joined the gig in January 2020.

Abigail should earn around $90K a year — an average salary for anyone working as a RN in California, according to

In 2019, Abigail acquired her ABSN from Concordia University Irvine. 2 years earlier, she had graduated from University of South Florida, majoring in health sciences.

During her high school days, Abigail dabbled in soccer. This explains her athletic build.

Abigail Baloun And Ryan Sheckler: Dating, How Did They Meet?

Abigail Baloun met Ryan Schekler before the pandemic. The couple, however, hadn’t shred how they met in the first place.

Ryan and Abigail first began appearing on each other’s socials in early 2020. Safe to assume that they became an official duo around the same time.

In November 2020, Abigail took a trip to Cabo with Ryan. The couple then spent the Thanksgiving and the Easter together.

Abigail is one of Ryan’s non-celebrity girlfriends. Perviously, the pro-skateboarder’s name was linked with the likes of Emma Roberts, A.J. Michalka, and Christina Perrault.

In 2021, during his appearance on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Ryan revealed he was traumatized by his earlier relationships and splits because of his reality show “Life Of Ryan”.

According to the professional skateboarder, the producers treated him cruelly and even forced him to breakup with girlfriends on-screen. What’s more, Ryan alleged the show exploited his exploited his emotional state. Even worse, he learned about his parents’ divorce on the show.

After his MTV show ended, Ryan didn’t date anyone for 5 years. The on-screen breakups really made him afraid to start a relationship.

With Abigial, Ryan found the perfect match. Keeping their romance lowkey, the skateboarder and his nurse girlfriend has managed to sustain a healthy romance.

A little info about Ryan Shcekler— He was born on 30 Dec 1989 in La Palma. At age 13, he won the gold medal at the 2003 Summer X Games. He achieved the same feat in 2008 and then in 2010.

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