Attention MAFS lovers, Lifetime’s new spinoff series, Married at First Sight: Unmatchables arrived in 2021; and the runaway groom, Ervin Coty may have just found his match in the season.

So, who is he? Stay with this Ervin Coty wiki to learn all about him.

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Ervin Coty Age

Ervin Coty was 37 years of age as he joined MAFS: Unmatchables in 2021.

As per his birthday (i.e. October 3rd), Ervin is of the Libra zodiac.

His Family, Hometown

Ervin Coty was born to parents, Ervin and Debylenn Coty. His father, Ervin is an engineer who was working for the Ford Motor Company before 2021. He attended Cooley, and Southfield High School before finally enrolling at the Wayne State University.

As for Ervin’s mom Debylenn, she is also a former “Ford Motor Company” employee. For education, she went to Highland Park High School.

Unfortunately, Ervin’s parents are long divorced. As of 2021, Ervin’s dad was remarried to the global real estate advisor, Crystal Gilmer Hardison Coty; while Ervin’s mom seemed single.

Trivia: Ervin’s mom mentioned that her daughter Ebonie inspired her “to join a family that prays together stay together.”

Some other names of Ervin’s family members include Lamont, Curtis, Candie, LC, Tri, and Gamaliel Kantrez Coty.

Talking about his hometown, Ervin is a Detroit, Michigan native. He later moved to  Southfield MI, San Diego, CA, and finally to Atlanta, GA.

Ervin Coty Height

The MAFS star, Ervin Coty stands tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Ervin has a chiseled tattooed body. He is a fitness enthusiast, who devoted most of his time to cardio. Moreover, he even stopped meat intake. And by 2019, he was already noticing the positive changes in his body. Judging from the comparative picture he posted over IG, Ervin did seem to have undergone quite a weight loss.

Ervin Instagram, Facebook

As of May 2021, Ervin entertained 1.6K followers over Instagram @thrillcycle. Most of his posts featured his workout routines; especially over a gym bike.

Find Ervin over Facebook @ervin.coty.

Also, he had 35 followers over his Twitter @Ervin_Coty then.

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Ervin Coty Job

Ervin Coty has turned his passion into his profession. Yes, he is a fitness trainer who is obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle. (Klonopin) As of 2021, Ervin was on a break from his work at Ommostudios in Bangkok, Thailand. Before that, he had a job back in Atlanta, Georgia at Lifetime Fitness

Also, he was a cycling instructor/personal trainer at “”.

Just in case you are curious, a fitness trainer in Atlanta, GA made around $41 thousand in 2021.

Reportedly, Ervin’s net worth was around $800 thousand in 2021.

When Ervin wasn’t training, he loved to paint. According to him. he picked up brush back when he was in Bangkok, and his first piece “Driven Love” even went on to win a small art event there.

In light of his education, Ervin received his “Sports and Fitness” certification from AFFA in 2021.

Are Ervin Coty And Stephanie Still Together?

Ervin Coty’s first encounter with Stephanie was featured over Married at First Sight: Unmatchables episode 4. It seems that Ervin  — who was popular for “ghosting” his dates — found a worthy adversary in Stephanie who only wanted a rich husband just to provide and pay for her expensive lifestyle.

Over the episode, we could feel the exhaustion in Dr. Viviana and Pastor Cal’s eyes, as they try to comprehend these two. And not only them, but even MAFS fans were also disappointed with the Ervin and Stephanie pairing. A fan wrote, 

“I love married at first sight but I refuse to watch unmatchable’s.”

So, did Ervin and Stephanie stay together? That’s a question hard to answer. But as of May 2021, yes, they didn’t seem together.

Who Is ‘Married At First Sight: Unmatchables’ Star, Stephanie?

Stephanie was a 39-year-old woman, who appeared on Married At First Sight: Unmatchables in 2021. She was then single for over a decade, and couldn’t figure out “why men don’t treat her like the princess she thinks she is.”

And just when she thought about lowering her expectations because it didn’t seem like her Prince Charming was coming soon, she was paired with Ervin, who was the complete opposite of what she wished for!

The self-labeled “princess” was up against “the runaway groom,” who had ridiculously high standards! They could perhaps be the worst matching pair over the show. But then again, the show’s titled Married At First Sight: Unmatchables.


Married At First Sight: Unmatchables star, Stephanie (Source: Kinetic Content)

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