Dustin Hughes was probably the only person disliked by Terry Bradshaw who was related to the Bradshaw family.

As featured in the E! reality show, The Bradshaw Bunch, Dustin appeared as the boyfriend to Terry’s daughter, Rachel Bradshaw, and the family didn’t seem to appreciate it.

Dubious about Dustin’s motive for being in a relationship with Rachel, Terry and the family believed that he didn’t have genuine feelings for her and was only after the “Bradshaw” name.

So, who is this subject of animus to the Bradshaw family? Stay till the end to know everything about Dustin Hughes through this wiki-style article.

How Old Is Dustin Hughes?

Information on his birthday wasn’t made public. However, solely based on his looks, Dustin Hughes couldn’t be more than 37 years of age in 2020.

Also, his girlfriend, Rachael was born in 1987, making her 33 in 2020. And they didn’t seem to have much age gap either.

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Has He Spoken About His Family?

No, Dustin Hughes didn’t share anything about his family. All we know is that he holds an American nationality and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Also, the family he wanted to be a part of, didn’t want him!

Have you seen The Bradshaw Bunch trailer ahead of the premiere, where Terry makes a breakfast? Just in case you missed it, there was a clip where Terry made a toast to the family and mentioned, “Love you all… not you, Dustin”.

Despite the disapproval, Dustin was set to prove himself and be a part of the family. Maybe he loved Rachel to the moon or could ulterior motives be in play?

How Tall Is Dustin Hughes?

Dustin Hughes is a handsome man who stands tall above the height of 5 feet 10 inches (177.8 cm) and weights 77kgs (169.75 lbs).

Also, he is taller than Rachel. Over show, we could see Dustin keeping Rachel safe in his arms; as she laid her head a little over his chest.

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Is He On Facebook And Instagram?

As of September 2020, Dustin didn’t have any Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Moreover, there were no traces of him over Rachel’s Instagram @racheltbradshaw and Facebook @rachel.bradshaw.

Fans were worried that the duo might have already split. Also, some speculated that Rachel was keeping the breakup a secret; to keep viewers guessing about the outcome of their relationship on the show.

What Does Dustin Hughes Do?

Information on Dustin Hughes’ jobs and career weren’t revealed.

However, being a boyfriend to a country singer, songwriter, he was interested in music as well. So, could it be that he worked in the same industry too?

Also, due to a lack of information, Dustin’s net worth couldn’t be established. But, take a look at his girlfriend, Rachel’s stunning net worth of $5 million in 2020. Maybe this was one of the reasons that made Terry suspicious of him.

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Are Dustin Hughes & Rachel Bradshaw Still Dating?

According to the show “The Bradshaw Bunch“, Dustin Hughes and Rachel Bradshaw were still dating in September 2020.

But off-camera, the duo might have already broken up.

Being in an open relationship, plus a celebrity; doesn’t not having a single picture of your boyfriend over social media sounds fishy to you?

Besides, she had a ton of pictures of her late husband over Facebook and Instagram.

As for their dating history, Dustin was first introduced to Rachel’s fans in February 2019 through Steve Harvey’s game show. She announced that she was dating him for three months; as Dustin sat in the audience and smiled.

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About Rachel Bradshaw’s Husband

Long before meeting Dustin Hughes, Rachel was married to a man named James Robert Douglas.

Reportedly, Rachel and James met in 2012 and after 2 years of dating, the duo tied the knot on June 28, 2014.

James Robert Douglas a.k.a “Rob” was a professional American football placekicker who kept the NFL record for eight field goals in one game.

Unfortunately, James met a road accident in September 2014, just three months after his marriage. The cause of his demise was stated to be “a blunt force trauma” from a car crash.

Did u know that Rachels’ tattoo on her wrists engraved “warrior” is a memo to remember her husband?

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