The popular food blogger Mark Wiens traveled all around the world, tasting local delicacies and making us drool with every new video. But Mark wasn’t all alone on his journeys, waiting for him at home was his equally food-enthusiast wife, Ying Wiens.

Ying accompanied Mark for over 5 years and was occasionally starred on his Youtube videos. And though she might not be as popular as her husband, Ying cherished her separate fan base.

Here is everything you need to know about Mark’s wife, Ying Wiens over this bio.

Ying Wiens Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ying Wiens was reportedly born after 1987. So, her age would be somewhere in the early 30s as of 2020. Also, her husband, Mark was 34 years old then; making them have not much of an age gap.

Unfortunately, her exact birthday wasn’t shared. But sources indicated that it fell around the last of February or early March. That made her of Pisces zodiac.

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Ying Wiens Bio — Nationality, Ethnicity, Maiden Name

Born and raised in Krabi, Thailand, Ying Wiens flaunts a Thai nationality and is of Asian ethnicity.

Her home country was also where Ying met her husband, Mark. Being a lover of food, Ying knew everything about Thai delicacies from every region. And this was also how the duo bonded.

But not only does she loves to eat; Ying is also a great cook. According to Mark, “she’s my favorite cook in the entire world.” And this comes from a man who has tasted cuisines from all around the world.

Not much detail on her family was shared. Thus, her maiden name reminded a mystery as well. All we know is that Ying has a sister who was also close to Mark. Also, her mother (who was also a great cook) lived with them.

Trivia: Ying loved her grandmother who lived in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. Ying and Mark spent their 2016 Christmas there.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ying Wiens stands tall at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160.02 cm) and weighs under 51 kg (112.43 lbs).

Mentioning her distinct features, Ying is a beautiful lady with dark eyes. She has noticeably big ears and a triangular face.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of 2020, Ying didn’t share her social media accounts. However, she was found over her self-titled Youtube channel with 9.03K subscribers. The channel only had three videos of her tasting a few food products.

Also, she appeared from time to time over Mark’s Instagram and Facebook with 1.2M and 2.3M followers respectively.

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Ying Wiens Net Worth, Job, Education

Talking about her job, Ying is an “exceptional” chef”, or at least that’s what Mark said.

However, with not much info on her job ventures, Ying Wiens’s net worth could be established. But we do know because of Ying’s contribution and support, Mark was able to showcase his $3 million net worth in 2020.

Information on Ying Wiens’s education wasn’t available.

Ying Wiens & Mark: Son, Wedding, How Did They Meet? 

Ying and Mark Wiens first met in Bangkok, Thailand.

Traveling South Asia for a while, Mark found himself in Bangkok where he decided to become an English teacher. And during his time there, Mark also started to blog and began to meet other food enthusiasts. Thus, he stumbled upon Ying.

Mark shared,

“I could not explore and discover Thai food without her.”

The duo held their wedding in July 2013 and it was a “cake to remember”, literally! For their wedding cake, the lovebirds decided to make the cake out of their favorite fruit “Durian”. Though you might have mixed feelings about it, Mark shared that their guest of only 50 people, all “enjoyed it.”

Three years after their marriage, Ying and Mark welcomed their first kid named Micah in November 2016. Mark took it to his Youtube video titled “Say Hello to Micah Wiens!” to let his fans know about the good news. Also, the duo mentioned that they wanted their kid’s named to be English and his middle name to be Thai.

Reportedly, Micah, while still in the belly “hadn’t turned”; meaning the head was facing up instead of it being down. So, they had planned an emergency c-section surgery on November 24, 2016. However, Ying felt that something was wrong with the baby on November 12 and immediately performed the surgery before the date.

Thankfully, the kid was born perfectly healthy.

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