Israeli model and actress Yael Shelbia topped the list of most beautiful women in the world as per the prestigious TC Candler. Since she made it to the list in 2017, she had been ranking up on the list earning the top spot in 2020.

However, the model’s life and other parts of her life remain lesser known to many. So, delve into this article to know more about her career and net worth.

Biography — Age, Parents, Height

Yael Shelbia Cohn was born on 31 August 2001 to her parents Ofra Cohen and Ofer Cohen in Nahariya, Israel. Her father is employed as a factory supervisor whereas her mother is a realtor and a librarian by trade.

More on her family: Yael grew up with her two sisters and two brothers, Asaf Cohen, and Michael Cohen. All of the five Cohen siblings inherit their good looks from their beautiful mother who stars on their social media.

Coming to her physical attributes, not only Yael Cohn is blessed with a beautiful face but also a beautiful physique. She stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8.5 inches (1.74 meters).

Moreover, Yael grabs everyone’s attention with her 33-23-37 inches measurements. A US shoe size of 8 fits perfectly on her feet that she dons with dress size 4.

The combo of her blue eyes and brown hair makes her look like a girl that you only see in fashion magazines.

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Yael Shelbia No Makeup

Makeup or no makeup, Yael Shelbia is pretty either way. Most snaps that filled her Instagram was taken during her work.

Yael Shelbia without makeup (Pic: Yael’s Instagram)

However, in June of 2019, Yael posted a picture of herself in a pool. The photo has to be one of the few where she is captured without makeup.

Regardless of the makeup, she still looked very pretty. The model still received kind words of compliments from her fans, family, and friends.

Yael Shelbia Young

It is only natural to have a desire to know what a person looked like when he or she was young. The desire intensifies, even more, when it is about a person who is considered most handsome or most beautiful.

The same applies to Yael Shelbia’s fan who wanted to see what she looked like when she was young. However, the public domain doesn’t hold any pictures of Yael as a young girl.

Nevertheless, Yael has turned into an incomparably beautiful young woman in her late teen.

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Is She On Social Media?

Yes, Yael is on social media. In fact, she is on both Instagram and Twitter and has garnered an impressive number of followers.

Yael’s Instagram account earned her a total of 980k followers and growing as of this writing. Likewise, her Twitter account gathered 3717 followers in total which easily flaunts 100+ reactions in each post she makes.

However, she is nowhere to be found on Facebook though she has around 6 fan pages using her name.

Was Yael Shelbia In The Military?

On 20 April 2020, journo Allison K. Sommer took it to her Twitter account to report Yael Shelbia joined the military. The journalist tweeted,

“One of Israel’s hottest models, Yael Shelbia, began her army service today.”

One of the pictures that Allison posted showed Yael in the air force uniform saluting. As reported, she is doing a mandatory military service most Israeli women do.

Yael is part of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) serving under the Israeli Air Force in particular.

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Yael Shelbia Net Worth

Coming from a deeply religious and orthodoxical family, Yael attended Ulpana High School for girls. But her career as an aspiring model threatened her education with the possibility of her being expelled.

Yael unbeknownst to the possibilities that are coming her way uploaded selfies of herself on her Instagram. She received an offer to model for a pro-photographer Marina Moskowitz.

Several hindrances arose from her modeling career but she never deterred from her goals as she received support from her family. Her religious beliefs also affected her career even to the point of losing a few modeling contracts.

Nevertheless, Yael’s prominence exploded in Europe and North America. In 2017, she made it to the list of the most beautiful face in TC Candler’s list. She secured the 14th spot at the time.

In 2018, Yael also appeared in campaigns for Kim Kardashians’ KKW Beauty make-up line. She, moreover, teamed up with Israeli clothing brand Renuar.

Yael also earned huge exposure in the world of European football after she and Lionel Messi for FINNEY mobile. Plus, in 2018, she again made it to the list ranking up to own third place.

The Israeli model was also spotted with another young billionaire model and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner. Later, entertainment news portals confirmed she was leading Kylie’s biotic skincare range.

In 2019’s list of TC Candler’s, Yael climbed one step more towards the top trying to dominate the list.

Besides modeling, Yael also debuted her career as an actress in 2020. She earned the role of Ruth in a TV show titled Palmach. Whereas, she also made an appearance in Ofira & Berkovic (2018) and Mo’adon Layla (2020).

Meanwhile, Yael Shelbia’s gig as a model and an actress paid her well. She should at least $300 thousand.

Who Is Yael Shelbia Boyfriend?

As of Jan 2021, Yael Shelbia was still dating Brandon Kroff, the son of Rabbi Yitzhak Aharon Korff and Shari Redstone and grandson of Summer Redstone. The pair allegedly started dating in early 2020.

In June of 2020, Yael and Brandon made headlines after he broke the COVID-19 protocol in Israel. However, the immigration authority in Israel said they were deporting the son of an American media magnate for violating quarantine rules while paying a secret visit to his Israeli girlfriend.

Plus, the Israeli’s government Population and Immigration authority remarked they provided Brandon Kroff an exceptional permit offered to meet his brother who served in the Israeli military.

Reportedly, Yael and Brandon met each other during that time and lived in her apartment. After the authority found out about it, he was ordered to leave the country immediately.

But one thing remains intact as of the time, they were yet to open up about how they first got in touch with each other.

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