Ashely Cairney is the new reality star for ITV’s The Realhousewive of Jersey. The Jersey native garnered attention after she debuted her career as a reality star.

Not only that, but Ashely also earned prominence as the youngest among the cast members. But that alone is not enough to keep the readers satisfied.

Well, scroll down to learn more about Ashley along with other details on her life and career.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ashley Cairney was 31 years old in 2020. However, she never disclosed precise information on her birthday.

This fact alone kept the information about her zodiac closed away from public knowledge.

Ashley Cairney Wiki — Parents, Maiden Name, Education

Ashley Cairney was born and raised in Jersey, Channel Island. As she remarked on several interviews, she lived most of her life in Jersey including her parents and even grandparents.

Coming to details on her parents, Ashely Cairney was born to her father Melvin Le Feuvre and his wife Cindy Le Feuvre. This automatically gave us the detail that his maiden name is Le Feuvre inherited from her father who is the general manager of JFTU in Jersey.

Moreover, Ashley Cairney has at least one sibling, her brother Phil Le Feuvre.

As Ashley mentioned in an interview with, she left and started living outside of Jersey for two years. All of this meant that she graduated high school and went to college to pursue her bachelor’s degree.

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Ashley Cairney Height, Plastic Surgery, Distinct Features

Ashley Cairney stands at an average height of 5 feet 6.5 inches (1.68 meters). Most who knew her gossipped about her undergoing plastic surgery procedures to get breast implants.

However, she never addressed the assumptions and broke silence regarding the general concern. Moreover, she weighed almost 57 kilograms (125 lbs) when it comes to her body weight.

Plus, the blonde beauty always keeps a big smile on her face which showed her inner personality that also happens to be her distinct features.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, Ashley is quite popular on Instagram. Ever since she debuted as the Real Housewives of Jersey (RHOJ), she earned a total of 2679 followers as of Dec 2020.

Likewise, Ashley is also on Facebook but keeps the activity to a minimum level. However, she is nowhere to be found on Twitter.

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Ashley Cairney Net Worth, Businesses, Real Housewives Of Jersey

Along with a love for fashion and style, Ashley showed off her business acumen running an HR company. She established the company in her native land.

Ashley oozes a whole different level of confidence that only comes from attending a certain level of success. So, we can assume that her company is well-established and earning her profit that helps support her lavish lifestyle.

Other than business, Ashley debuted her career as a reality star in ITV’s reality show, the Real Housewives of Jersey (RHOJ). She announced being on the show in November of 2020 after she contributed her part to the show.

Ashley along with the other six contestants starred on the show which is garnering quite a buzz and expectations from it. Talking about being on the show Ashley remarked to ITV,

“It all happened so quickly, I almost didn’t have time for it to sink in. I like to experience new things and knew I would love a new project. I wanted to turn the lockdown year into something positive and hoped it could potentially lead to some really exciting things for me and my family.”

As for her family members, Ashely proudly told them that they showed nothing but support and wished her well for the decision that she made. On top of that, she also learned a thing or two from the show including kayaking.

The show, for Ashley who is the youngest contestant, proved to be an opportunity to try, test, and experience new things in life. And she was nothing but thankful for becoming a part of all of it.

As for her net worth, Ashley Cairney along with her husband sits on a total net worth of $2.5 million.

Ashley Cairney Husband, Kids, Married Life

As of 2020, Ashley Cairney was still married to her husband Ben Cairney. As she claimed, the pair are high school sweethearts meeting each other at the age of 17.

A few years later, Ben knelt on his knees to propose to Ashley. With a big yes, the couple found each other engaged and committed to marry each other.

Later in 2015, the engaged couple tied the knot and became husband and wife. Ashley and Ben had a beautiful ceremony attended and celebrated by their loved ones.

The married couple welcomed their first baby in 2017. Also, Ashley and her husband, Ben gave birth to their other son in 2018. The family has been happily residing in Jersey as of this writing.

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