We are continuing in this series of articles about the contestants of the 23rd season of Big Brother. Big Brother is a show about a group of people called “HouseGuests” trying to survive in a house that is being constantly monitored (thus the Big Brother reference). One of the “HouseGuests” in the upcoming 23rd season of Big Brother was Whitney Williams.

And as it happens when you cram a group of strangers in a house, drama ensues, personal relationship politics happens. And whoever can stay in the house until the last, wins huge prize money of $500 thousand.

If you want to know more about Whitney; if you want to know how she got to Big Brother; if you want to know how many babies Whitney is and who is her baby father; and if you want to find out her age, or her height, read this Whitney Williams wiki.

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Whitney Williams On Big Brother

Before Whitney decided to join Big Brother on its 23rd season, she was an avid fan of the show. She had followed the show for a very long time. Her love for the show became apparent when she had to answer the question, who was her favorite “HouseGuest” duos.

Whitney said, “SO many! Jordan and Jeff were the cutest couple in BB history, Jessica and Cody’s connection was so obvious that they would stay together outside of the house, and Brenchal was such a memorable power couple, even if you aren’t a fan of them individually you really can’t deny how incredible they were as competitors.” Usually, people just name one.

We would like to mention some other answers that Whitney gave during the interview. For example, when asked what she was most excited about her stay in Big Brother House, she said, ” To finally compete in some of my favorite BB competitions!!!” A BB superfan answer, isn’t it?

And when asked what Whitney thought would be the most difficult part about her Big Brother stay, she said, “Being away from my children, adapting to so many different personalities, and sharing only one bathroom!”

Furthermore, Whitney mentioned “resilient, quirky, and outgoing” as the three words describing herself. Her favorite activities were “Anything adventurous. Traveling with my sons. Working on my business, laid-back days with my besties.” And finally, her motto in life was, “Why not?”

Does she not sound great? Well, Janelle Pierzina, a former HouseGuest on Big Brother certainly thinks so. It was reported that Janelle would be supporting Whitney in the upcoming season of Big Brother because Whitney was a single mother and had come from a very hard place (keep reading to find out more about that).

Her Age, Birthday

By the time Whitney Williams joined the cast members of Big Brother, i.e. in July 2021, she was 30 years of age. And she celebrated her birthday every year on the 19th of December. And because she celebrated her birthday on the 19th of December, she was a Sagittarius.

Whitney Williams Family

Talking about her family, Whitney Williams had shared a lot about her two sons. About the family she grew up in, we know exactly three things.

One, Whitney had two siblings, a brother, and a sister, and the sister looked a little bit like Maise Williams from Game of Thrones. Two, Whitney had a grandfather who turned 80 years of age in August 2015. And three, her parents named her after the legendary singer Whitney Houston.

We do not know the names of her siblings or her grandfather or her parents.

Whitney Williams Height

Whitney Williams stands at a tall height of 5 ft 6 inches, maybe a tad shorter than that. Also, she had blonde hair and very very blue eyes.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Whitney Williams was not all over social media. We could only find her on Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook. But in the platforms that she was active in, i.e. Instagram and Tiktok, she was quite popular. On her Instagram @makeupbywhit, she had over 16.1k followers as of July 2021. Similarly, on her Tiktok channel @makeupbywhit, she had over 160.8k followers and 1.2M likes.

Whitney Williams Job, Net Worth

Talking about her jobs, Whitney Williams is a freelance make-up artist, working in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in wedding glam, and make-ups for events, photography sessions, proms, etc. Whitney placed many of her make-up products up for sale on Amazon.

Whitney is also a founder of NW Makeup + Hair, which is a company of a large group of professional make-up artists as well as hair artists working in the Pacific Northwest. NW Makeup + Hair also provide make-up lessons for beginners as well as buddling professionals. The company is nominated for the Best in Oregon award only three years after she started it.

Apart from her job as a professional make-up artist, Whitney Williams also loves to travel. And as of 2021, she had earned a net worth of about $450 thousand.

Whitney Williams Baby Father

When she arrived at the Big Brother house, Whitney Williams was the single mother of two young boys. The eldest, Paxton Ross Stephens, was born in 2013, and the youngest, whose name we do not know, was born in 2016. The baby father of her two sons is reportedly a guy called Evan Holmgreen.


Whitney Williams with her baby father Evan Holmgreen and their eldest boy Paxton circa February 2016 (PC: Whitney’s IG)

Whitney and her baby father Evan did not have a very smooth relationship. In one of her Tiktok stories, Whitney hinted that Evan was an abusive partner. Although she did not mention Evan’s name, it was clear that Whitney was talking about him because she also said that he left her when she was 8 months pregnant. And she was with Evan when she was 8 months pregnant.

That was in 2016. Since then, Whitney has raised her two sons alone, as a single mother. And looking at her Instagram posts, she seemed to love her sons very much. She takes her sons to visit places. She also seemed to have utilized the COVID lockdown well by spending quality time with her sons.

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