Gold Rush is returning for a new season in 2021. Former cast member Rick Ness is returning for the show along with his girlfriend Leese M. Arie. Since the announcement fans are looking into details regarding Leese.

Scroll down and learn more about Rick Ness’s girlfriend with this Leese M. Arie Wiki.

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Leese M. Arie Age

Leese M. Arie celebrates her birthday on 25 October. She secured Scorpio as her zodiac sign. However, her age is not discovered. But, she appeared to be above the age of 31 as of 2021.

As for Rick Ness was born on 5 March 1981.

Leese M. Arie Family

Leese M. Arie hails from her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the United States. She is very private when it comes to details on her family members. (Page) This includes information on her parents.

Based on Leese’s Facebook, she noted Kristalee Ann Malady and Lyn Gertsch as her sisters.

Talking about her boyfriend, Rick was born to his father Richard Ness and his mother Judy Marie Bedard in Escanaba, Michigan, the United States.

Her Height, Measurements

Talking about her bodily features, Leese M. Arie stands tall at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters). Furthermore, she weighed about 53 kilograms (116 lbs). Moreover, she has multiple tattoos on her arms.

Moreover, Leese also has breast implants and has a pierced lips which are her distinct features. Furthermore, she isn’t scared to flaunt her stunning measurements of 35-25-36 inches.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Moving on, Leese M. Arie could only be discovered on Facebook as of July 2021. Since she kept her account private, it was hard to unravel how many people Leese was friends with on the platform. She posts on the platform regularly.

However, Leese couldn’t be discovered on Twitter and Instagram.

As for Rick, he can be discovered on Facebook. His Twitter account (@GoldrushRick) garnered 80.5k followers where he tweeted a little over 1,700 tweets. In the same way, he is also on Instagram with (@thebigrickness) garnered 30.8k followers.

Leese M. Arie On Gold Rush

Rick confirmed that he was returning to Gold Rush for season 12 and he is not alone in the show for this season. He is accompanied by Leese and she will lend her hands to him while learning the ropes herself.

However, Leese joining the show came with mixed reactions. So, she decided to slam her haters by writing posts on her Facebook. She declined all the assumptions and hate comments they made on her. To support Leese, Rick also spoke for his girlfriend’s defense. Regardless of hate and judgment, we will be seeing Leese and there is no stopping to that.

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Leese M. Arie Net Worth

Gold Rush’s newest supporting cast Leese M. Arie is estimated to have a net worth of at least $100 thousand.

Leese M. Arie made a limited presence on her social media. This disallowed us to many of her life information including her job. She must’ve been employed at a certain point in life.

But the company Leese worked for or the business that she owned, all of it remains hidden deep inside of her. But, as they say, “Health is Wealth” and Leese is dealing with a few health issues herself.

One of many things people online made negative comments on was also her appearance. But, he cared to debunk all the assumptions in a lengthy post. A few users commented that Leese looked like she was suffering from an eating disorder.

However, Leese unveiled that she actually suffered from a chronic disease called colitis. About the disease, it is an inflammation of the colon that requires Leese to restrict her diet to keep from aggravating it. Moreover, the fast metabolism made it difficult for her to put on weight, and it had nothing to do with her eating disorder.

On top of that, Rick also backfired on the comment that she was a substance abuser. He clarified that she didn’t do drugs and rarely drank alcohol.

Rick Ness And Leese M. Arie: Dating, How Did They Meet?

The story behind how did Leese M. Arie and Rick Ness meet each other is yet to be unraveled. Also, how they stumbled on to each other is a matter of interest to many of the Gold Rush fans.


Leese and her boyfriend Rick together in February of 2021 (Pic: Leese’s FB)

According to Leese M. Arie’s Facebook, she and her boyfriend Rick started dating on 13 November 2020. The couple spends a lot of their time together in Yukon, unearthing golds and spending quality time with each other.

Nevertheless, they seem deep in love with each other and having quality time with one another. While writing this article in early July 2021, they weren’t engaged and marriage was far from out of the context for right now.

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