Breaking the stereotypes is a difficult task as it might make the root seem unstructured. In the famous Netflix documentary series, Deaf U star Rodney Burford took off the challenge to break the ice.

Rodney, who uses a cochlear implant for his hearing impairments, helped cut-off multiple myths on how deaf people function. Although he referred to himself as the “Bad Boy”, Rodney is nowhere near to what he claims; he appears to be a motivated young man of driven incentives.

Read more to know about where Rodney is now, his job, and what he revealed about his girlfriend!

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Rodney Burford is yet to unwrap details on his personal life. He never revealed his actual birthday on any public platform until 2020. Thus, the man’s zodiac also remained concealed till the date. However, some Infos confirmed that Rodney could no way be older than 24 years, as of 2020.

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Rodney Burford Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Rodney Burford was born to Yale University’s graduate parents. His father, Rodney worked as a physical trainer while his mother, Diahann has been a CEO at Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE).

Further, after finishing her BA in Psychology from Yale University, Diahann attended Columbia University School of Law and finished a Doctor of Law (JD) degree. Rodney’s mother has been recognized as a change-maker in the sports and social sectors. She won numerous awards that include, Council for Urban Professionals Catalyst Awards: Change Agent, Forty Women over 40 to Watch- Forbes, and Crain’s Notable Women in Sports. Thus, both of his parents’ involvement in the sports field might have encouraged Rodney in the sector.

When it comes to his siblings, Rodney has a beautiful sister. His parents raised the two siblings in their home in Brooklyn, New York.

As apparent, Rodney was inclined towards the sports field ever since a young age. He knocked out people’s stereotypes regarding deaf people. How most people alienate differently-abled people in their mindsets is a question Rodney answered beautifully. In one of his interviews, Rodney mentioned that deaf people could do everything that others can do. The only thing was they would do it without hearing. He further stated that deaf people had their own college and their own culture which is undoubtedly very rich.

Rodney Burford Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Rodney Burford is a tall guy standing at a commendable height of 6 feet. His weight of 88 kgs goes perfectly with a worthwhile physique as well as his extraordinary skills.

From what people saw in the Netflix series, mosts know that Rodney is a workout freak. From his jawline to the abs, there’s nothing that doesn’t go well with his body. Hence, the man is full of distinct features be it the facial ones or based on his overall body shape.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Besides not being on Twitter, Rodney mostly kept a low profile on his Facebook and Instagram too. His Instagram account was mostly private. But it’s been quite a time that the man-made it a public account.

Rodney is very close to all his family members. His profile enough of the picture of his parents and sister too. Besides his family life, his ostensive love, his gym life is all over his Instagram.

Rodney, who goes by the name, Boobie Burford on his Instagram, had more than 3.3K followers until October 2020.

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Rodney Burford Job, Education, Now

From his appearance in the reality show, it was quite clear that Rodney was an attendee of the Gallaudet University, an education institute of hard of hearing people.

Rodney seemingly got inspired by his mother’s subject of education as he opted to study Psychology for his higher education. Further, for his job, he worked as a Special Assistant to the Head of School for a Diversity at Horace Mann School.

Although Rodney has not revealed much about what he is doing, he now seems to be enjoying the adventures of his life. His social media profile makes his look like a thoughtful man full of jolly life.

Rodney Burford Girlfriend, Dating

Rodney Burford’s dating life is full of stories in the way he opened up about his past relationships and girlfriends.

In an interview, Rodney revealed that he loved the driven and ambitious attitude of Cheyenna Clearbrook. He found her attractive for the reason. During the episodes in the documentary series Deaf U, Rodney went for burgers and shakes with Cheyenna. However, later it was revealed that he had been sleeping with his high-school sweetheart, Greta, which was his reason to not date Cheyenna.

Apart from Cheyenna and Greta, he also opened up about his ex-girlfriend. Rodney unveiled the fact that his ex-girlfriend Alexa had slept with his very close friend, Daequan Taylor despite his warning to her.

Rodney had finely warned Alexa to not hook up with any of his friends. Also, from Daequan’s side of the story, he was with her as Rodney mostly claimed to dislike Alexa.

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