Tony Quinones, one of the five casts of Netflix’s Car Masters, is an extremely private individual. He tries to maintain as much privacy as he could regarding his family life. However, we’ve done further research and brought a few details on his family life.

Learn more about his life with this Tony Quinones article which covers details on his life, net worth, family, and height.

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Tony Quinones Car Masters

Tony Quinones was recognized for his talent to create extremely attractive prototypes. In the third season of the show, he was joined by Mark Towle who is a rag to riches story who struggled financially growing up but now is a millionaire.

The second was Shawn Pilot who boasts about his work in front of the camera where he starred in the movie Three Kings alongside George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Ice Cube. He is also a star poker player.

Third, came Constance Nunes, the only female cast in the show, who worked at Gotham Garage with Mark. He has a wide social media presence and landed in several commercials with Reebok, Motorola, Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game, and a few others.

Finally Mike ‘Caveman’ Pyle, a nickname earned for his looks, and was the comedian of the show. His IG bio writes, “Let’s Go Clubbin.”

How Old Is He?

Tony Quinones turned 40 years old on 22 October 2020. Moreover, he secured Libra as his zodiac sign.

Tony Quinones Family

Several public sites noted that Tony was born Anthony Jerome Quinones to Albert A Quinones and Cheryl K Quinones in his hometown of Murrieta, California. Besides the names, no further information regarding his parents surfaces in the public domain.

Moreover, Tony is private about details on his family members. But on his Facebook, he was friends with Cassie Quinones, Zach Quinones, Dallas Quinones, and John Quinones. The aforementioned people might be his friends and family members.

Tony Quinones Height

Tony Quinones stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters). His goatee with a long bushy beard which he tries to maintain the size of gave him that rugged look. He often wears a snapback which could be counted as his distinct feature.

His Instagram, Facebook

The Car Masters’ Tony Quinones can easily be discovered on Facebook and Instagram. His Facebook, based on the same name, gathered him, 1k friends, until 5 Aug 2021. Likewise, his Instagram, @tq_customs, earned him 55.4k followers.

Furthermore, Tony only posted 175 posts as of this writing. It was impossible to discover him on Twitter.

About Tony Quinones Education

Tony Quinones’s education has been highly sought after by his fans, but, he has shared almost no information about academic qualifications, verbally. But, on Facebook, he has shared that he attended and graduated from Murrieta Valley High School.

However, Tony divulged no information further on whether he attended college or not. Hence, any further education he had is information yet to be discovered.

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Tony Quinones Net Worth

The income which Tony Quinones makes selling the remodeled vintage cars and other vehicles, allowed him to have a total net worth of nearly $2 million.

Tony Quinones, according to his IG bio, is the master of design, fabrications, and manufacturing. He started TQ Customs on 16 September 2014 in Temecula, California. Ever since then, he has dedicated his life to manufacture Hot Rods and Prototypes.

Some of the prized possessions of TQ Customs include Viper Trike Prototype, 64 Chevelle, 1962 Corvette, Black Chopper, 64 Lincdogg, Softail Custom, and 70 Wicked C10. Similar to his friend Mark Towle, he also had an interest in modifications and restructuring.

Tony has created an official website for his business. There he shows off the model of his creations. For example, Viper Trike Prototype was a request from a customer who demanded that it has to have a viper engine.

For most of the creations that Tony does, he first starts with a blank sheet of paper. He drew sketches and research and designed a 3D model. And the real manufacturing process begins after that.

Tony Quinones Wife

Tony Quinones, according to his Facebook, is a married man. He tied the knot with his mystery wife on 5 July 2008. However, Tony isn’t the type to mix up his personal life with his professional life. He is so private about his family, that he didn’t even share a single snap of his wife and his kids.

Talking about kids, Tony mentioned having a son in June of 2016 on his Instagram. As per the post he wrote, he welcomed his son in 2006 which was the same time he dedicated himself to build a two-door wagon.

After that, Tony never mentioned any of his kids on his social media. Plus, he must’ve at least one son.

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