In July 2021, HGTV premiered a new show about interior designing called Breaking Bland (get it?), which featured Mary Welch Fox Stasik. And you, dear readers, have got to know about her husband Ryan Stasik.

To tell you a little Ryan, he is a musician, with a decent bit of popularity, but now he is gaining more fame because of his wife’s reality show. Want to find out more? Who is Ryan Stasik? How did he meet Mary Welch Fox Stasik and how did he become her husband? Keep reading.

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Does Ryan Stasik Appear On The HGTV Show Breaking Blend?

Not really. Ryan’s wife Mary Welch Fox Stasik was one of the hosts of the show Breaking Blend alongside John Frick. And as far as we know, Ryan and Mary’s personal life does not feature in the show. At least, it is not the main attraction of the show.

Mary is an interior designer with a great love for “fun design”. “My dad let me redo my room here in Knoxville. One of my friend’s moms was an interior designer,” Mary said about how she came to love interior design “She helped me sit down and put together how you would do a bed, how you would do drapes, how you would do all the things and I’m like that’s so cool.” Mary is originally from Knoxville, Tennesse.

The show Breaking Blend premiered on 4 August 2021. You can catch the show and Mary’s keen eye for decoration on HGTV.

His Age, Birthday

As of 5th August 2021, Ryan Stasik was 44 years of age. He was born on 13 November 1976. And because he celebrated his birthday every year on 13 November, his zodiac sign was Scorpio.

Ryan Stasik Family

Talking about his family, Ryan Stasik was born to parents Randall Stasik and Marsha Stasik. His father was born on 19 January 1950 and as of August 2021, he was 70 years of age. He used to be the president and chief executive officer at Borgess Health Insurance.

His mother, Marsha, who is also an occasional stand-up comic, was born on 22 April 1951 and was currently 71 years of age. She took a 12-week comedy lesson at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago to perform a stand-up act as the opening act of her son’s band’s performance.

Ryan’s parents were very proud as they were proud of his band’s success. During a 2008 interview, his mother went on to say that she and her husband were “his biggest groupies” and that they “follow him all over the place”.

Growing up, Ryan also had a sibling, a younger sister, a baby sister called Neely Stasik. Neely is a couple of years younger than him. She was born on 19 March 1978 and thus as of now, she was 43 years of age.

Ryan Stasik Height

Ryan Stasik is a tall guy measuring at a height of 5 ft 11 inches. His other physical features include a rather narrow facial structure with dark hair and beards and brown eyes.

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His Instagram, Facebook

Ryan Stasik had a decent presence and following on social media. On his blue-tick Instagram handle @ryanstasik he had 30.2k followers. On his Twitter handle, without any tick, @ryanstasik, he had 12.9k followers.

He had both a personal Facebook profile and a Facebook page with 12k followers. He also had a cameo account.

Ryan Stasik Net Worth

Our best estimation on Ryan Stasik’s net worth was that he owned not more than $500 thousand.

Ryan Stasik is a musician. Funnily enough, according to his Facebook, he was a “professional tanner at Umphrey’s McGee”. Actually, Umphrey’s McGee is the name of his band. He is a bass player for Umphrey’s McGee. From 1998, when they released their first album Greatest Hits, Vol. 3, to 2021, they had more than 15 albums and numerous singles.

Ryan started his music career at the early age of 5 when he started to play the piano. The website of Umphrey’s McGee describes Ryan as an “equal parts trained pianist and the self-taught rocker”, “a team player”, and “a musician knowing no boundaries”. The website also says that Ryan “pulls inspiration from anybody and anything that get hips ‘a swaying”.

You can listen to Umphrey’s McGee’s music on Spotify here.

Ryan had also started a new punk rock trio called Death Kings with Mike Gantzer and Mikey Carubba. He also has a merch shop, where he sells T-shirts, caps, and towels.

As a young man, Ryan went to Hackett High School in Michigan (his family moved to Michigan when he was 12). And for college, he went to the University of Notre Dame and studied Japanese and marketing. It was while he was at the University of Notre Dame that he founded Umphrey’s McGee.

Ryan Stasik And Mary Welch Fox Stasik: Wedding, Kids

Ryan Stasik and his wife Mary Welch Fox Stasik first met after Mary moved to New York to become an interior designer and Ryan was based in New York at the time. They fell in love with each other and eventually got married in November 2011. The wedding was an intimate affair with a performance from Umphrey’s McGee.

A few years after their wedding, in 2015, Ryan and his wife Mary decided to move to Charleston, South Carolina with Ryan’s bandmate Andy Farag and his wife. Not long after they moved to Charleston, Ryan and Mary had the first of their kids. It was a little girl they named Amelia “Punky” West Stasik. Their second child, another daughter Micky Simone Stasik, was born in 2018.

Currently, they live a happy family of four in Charleston.

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