TJ Ott rose to fame after the debut of Wicked Tuna in the National Geographic show. Along with the thriving popularity, TJ Ott’s fans were excited to discover details on his life, career, and his dating life. To know more about his life, scroll down this wiki-article.

How Old Is He?

TJ Ott celebrates his birthday every year on 3 December. He turned 41 years old while celebrating his birthday in December 2020. Moreover, TJ is a Sagittarius by zodiac sign.

TJ Ott Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Timothy James Ott was born to his father Timothy William Ott and his mother Debbie Ott in his hometown of Broad Channel, Queens of New York, the United States. His parents are happily married for over four decades and celebrated their 41st anniversary in August of 2020.

Moreover, Debbie is known as a sweetheart who loves her children and her grandkids. Whereas, Timothy Sr. who possesses a strong personality is loved by fans of the Wicked Tuna show. TJ often cited his father for being the greatest influencer he could ever ask for.

Furthermore, TJ credited his father for the man he was. He shares multiple fondest memories which he made with his parents on his Instagram. Plus, his kids deeply love their grandparents.

Talking about siblings, TJ Ott has at least one. He has a brother named Michael Ott. His brother also worked in Hot Tuna as a deckhand.

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TJ Ott Brown Forehead, Weight Loss, Height

Yes, like anyone who has seen Wicked Tuna, is asking themselves questions, does TJ Ott really have a brown forehead? And if he does, what is the story behind it?

Well, we hate to announce that we are as clueless as our readers. While we eagerly await for unraveling the reason and story behind the forehead, TJ appears to be far from interested to share the story with anyone. Plus, he doesn’t find it to be a huge issue which he felt the need to clarify to his fans and fans of the show.

Likewise, TJ Ott owns a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Whereas, he allegedly weighed about 169 kilograms (374 lbs). But, he managed to follow a dietary plan and exercise which helped him undergo weight loss. It was obvious that he lost at least 30 kilograms (66 lbs) when he caught the attention of nosy fans. Plus, his scraggly beard is one of his distinct features.

His Social Media Reach

So the question rose, is TJ Ott on social media platforms? Well, yes, he is on all the platforms widely popular all over the world. His Instagram account garnered him 141k followers which is quite an impressive number. In the same way, his Twitter account earned 19k followers with a verified account.

TJ Ott is also on Facebook with over 4000 of his friends linked up with him. However, he isn’t quite active on the platform considering that he posted there last time in April of 2019.

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TJ Ott Net Worth

It was TJ’s upbringing in the fishing community of his hometown where he everything about fishing. And it was only natural for him to pursue fishery as his career path. Moreover, his father introduced him to commercial fishing later in his life.

Tj caught his first bluefin when he was only 12 and there was nothing that could stop him ever since. Consequently, at the age of 19, he took over Hot Tuna, a 39-foot boat making it the biggest on the show, from his father and has been a professional fisherman.

His family started going to Gloucester in 1988 and he frequents the place every summer to catch grouper, Mahi, snapper, and wahoo. Plus, he loved the history behind the place which made the place even more enticing.

The captain of Hot Tuna spent most of his life on the boat. He loves spending time with his two Rottweilers, Reba and Ripple. Baiting, harpooning, and slinging a tail rope around a bluefin tuna is what excites him most professionally. He even compared it to winning the Stanely Cup in hockey.

Each catch can worth at least $5,000 and more considering the price of bluefin tuna in Japan.

National Geographic Channel aired Wicked Tuna in 2012, he pulled in around $2000 per boat per episode from the show. But, the captain made more than the deckhands in the show. As of February 2021, each crew members make at least $10,000 per episode while the oldest crew members made up to $100,000 per show.

Putting that together, TJ Ott has a net worth of $700 thousand. But, being a captain on the boat is no less than being a CFO of a company. He measures insurance, fuel, ice, groceries, tackle, upkeep on the engine, all of which costs him $45,000 leaving him with $55,000.

TJ considers being on a TV show is a tough industry where he has no choice but to resort to penny-pinching.

TJ Ott Wife, Girlfriend, Marissa McLaughlin

When TJ Ott’s relationship was brought under scrutiny, it was widely shared that he married one named Kristina Doellman. So of course it was natural for fans to look for further details into their relationship.

As it surfaced, he and Kristina tied knots in 2019 only. But, one piece of information differed fact-wise. That is, TJ Ott whom Kristina married was a different man and not the captain of Hot Tuna.

However, TJ Ott isn’t far from romantic associations. His long-standing rival from the boat Marissa McLaughlin became his girlfriend and they have accepted their relationship publicly. He opened up about his personal life on 15 March 2020.

TJ shared about having a girlfriend and owning a pet dog. During the greenroom interview, he also talked about the prospect of him buying gifts to his girlfriend if he and his crew ever caught big fish.

While TJ doesn’t have kids of his own, he surely has a god-daughter named Eliza.

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