In September 2020, gunshots claimed the life of Instagram influencer, Zaywoah. Allegedly, he was shot 9 times in Montgomery County near the place where he lived.

Delve into this article to know more about Zaywoah wiki and his baby momma Kamaree ‘Kam’ Billingsley.

Zaywoah Dead!

YouTuber and Instagram influencer Zaywoah died on 22 September 2020. Per Montgomery County Sherrif’s Office, a call came from Fountainhead Apartments in the block of North Main Street in Harrison Township.

As the authority and medics responded, they found a young man in the apartment with a gunshot wound. Deputy recognized him as Zaywoah, a social media influencer.

The news of him being shot spread all over the internet like wildfire within a couple of hours and his fans and followers couldn’t believe it. While many sought for the confirmation of the death others started to rest in peace trends. (

Deputies confirmed the death of the internet celebrity after the failed attempt to save the life of Zaywoah. As of the time of this writing, the Sherrif’s office was running an investigation behind his death and his baby momma has been a prime suspect and witness of his death.

However, the official enclosure regarding the suspects and killers hasn’t been provided yet.

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Did Zaywoah Baby Momma Set Him Up?

If one goes through the social media activity of Zaywoah, one can see either RIP for the Instagram celebrity or hate comments against his baby momma Kam.

Several content creators addressed his death and most of the comments suggested that his baby momma played a huge part in setting him up. However, the allegations haven’t been confirmed yet.

But other witnesses who saw it claimed that his baby momma Kam was walking with the killer. But, once the killer shot him 9 times and flew the crime scene, his baby momma stood there and kept walking as if nothing went down at all.

So, most of his followers were furious about the incident, blaming Zaywoah’s baby momma for his death.

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What Is Zaywoah Baby Momma Instagram?

Even though Zaywoah Baby Momma doesn’t seem to be on Instagram, she does seem to be on Facebook. Zaywoah’s fans recognized her as Kamaree Billingsley AKA ‘KAM.’

She last posted on the platform on 22 September 2020 at 11:40 AM, only a few hours after the Zay caught in the situation. In the status, she wrote,

“Not my baby zay 🥺🥺.”

But, instead of receiving sympathy from the fans of Zaywoah, she attracted hate comments. As of the time of this writing, the post earned 3.4k reactions, 18k comments, and 8.4k shares in total.

Ever since then, she avoided responding at all. Going through the comment section unfolded that Kam allegedly set him up because she felt that he was cheating on her with another girl.

Zaywoah Wiki — Real Name, Hometown, Parents

Zaywoah, real name Zyi’Air Sherre, was born to his parents on 19 January 2002 in Dayton, Ohio. He spent all of his early life growing up in his hometown of Dayton. However, his recent updates showed that he moved to Harrison Township in Montgomery County afterward.

The Instagram influencer was born to his mother Nicole Sherrer and his anonymous father. Nicole’s Facebook profile suggested she was self-employed. Other than that, no details on his parents have been shared as of the time of preparing this wiki.

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Social Media Career, Net Worth

Moving on, Zaywoah earned prominence on Instagram and TikTok with his dance. He teamed up with a few of his cousins and friends to make the videos that earned him a widespread prominence.

He also diversified his content with funny videos that helped him gather more followers on his social media account. At the time of penning this wiki, his Instagram account boasted 317k followers.

Moving on, Zaywoah passed away without getting done the evaluation of his net worth.

How Tall Was He?

Moving onto his physical features, Zaywoah towered at a height of 5 feet 7 (1.70 meters) while he weighed only 48 kilograms (108 lbs) at the time of his death.

Moreover, he flaunted his short dreads and ‘Family’ tattooed across his chest. He also had a tattoo on his hand which added more to his distinct features.

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  2. […] Don’t Miss: Zaywoah Wiki: Baby Momma, Dead, Parents, Net Worth […]

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