Stephen Satterfield is a well-known name in the world of food, particularly on the West Coast. He has been working in the food industry for a very long time. And in 2021, Stephen starred in a new Netflix series titled High On The Hog.

So, delve into Stephen Satterfield Wiki to learn more about the host Netflix’s newest offering.

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Stephen Satterfield Age

In April of 2021, Stephen Satterfield celebrated turning age 36.

On 19 April, Stephen received birthday wishes from Julia Brainbridge. Per that piece of information, Stephen secured Aries as her zodiac sign.

Stephen Satterfield Parents, Siblings

Stephen Satterfield was born to his father Sam Satterfield and his mother Debra Satterfield in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, the United States. He was the fourth Generation ATLien and moved to Oakland, California in 2010 but he was going in and out of the West Coast since 2002.

Stephen’s parents were ever-present in his life standing together as a testament to a successful marriage. Sam and Debra celebrated their 38th anniversary in early June 2020.

While details on his father remain obscure, Stephen’s mother is an alum of Clark Atlanta University where she completed her MA degree. Stephen credits his mother for the person has become. Oftentimes, he dares to write a long passage about his beloved mother and her contribution. Whereas, she earned her Doctorate in Education from the University of Georgia.

Debbie worked as a school principal for DeKalb County School District for 29 years. Then, she joined Wesly International Academy as a school principal in July of 2018.

Going by the social media activity, Stephen doesn’t seem to have any siblings. And even if he does, he hasn’t shared any information on them.

His Height

Tall, dark, and handsome man, these three adjectives are probably enough to describe the physical features of Stephen Satterfield. To be more precise, he stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters).

Whereas, he weighed about 78 kilograms because of his tall physique. What’s more, his personality is highly contributed by his physical appearance.

His Instagram, Facebook

Apart from Facebook, Stephen Satterfield could be discovered on both Instagram and Twitter. He uses the power of social media’s reach to promote his world of food to the other foodies. He boasted 19k followers on his Instagram as of May 2021.

Furthermore, Stephen’s Twitter account earned 6666 followers in total as of this writing.

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Stephen Satterfield Net Worth

With almost one and a half decades in the food culture, Stephen Satterfield earned an alleged net worth of $700 thousand.

It was in his days in high school where his love for food sprouted from. Stephen spent countless hours cooking and dining and entertaining in high school. Right after high school, he decided to follow his passion for food as a career path. This led him to join the culinary school at the age of 19. He was mostly inspired by and even mimicked Martha Stewart, Julia Child, and Jacques Pepin.

2005 marked the year Stephen began his career in the food industry. He joined as a General Manager for Genoa Restaurant, a restaurant based in Portland, Oregon. He worked there for two and a half years ending his service in September of 2007.

Then Stephen decided to get into the educating side of the food business. In December of 2007, he started working in ISAW Foundation which he had founded. The non-profit was established to champion viticulture as a catalyst for socioeconomic development for Black wine brands in South Africa.

Whereas, Stephen had joined Nopa Restaurant as a restaurant manager in October of 2010. But as he told in his interview, he was reluctant to accept that position. After five years working in the manager position, he became a Food Writing Fellow for Civil Eats. During his five months there, Stephen was the proud recipient of the inaugural food writing fellowship for emerging leaders.

In the same way, Stephen also joined Food52 as Writer In Residence for four-month starting from March of 2017. Then, he joined iHeartRadio as the host of the Point of Origin Podcast. The podcast was the collaborative work of Stephen’s Whetstone Media with the iHeartRadio where they discussed the world of food.

Speaking of Whetstone Media, Stephen founded the platform in March of 2017 which issued a quarterly print publication on global food origins, culture, and anthropology. He handled the publishing work of the magazine.

The food writer is also related to Ida B. Wells, an alternative high school. The school had a history of gardening which dated back to the 70s. The gardening was defunct but he decided to reinvigorate and replant the plants as a community manager of the garden.

About Stephen Satterfield High On The Hog

The first on-screen work of Stephen Satterfield and hits jackpot with is Netflix’s reality show High On The Hog. The show is based on the subject matter that how African-American cuisine helped reshape the history of the American culinary landscape.

The show is based on the book of Jessica B. Harris. He got introduced to Satterfield’s radar in 2018. It all started when executive producers, Fabienne Toback and Karis Jagger, of the series, approached him.

The filming of the show began in the fall of 2019. Whereas, the wrapped the filming just before the pandemic affected the lives of people in the states.

Stephen Satterfield Wife

Stephen Satterfield is definitely in a relationship with one Gabriella Oviedo but keeps the information very minimal. In later October of 2020, he appeared with a very beautiful lady on his Instagram post. There, Stephen wrote— “She be like, Why we never take pictures? I say it’s cuz we stay making memories. Let the record show we were fitted and blissed. Besos y pesos. Punctured the shell of hell and expelled ourselves. Nomads. Less so intellectually, more so emphatically somatically. Te quiero bebé. 💞”


Stephen and his alleged wife-prospect together (Pic: Stephen’s Instagram)

What we’ve learned from the post is that Stephen is dating a lady who knows the Spanish language if not of the Spanish heritage. But, her appearance did suggest that she was of Creole heritage. Going through her social media suggested that, she is also a foodie and that might be one of the reasons they have great chemistry with each other.

While Stephen appeared on her social media in June of 2020, Gabriella made her debut in October of 2020. Going by their relationship, she could actually end up being his wife.

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