Stephanie Margarucci — otherwise known as BeastEater on TikTok — grew into popularity as a social media star.

What’s more, Stephanie’s mesmerizing dance moves earned her millions of followers on Instagram.

Continue reading and discover Stephanie’s wiki essentials. Moreover, learn about her parents, height, and boyfriend.

Stephanie Margarucci Wiki — Age, Birthday, Gender

Stephanie Margarucci aka BeastEater was born in the Summer of 1997. Thus, in mid-2019, she became 22 years old.

Furthermore, Stephanie celebrated her birthday on 2nd August. For the Zodiac sign, she owned Leo.

Because Stephanie doused herself on makeup, many assumed she was a transgender. Be that as it may, the TikTok star offered little to zero comments on the topic.

Stephanie Margarucci Bio — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Talking ethnicity, Stephanie Margarucci (BeastEater) carried Argentinian ancestry. Meanwhile, she called Las Vegas, Nevada her hometown.

Reportedly, Stephanie’s parents hailed from the South American country Argentina. Also, they loved and adored their famous daughter.

Concerning siblings, Stephanie had two — both of them girls. Moreover, the social media sensation probably shared a good bond with her sisters.

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Height, Tattoos, Measurements

As stated earlier, Stephanie Margarucci AKA BeastEater was rarely seen without makeup. Nonetheless, she looked gorgeous either way.

At times, Stephanie wore her makeup in a manner that complimented her numerous tattoos.

Moreover, Stephanie stood around 5 feet 6 inches in height. Her weight, meanwhile, surpassed 55 kilograms. Likewise, Stephanie’s measurements read 33-24-33 inches.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok

Without a sound social media presence, Stephanie Margarucci cemented her celebrity star. Also, she operated with the username BeastEater.

As of June 2020, Stephanie owned 9.5 million IG followers and 553k followers on Instagram. With her boyfriend, she launched a YouTube series.

Stephanie Margarucci Net Worth, Merch, Kids Next Door LA

Stephanie Margarucci — better known as BeastEater — reportedly owned under $0.5 million in net worth.

Looking at her IG, one could tell where Stephanie’s earnings came from. Besides selling her merch, she modeled for the clothing brand “Fashion Nova.”

In May 2020, Stephanie joined a social media collab house named “Kids Next Door LA (K.N.D)”. Marcus Olin, Jesse Underhill, Ona, Jack Riyn, Beyond Brandon, and two others made up the group.

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Stephanie Margarucci Boyfriend, Dating, Marcus Olin


TikTok star Stephanie with boyfriend Marcus Olin circa 2020 (Pic – Stephanie’s IG)

Stephanie Margarucci — who goes by BeastEater on social media — and fellow Instagram star Marcus Olin went as far back as 2018.

By May 2018, many felt Stephanie’s dating life with Marcus was cemented. On her boyfriend’s birthday, Stephanie penned a heartwarming message. It read:

“Happy birthday to the biggest blessing known to mankind my baby Marcus 💘 You deserve the world and all the planets and galaxys around it! I love you baby boy I hope this birthday is the best by far. Now let’s have fun in Maui!”

In early 2019, when Marcus colored his hair platinum whited, Stephanie followed her boyfriend’s suit. Together, they did everything to seem like a loving couple.

Marcus then returned the favor in Summer 2019 by dying his hair purple when Stephanie changed her hair color. The late-2019 saw the lovebirds dye their hair lime green.

Fast forward to mid-2020, Stephanie and Marcus were still together. It seemed as though there wasn’t a ceiling to their dating life.

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