Arranged Marriage might as well be on its way to becoming a relic of the past, and rightly so, but as with most things, it is not without its redemption stories. One such redeeming story of arranged marriage was the one of Sreejan Shandilya and Divya Singh.

Sreejan and Divya’s arranged love (it is complicated; we’ll explain) story first appeared on Netflix‘s reality series The Big Day. In this article, we shall mostly focus on Sreejan, while Divya might have her cameo in the love story.

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Sreejan Shandilya Age, Birthday, Zodiac

We do not know much about Sreejan’s age and his birthday. There were reports that he was born in 1990. And if those reports are true, he must be 30 or 31 years of age.

However, his exact birthday was not known. And so, his zodiac sign was also unknown.

Sreejan Shandilya Family, Nationality, Early Life

Sreejan Shandilya was of Indian nationality. His Facebook profile had Banglore, India as the only place he had lived in the past. Most likely, Banglore was in fact Sreejan’s hometown and he spent most of his early life there.

Even if, it was not really his hometown, it did prove that Sreejan was of Indian nationality.

Not much was known about Sreejan’s family. His mother was quite frequently featured on his social media but we do not know her name. And you can catch the details of the family members in Netflix’s The Big Day.

However, we do have some names of the Sandhilya family: Himanshu Shandilya, Vishal Shandilya, Vijay Tiwari Shandilya, Rajyaguru Shandilya. We do not know the relation between any of them and Sreejan.

His Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about his height, Sreejan Shandilya was about 5 ft 10 inches tall and weighed about 77 kgs in 2021.

And coming to his distinct features, Sreejan had very typical Indian facial features. He had black hair and brown eyes, a small but widish face, and of course a rather charming smile.

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Is He On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, and Yes, but he is not that big. Sreejan is present on Instagram, but he is neither too active nor too popular. He had only 18 posts and just 976 followers.

On Facebook, he had a slightly larger following, of 1776 people. He was also present on Twitter and probably was the largest there with 2377 followers.

Sreejan Shandilya Net Worth, Job, Education

As of 2021, Sreejan Shandilya’s net worth was about $750 thousand.

Sreejan had a very high profile education as well as a high-end job. While we do not know where he got his high school education, his Linkedin tells us that he went to Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani for his higher education.

He graduated from BITS, Pilani with a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree in Electronics and Instrumentation as well as a Master’s degree in Economics. Later, he also went on to attend Harvard Kennedy School to study Public Policy.

Sreejan graduated from Harvard in 2022 with a second Master’s degree.

During his college days, he interned at various places with the University of Hamburg, GENPACT. After completing his engineering, he worked as a Software Engineer for Juniper Networks.

From 2015 onwards, Sreejan has been working in the Ministry of External Affairs, India. He started as an officer trainee in 2015 and is currently working as an undersecretary (since August 2020).

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Sreejan Shandilya Divya Singh, Wedding, The Big Day

Now about the big things, about the arranged love story of Sreejan and Divya. The story starts with two people skeptical about arranged marriage and their families wanting to get them married.

Sreejan, at that time, was in Paris, working for the Indian Foreign Service. Divya’s aunts met him, were impressed by him, and introduced him to their niece. Divya and Sreejan met, not very excited about the prospect of arranged marriage, but he found her attractive and she found him easy to talk to.

So what if the way of their meeting was a little old-fashioned, they liked each other and only that mattered. They had a lot in common: both high achieving in their own fields (Divya was an entrance topper for JIPMER), they were both energetic and animated.

They dated for a while, they were engaged in February 2019 and they were married by November 2019. The wedding was a lavish Hindu wedding, all the family members on both sides, including the distant ones, attended the wedding.

You can enjoy the full decadence of their wedding in Netflix‘s reality TV show called The Big Day. The show is all about extravagant Indian weddings. Together with five other couples, Sreejan and Divya’s wedding was showcased in the second season of the show.


Sreejan Shandilya and his wife Divya Singh during their wedding circa November 2019 (PC: Sreejan’s IG)

After the wedding, Sreejan and Divya moved to the United States in Jan 2021 and settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sreejan was still working as a diplomat in the Ministry of External Affairs, India; and Divya was working for Harvard Medical School.

In the honeymoon phase of their marriage still, the couple looked happy and healthy.

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