Matt Rosenberg is the longtime partner of Haylie Duff. However, he had yet become Hilary Duff’s sister’s husband as of 2021.

Keep on scrolling this Matt Rosenberg wiki and learn facts about Haylie Duff’s to-be husband such as his age and job. Also, discover his net worth, height, and family.

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Matt Rosenberg Age

Matt Rosenberg turned 40 years old in 2020. Similarly, 5th September marks Matt’s birthday, making him a Virgo.

On his 33rd birthday in 2013, Haylie Duff shared a photo of them holding handheld firecrackers. An accompanying tweet read— “Happy Birthday to the greatest guy around…@MattyRose23”

Matt Rosenberg Family

He was born Matthew Evan Rosenberg on 5th September 1980. What’s more, he is a native of New York City, New York, U. (Diazepam) S.A.

While many assumed him to be a Jewish man, Matt had yet to confirm his ethnicity and religious beliefs.

Until April 2021, Matt hadn’t shared much about his family background including the names of his parents and siblings. Moreover, he kept his early life a secret. (Modafinil)

Between 1996 and 1999, Matt studied at the Avon Old Farms. He then attended Loyola College in Maryland. Graduating from 2003 from the same, he acquired the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and Marketing.

How Tall Is He?

Matt Rosenberg measures above 6 feet. Haylie Duff, on the other hand, stands 5 feet 9 inches in height.

A lover of tattoos, Matt has several of them inked on his body. Likewise, a big nose and large ears give him his distinct features.

Is He On Instagram And Facebook?

Matt was available neither on Facebook nor on Instagram. However, he constantly appeared on his partner, Haylie Duff’s Instagram posts. As of 2021, Haylie enjoyed around 1 million followers on the photo-sharing app.

At one point, Matt was on Twitter with the username @MattyRose23. Later, he deleted his profile from the platform.

Matt Rosenberg Net Worth

By April 2021, Matt Rosenberg’s net worth had risen to around $1 million. Haylie Duff, on the other hand, flaunted a $4 million fortune.

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Matt Rosenberg Job

To mention his job title, Matt Rosenberg is a t-shirt entrepreneur.

According to this article, Matt owns an apparel company called “Subway Tile Shirts”.

The about section of the company’s website read— “We were founded in 2013, with the official license from the MTA to display the mosaics on our apparel. It is our goal to build a brand that pays homage to New York City and the mosaic tile signs designed a century ago.”

Also, the website shared— “Subway Tile Shirts is inspired by the best of New York City. Each of our products is unique, just like each of the city’s five boroughs.”

Matt’s future sister-in-law, Hilary Duff even supported his brand. Back in 2014, the actress/singer rocked a “Subway Tile Shirts” T-shirt.

Per this LinkedIn, Matt served as the Vice President of “TheraOne” until 2021. Before “TheraOne,” she worked as the Head of Marketing at Eaze.

From 2016 and 2018, Matt was the VP of Partnerships & Programming of “Victorious”.

Previously, Matt enjoyed stints at “Independent Consulting,” “Pandora,” “My Space,” and “Adconion Media Group”.

As for his TV appearance, Matt starred in an episode of “Home & Family” in 2020.

Matt Rosenberg And Haylie Duff’s Wedding

Until 10th April 2021, Matt and Haylie had yet to tie the knot.

A year earlier, amid the COVID pandemic, the couple claimed it wasn’t certainly the time to plan their wedding. Speaking to US Weekly, Haylie shared— “We’re busy with both of the kids and jobs, and we always say, ‘We will at some point,’ and then life continues to be busy, and we still really like each other, which is good, I guess. at some point, we will, but certainly now is not the time to have a wedding.”

In April 2014, Matt popped the big question. After accepting the proposal, Haylie took to Instagram and shared the news declaring herself— “The future of Mrs.Rosenberg.”

Before the engagement, Matt and Haylie dated for more than a year and a half. November 2020 marked their 8 years as a married couple. To commemorate the milestone, Haylie, via Instagram, wrote— “8 years today with this good, good man. I’m so lucky. Kids, construction, moving… and I’m still totally IN!”

Matt and his partner, Haylie welcomed their first child, daughter Ryan in May 2015. 3 years later, the couple welcomed their second daughter. They named her Lulu.

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