Social media influencer Sophie Swaney stirred conversation on the internet once again because of her arrest in early 2021. So, for those of our visitors who aren’t familiar with the internet star, delve into this Sophie Swaney wiki to learn more about her. This article covers her career and her relationship status.

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Sophie Swaney Arrested

Sophie Swaney was arrested in early 2021 for driving under the influence and possession of a handgun and drugs. Police authority apprehended her in her hometown of Nashville. The report of Sophie has been updated on 4 May 2021.

Sophie told officers she had one Moscow Mule and one Michelob beer earlier in the evening. She agreed to do field sobriety tests. She exhibited signs of impairment. As police reported, Sophie also gave consent to search the vehicle and advised officers of a Glock 43 in the vehicle. A small amount of marijuana was also found to which she said she occasionally smoked.

Sophie’s court appearance was scheduled for 7 February 2021 and the record check stated ‘settlement’ under ‘reason’.

The January 2021 arrest of Sophie Swaney wasn’t her first. She had a similar stint in 2018 in North Carolina. As stated by Howard Gentry Criminal Court Clerk, Sophie faced a second offense for DUI.

Her Age, Birthday

According to a Criminal record document, Sophie Swaney turned 26 years old in September of 2020. 7 September marks her birthday. Based on that information, Sophie secured Virgo as her zodiac sign.

Sophie Swaney Parents, Siblings

Sophie Swaney was born in Eads, Tennessee, the United States to her parents: Randall Swaney and Grace Swaney.

Her father had a huge influence on her life. Randall Swaney owned and operated Marshall Steakhouse. Whereas, almost no details surfaced on her mother. Allegedly, Sophie’s parents parted ways and her father found his second wife Lori Swaney.

Furthermore, Sophie is a granddaughter of her paternal grandmother, Lois Bonds Swaney, an accomplished Pianist, and her grandfather Frederick Earl Swaney.

Being raised in wealth, Sophie had no trouble getting whatever she desired. She grew up on a 300-acre farm right outside Memphis, Tennessee. This is one of the facts about her life with privilege.

Moreover, Sophie Swaney shared the love of her parents with three siblings Natalie, Sara, and Jorja. Natalie Swaney Danielson is married to her husband Chad Danielson, Sara with her husband Daniel Allen.

Sophie Swaney Height

With enticing measurements of 34-26-36 inches, Sophie Swaney isn’t the type to be scared to flaunt her curves on her socials. Plus, her height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) further accentuates her good looks.

By hitting the gym on a regular basis and outdoor activities, Sophie Swaney maintained her body weight at 57 kilograms (125 lbs).

Her Instagram, TikTok

Social media does wonder to the career of many and Sophie Swaney is one of the living examples of it. Her Instagram profile garnered 459k followers as of 2021 giving her celebrity status on the platform. However, the platform is yet to be verified.

There existed two personal accounts of Sophie on Facebook. On one profile, she had 6067 followers where she hasn’t posted since December of 2019. On another profile, she last posted in late April 2021.

But, Sophie’s page Sophie Swaney Outdoors earned 499k followers.

The Tennessee native’s popularity isn’t only limited to Facebook and IG. She also owned a TikTok account which earned her 287.1k followers and 1.9 million likes for the videos.

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Sophie Swaney Net Worth

The salary and commission Sophie Swaney pocketed from promoting the goods contributed to her burgeoning net worth of $5 million.

Sophie Swaney, after high school in her hometown, attended the University of Memphis. Then, she joined Lenoir Community College. But, instead of pursuing an academic career, her love of sports and social networking brought everything from fame and fortune.

Growing up in the South on a gigantic family farm, her father and her grandfather influenced her to fall in love with the outdoors. Then, she learned the art of hunting and fishing and she made it her life.

When asked what she wanted to be as a kid, Sophie replied, “When I was younger I wanted to be a vet, but couldn’t go through with it because of the blood and guts, which is ironic seeing as I field dress all my own kills.”

Besides being a social media influencer, she served as an ambassador for multiple companies and brands. Hostile Wheels, Tate Bros Tires, Freedom Holsters, Yeehaw Cowboy Boots, and Lash Me Up Girl are some of the brands that she promoted on her socials.

Her socials are dominated by trucks, cars, and guns among other contents. Besides that, Sophie also pursued her own entrepreneurial route. She also created products such as a sweatshirt, iPhone case, T-shirt with signature Camo butterfly.

Only at the age of 21, Sophie realized she wanted gunsmithing. She enrolled at one of the 10 gunsmithing schools in the United States.

Sophie Swaney Boyfriend

When arrested in early 2021, Sophie Swaney was with her boyfriend, Johnny Justice who she publicly referred to as Austin.

As reported in SCOOP NASHVILLE, her boyfriend was upset over a photoshoot. Austin then climbed out of the passenger window while traveling on Charlotte Ave and fell on and hit his head. He was rushed to the trauma unit with a brain injury. Sophie updated on social about the condition of her boyfriend who was admitted to a local hospital.

Besides Austin, no further details on Sophie’s previous relationship surfaced as of this writing.

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