US top magazine Forbes in 2017 couldn’t resist their temptation to feature Simeon Panda as one of the world’s top ten influencers for fitness.

With a physique like Thor, it’s hard for this handsome hunk to go unnoticed.

Winning the European Championships in 2013, Simeon engraved himself on the map of Musclemania Pro bodybuilding amongst the top competitors. He had competed in different shows around the world.

He had judged many competitions since then and owned his own sportswear company too.

Learn more about how Simeon transformed himself into the world-renowned bodybuilder as the article continues.

How Old Is Simeon Panda? Wiki, Siblings, Nationality

On May 28, 2019, Simeon Panda celebrated turning 33 years old.

He recalled having a beautiful memory alongside his siblings, as the grew up in London, England. He has four brothers and a sister.

Simeon comes from a Christian family and holds a British nationality.

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He was influenced into bodybuilding by his friends at college. Simeon not only graduated but also learned about his passion during college days.

Net Worth, Height & Weight, Car

With body fat around 7%, Simeon weighs 104kg / 228lbs at the height of 6 feet 1 inch (186cm) as of early 2020. The world-renowned bodybuilder mentioned he was able to bench press about 190kg / 425lbs on a good day. (

Train hard and never give up on your dreams” Simeon’s motto had influenced lots of people all around the globe.

On Nov 17, 2017, Simeon twitted “I kept my old car for years, just waiting to upgrade when the time was right.” He was a sucker for cars and mostly drove his white Lamborghini in 2019.

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The estimated net worth of Simeon Panda was around $1 million as of 2020.

Before & After Transformation, Workout, Diet

Simon labeled himself as “skinny” while he was around the age of 16.

During high school days, with a body so lean, Simeon never looked like an athlete although he loved playing rugby and running tracks. After friends’ continuous complaining, he began to lift weights at the age of 16 at home.

He never took time off from his workout except for 4 days of being sick. The transformation took 9 long years of continuous dedication.

Simeon encourages fans who look up to him to follow his workout program Mass Gain Extreme – The Complete Training Guide.

He mentioned, his diet included nutritious food required just ‘enough’ to grow, without putting on excess fat. He ate medium-sized meals about 5-6 times a day.

Wife, Girlfriend, Dating

Simeon met a fellow fitness enthusiast and a former model, Chanel Coco Brown in 2012. Soon they began to hit it off well and began dating after two years. Miss4Motivated’s pornstar page .

Simeon Panda with his girlfriend Chanel Coco Brown

Simeon’s wife prospect Coco Brown also worked as a fitness influencer and appeared in various English and European magazines.

Simeon mentioned that he and his girlfriend had encouraged each other to work out and maintain a nutritious diet.

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The fittest couple had dated for long 8 years by 2020 and Simeon soon planned to take Coco Brown as his wife.

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