TLC never fails to surprise us, the viewers, with its ideas for the TV shows. In the upcoming show, So Freakin Cheap, TLC documents the lives of the four families who hold expertise in bargaining.

These four families, namely the Tran family, the Watson family, the Clayton family, and the Guiles family coming from different places of the States have at least one cheap member in their family. In the case of the Watsons, it’s mainly the matriarch of the family, Shelley Watson.

The Shelley Watson wiki below will be all about her. We will discuss if Shelley’s stingy nature has created any tension with other members of her family, as it happens in most cases. We will also talk about Shelley’s age, job, wedding, and many more.

Shelley Watson On So Freakin Cheap

As you might have already known by now, the Watson family comes from Mesa, Arizona. In the Watson family, there is not one, not two, but a total of three cheap people–that is her husband Tracy Watson, their eldest daughter Ashley and the self-proclaimed “Princess of Cheap” Shelley herself.

Some of the things Shelley has done in the past to be more economical in life include making dinner from the neighbor’s leftover pasta, using dog’s hair to restuff the pillows, planning her daughter’s wedding on a tight budget of $1,000.

While all the members of the Watson family were on board with Shelley’s over-the-top ways of being economical, Shelley and Tracy’s youngest daughter Brittney still struggled to cope with her family member’s cheap ways. This posed a major problem for Brittney as mother Shelley stunned her by revealing that she would try to cover Brittney’s wedding on a mere budget of $750.

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Shelley Watson Age

Shelley Watson was 58 years of age in 2021. Born in the year 1963, Shelley celebrates her birthday on the 1st of June every year. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Her Maiden Name, Family

Shelley Watson (maiden name: Kiser) was born and raised in Tigard, Oregon. It was only after her marriage to Tracy that she moved to Mesa, Arizona.

Shelley’s parents are Royce Kiser (father) and Patricia Kiser (mother). Any information about other family members was not available as of July 2021.

Shelley Watson Height

Although Shelley Watson’s height is not available anywhere on the Internet, based on some of her IG pictures she stands no less than 5 feet 6 inches. Furthermore, she weighs at least 75 kilograms.

Her Instagram, Facebook

As of July 2021, Shelley was available on almost all big social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She has 377 followers on her @theshelleywatson IG account and 15 followers on her @CheapsktShelley Twitter account.

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Shelley Watson Job

For education, Shelley went to Clackamas Community College, Portland State University, and Northern Arizona University. At Clackamas, Shelley studied Business and Performing Arts. She acquired a BA in Communication from Portland State in 1987. Finally, she graduated with an M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona.

As a reality TV star, Shelley has already appeared on Extreme Cheapskates and Random Doors before getting featured on TLC‘s So Freakin Cheap.

Aside from being an actress, Shelley serves as a Regional Sales Manager at Farmasi. She has been working there since August 2020. Earlier, Shelley used to work as a CBD Wellness Advisor.

Some of her past jobs include Community Marketing Executive/Territory Sales Manager at Welcome Wagon, District Sales Manager at New Avon LLC, Manager at Ashley Cosgrove Music, Executive Director at Watson-Eastman Talent Agency, among others. You can always check out all of her jobs, training, certifications, and education by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Shelley Watson Net Worth

While we don’t know how much TLC will pay Shelley for the TV show So Freakin Cheap, she earns $116 thousand on average as a Regional Sales Manager at Farmasi. Her net worth was estimated to be around $2 million as of July 2021.

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Tracy Watson And Shelley: Wedding, Kids

As you all know, Tracy Watson is Shelley’s husband. The duo exchanged the wedding vows on February 14, 1991.

To talk a little about Shelley’s husband, Tracy works at Intel and went to Dixie State University for education. The 58-years-old Tracy did his high schooling at Westwood High School.

On September 16, 2019, Tracy took Shelley on a date for Wife Appreciation Day at Harkin’s Theatre. The duo enjoyed their time there with some good wine and Tarantino’s 2019 movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Shelley made an Instagram post to let her fans and followers know about their date night.


Shelley and her husband Tracy are about to go on a date night during Wife Appreciation Day.

The duo has two daughters in the name of kids, as we all already know. The elder one, Ashley Watson, was 27 years old in 2021 whereas the younger one, Brittney Watson, turned 23 years old in 2021.

Ashley is married to her husband Colby Cosgrove. She is the founder of Ashley Cosgrove Digital Consulting. On the other hand, Brittney is engaged to her fiance Shane. As we have already told, matriarch Shelley is planning for the wedding of Brittney and her fiance Shane’s wedding under a total budget of $750, and yes that includes the cost of the venue, food, reception, and the wedding gown. Presently, Brittney works at Starbucks.

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