Rosanna Tran has competed in beauty pageants, worked in several non-profits, and owns a successful business. Now, she then was ready to start her career as a reality star for TLC starring in So Freaking Cheap.

Learn more about her life, her family, and other details through this social Rosanna Tran Wiki.

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Rosanna Tran On So Freakin Cheap

Living in Orlando Florida, Rosanna Tran and her husband along with their 4 kids live in a big house with a life of luxury. But, they could be cheap at times even after having much more than they can spend, and successful businesses that got that income flowing.

What’s weird is they dig through trash cans for finds as they believe “one man’s trash is another Tran’s treasure.” So, they didn’t appear in TLC’s So Freakin Cheap to show off their weird ways of making it into the world.

Rosanna Tran Age

As shared by ClustrMaps, Rosanna Tran was born on 5 December 1968. She turned 52 years old while celebrating her birthday in 2020. Furthermore, she secured Sagittarius as her zodiac sign.

Her Height, Distinct Features

Rosanna Tran stands tall at a height above 5 feet 3 inches. Moreover, she weighed nearly 120 lbs. With her several features as an Asian-American individual, her beautiful eyes, dark long hair, and round face with a wide nose are some of her distinct features.

Rosanna Tran Nationality

Rosanna Tran is a Hongkonger by nationality as a friend from high school had tagged Hong Kong as their hometown. She moved to the states over 30 years ago as a Disney College Program exchange student.

Rosanna was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chan who are reportedly Chinese. So, she is of Asian-American ethnicity with maiden name Chan. Despite the camera’s running around with her all of the time, she still successfully maintained a low-key life when it comes to her parents.

On her Facebook, Rosanna cited Cathy Chan as her sister. According to Cathy’s Facebook profile, she hailed from Hong Kong and still lives in Hong Kong while her sister immigrated to U.S. Cathy enjoys traveling and shared a lot of snaps from her travels.

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Rosanna Tran Net Worth

With her burgeoning wealth, and all the expenses that she was able to cut off by scavenging for goods, Rosanna Tran was able to build a total net worth of $750 thousand.

But, let’s briefly look into the details regarding her education and work. She attended Good Hope School back in her hometown of Hong Kong. Info regarding her college education and whether she attended university are secrets yet to be shared.

Coming to her job, Rosanna founded Aliz International, Inc. She is also the owner of Eventolando Event Center, a performance and event venue, in June of 2020 in Orlando, Florida. She even created an IG account for Eventolando which earned 50 followers. The platform only contains one post while penning this wiki in July of 2021.

With her experience in beauty pageants, Rosanna incorporated all of it to build a place where similar events could be started. Together with her partners, she created EventOlando to provide a missing need of venues aside from hotels in order to provide an all-inclusive special events experience.

Rosanna also founded Model4Miracles.

As the website of her company shared, Rosanna is an established businesswoman, philanthropist, pageant director, and also title holder. She earned years worth of experience in hospitality, property management, and event coordinating that inspired her to build Eventolando – a facility to celebrate love and create memories.

Besides the regular business, Rosanna also served as the advisor at Teens Go Green, a non-profit organization focused on minimal waste education, eco-events, and trash fashion.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Rosanna Tran is discovered on Instagram with 1074 followers and goes by the name @rosannatran__ on the platform. She posted 516 times as of 21st July 2021. On Twitter, she goes by the name @TranRosanna which garnered 7 followers.

She has minimum activity on the platform which only contains 50 tweets in total.

Moreover, Rosanna is also on Facebook. She updates her posts on the platform on a regular basis to update her friends and family about her life.

Dan And Rosanna Tran: Wedding, Kids

Rosanna Tran is married to her husband, Dan Tran. They married in 1991. They celebrated 30 years of a successful marriage in January of 2021. Together, they had four kids, traveled over 40 countries, and lived quite a life making memories.


Rosanna Tran, her husband, Dan Tran, and her kids together posing for the TLC show So Freakin Cheap (Pic: Rosanna’s IG)

The Tran family live the life of luxury but they are self-proclaimed to be Crazy Cheap Asians.

Coming to their kids, they have two sons Brandon Tran and Alex Tran, and two daughters Elizabeth Tran and Charisma Tran.

Alex works as a video creator after who is focusing most of his energy on a 24 hour ASMR Swimming marathon. He is a lover of wildlife and shared snaps of it on his socials.

Brandon attends Dr. Phillips High School. He is a traveler at heart and has been to Vietnam and Dubai.

Elizabeth is a beauty pageant competitor who was crowned Miss Miami Beach USA. She also supports her mom with her work with Teens Go Green. She is also a co-founder and co-director at Model 4 Miracles and Miss Miracle. Elizabeth attended the University of Florida where she studied Web Design and Online Communication.

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