TikTok does wonders for many people who struggle to establish a career in real life. The platform now has a new guy, Scott Seiss, who is an aspiring comedian. So, why did he went viral?

Delve into this Scott Seiss Wiki to learn more about him.

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Scott Seiss Ikea Guy, TikTok

“I’d like to speak to your manager,” “I’d like to speak to your mother, tell her she should be embarrassed. She raised someone who acts like a baby in public. Do you want to speak to the manager? Please.”

Ikea Guy continued,”… The manager doesn’t know what’s going on. Haven’t you ever worked anywhere before?”

If this didn’t pop off on your TikTok for your page, then you should go start looking for him. It’s New York-based comedian Scott Seiss who made viral TikToks mocking Ikea customers from his experience working in Ikea.

Scott Seiss aka Angry Ikea Guy is going viral on TikTok for his funny and relatable videos. He made the TikToks mocking the complaints with a fast, funny, and clever comeback that became a viral sensation on several social media platforms.

Scott Seiss Age

Scott Seiss turned 27 years old in 2021. His birthday falls every year on 15 March. Based on that information, Scott secured Pisces as her zodiac sign.

His Height: How Tall Is He?

A man with a slim build, Scott Seiss stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). His lanky body type and teeth with revealing jaws happen to be his distinct features. Moreover, he weighed about 56 kilograms (127 lbs).

Scott Seiss Family

Scott Seiss hailed from his hometown of Dundalk, Maryland, the United States. A major part of the life of Scott remains a mystery. Besides a few social media appearances, no further information on his parents has surfaced as of this writing.

Thorough research shed some light on the details of his parents. Scott was born to his father John Seiss Jr. and his mother Shelly Seiss. Nonetheless, the names require further confirmation from his side. Based on that information, he also has a sibling named Morgan Seiss. And that is all that we know of the Seiss family.

His YouTube, Twitter

When Scott quit his regular job and started pursuing his career as a standup comedian, people began noticing following him on his socials. But after the Angry Retailer Guy videos on TikTok, his social media blew up insanely.

His Instagram account garnered 71.6k followers as of this writing i.e. 24 April 2021. Likewise, his Twitter account earned him 68.2k followers in total. In the same way, Scott is also on Facebook where 984 people followed him.

Scott also owns a YouTube channel, but couldn’t verify if it actually belonged to Scott Seiss. Nevertheless, it earned 2.47k followers in total.

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Scott Seiss Net Worth

Looks like comedian Scott Seiss isn’t very far from hitting it big with his career and may as well see his net worth grow to $1 million in a matter of few years. But, the viral sensation also had a story to tell about his actual time working in Ikea.

Scott Seiss attended Eastern Technical High School. He graduated in 2012. After graduation, Scott enrolled at the University of Maryland and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2016.

The Maryland native started working at Ikea Call Center near the company’s store in White Marsh starting in November of 2016. He reviewed emails and messages from the customers. However, he kept his dreams to become a comedian alive inside of him.

And in April of 2019, Scott quit his job at Ikea. Then., he moved to Bloomfield, New Jersey to pursue comedy full time. He performed at open mics and comedy clubs that earned him fans and stirred conversation as local talent.

Proper content and a proper platform are what one requires and it would do wonders for one’s career. The same thing happened with Scott, his experience from the time working at Ikea, his dream to become a comedian, and of course TikTok.

His short bits and to-the-point bits, serious music in the background, and Ikea background all came together to make people’s ribs tickle across the world. Each of his Angry Retailer Guy TikToks earned at least 600 thousand views and most of them crossed millions.

Ever since Scott’s TikTok went viral, he heard from several comedians including Jim Gaffigan, Paul F Tompkins, and Patton Oswalt, and NBA superstar LeBron James.

Before Dundalk-native’s viral fame, he also associated himself with Dog-Collar Comedy Troupe. The group performed several free shows across the town. He had also opened for the acts such as Josh Wolf, Roy Wood Jr., and Bo Burnham.

Scott also associated himself with Thirteen WNET New York since January of 2020.

Plus, Scott’s viral content earned him some meetings that he didn’t want to share. But, he talked with The Baltimore Sun about checking mail to see if he had been sued.

And what does Ikea has to say about the viral content?

Like any corporation who would be scared that it would hurt their performance, the company’s spokesperson made it clear that he was an ex-employee and speaks neither for the company nor for the other employees.

Scott Seiss Wife

Sorry ladies, Scott Seiss is already taken and has a wife. He is married to one beautiful Amanda Leap.

Scott and Amanda got engaged in June of 2017. Revealing the news about their engagement, he wrote a post on Facebook, “Guess who’s engaged!” The newly engaged were congratulated by friends and families.

A year after the engagement, on 27th October 2018, Scott and Amanda shared their vows in a ballroom wedding. The bridesmaid was dressed in crimson color while the bride looked beautiful in a white wedding dress. A month earlier, the couple had acquired their marriage license from Harford County, Maryland.


Scott Seiss and his wife, Amanda Leap Seiss together in July of 2020 (Pic: Scott Seiss Facebook)

Moreover, Amanda had a fair share of experience working in White Marsh Mall. So, Scott often went to his wife to see the impacts of the joke.

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