Mark Towle is the owner of Gotham Garage and the star of Netflix’s Gotham Garage. He rose to fame because of his stunning mechanic and remodeling skills. So, along with his career, fans were eager to learn more about his relationships status and details on his wife.

Delve into this Mark Towle Wiki to learn more about his wife, net worth, age, family, and height.

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Mark Towle Age

Mark Towle was born on 13 November 1962. He turned 58 years old in November of 2020. Per that information, Mark secured Scorpio as his zodiac sign.

Mark Towle Family, Is He Hispanic?

One of many questions that have been asked online was Mark Towle’s ethnicity. Many assumed him to be Hispanic. However, he never addressed and shared details on his ethnicity online. But, several websites have shared that he is White-American by ethnicity.

Mark Towle was born to his anonymous parents in Los Angeles, California, United States. He grew up in a household that was abandoned by his estranged father. So, the responsibility of the family fell on his single mother, who had to provide for her four kids.

The family struggled financially and had to do penny-pinching to make it through the tough times. Besides that, no further information surfaced on his siblings and his beloved mother.

Mark was interested in fixing things from a very young age. He had an interest in fixing up broken toys from a very young age. He used to go ‘dumpster diving’ to scavenge the broken toys which were thrown away. Not only he fixed toys, but Mark also redesigned them into something better than the original.

This passion and talent of his, which Mark believed was god-gifted, helped him built a career as an adult and earned him wide recognition.

His Height

To write about Mark Towle’s physical attributes, he stands tall at the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). Furthermore, his mustache and goatee, ponytail which he keeps, and a beanie that he has on most of the time are his distinct features.

His Instagram, TikTok

Mark Towle, on Instagram, goes by the name @mark_towle_1. He posted only 4 times on the platform. His IG gathered 131 followers in total. Furthermore, he is on Facebook with 4.7k friends by Aug 2021. He hasn’t posted anything new since November 2020.

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Mark Towle Net Worth

Other than the business income from sales of remodeled cars, Mark Towle also sold Gotham Garage merch that contributed to his burgeoning net worth of nearly $3 million.

Before he teamed up with Kory Geick to found Gotham Garage, Mike made and sold props for movies and TV shows. He had a company with his own name from which he ran his business. Then, he deviated from making props to creating something different that held actual value and meaning to his passion.

Mark was doing custom cars, Mach 5, and batmobiles. When Mark and Kory met each other, they put a hold on everything they did and focused entirely on what later became Gotham Garage.

After nearly two decades, Mark Towle left the garage to start on his own venture 66 Ministries/Rustoration Garage.

Now Gotham Garage is bigger than ever with their own show to show off which premiered on Netflix. Mark also runs a YouTube channel named after the company which has 20.3k subscribers. On Instagram, Gotham Garage gathered an impressive 327k followers.

But Gotham Garage isn’t Mark’s first show as he has also appeared on America’s Most Wanted and The Today Show.

Back in 2011, Mark was embroiled in a lawsuit against Warner Bros. regarding the Batmobile copyright infringement. He had recreated George Barris’ original Batmobile, created in 1966 for the campy TV series starring Adam West, as well as the iteration from the 1989 Tim Burton film with Michael Keaton behind the mask. He used to sell them for around $90,000 each.

In 2013, the Ninth U.S. Court of Appeals ruled their verdict in favor of DC and the parent company Warner Bros. The court announced that the iconic Batmobile was a character onto itself. This is why it was protected by copyright laws.

Mark Towle Wife

Mark Towle isn’t married to anyone to have a wife as of Aug 2021. But, he has definitely seen a wife prospect in the one Kandace Nilos. They have been together at least since June of 2019.

Talking about Mark Towle’s girlfriend, Kandace appears to be a divorced mother of three kids; one daughter and two sons.


Mark Towle and Kandace Nilos, his girlfriend and potential future wife (Pic: Kandace’s FB)

The Gotham Garage owner, who is private about his relationship, hasn’t shared much, but his lover shows off her love for him by featuring him on her Facebook repeatedly. To reciprocate the loving gesture, Mark even announced Kandace as the love of his life in the comment section of her posts.

More about Mark’s girlfriend: Kandace attended UCLA where she studied Psychology. She studied accounting at California Baptist University. She lives in Canyon Lake, California with her kids.

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