Ryan Nicodemus came into the light in the early January of 2021 after Netflix announced a new show, LESS IS NOW. The Minimalist co-founder Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn are the lead stars on the show.

To learn more about Ryan, scroll down this wiki that unfolds information on his early life, career, and romantic life with his girlfriend.

Ryan Nicodemus Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Every year, Ryan Nicodemus’s birthday falls on 23 October. He turned 39 years old while celebrating his birthday in 2020.

Based on that, Ryan is a Scorpio-native who inherited characters such as loyal, brave, and ambitious among a few others which perfectly suits his character.

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Ryan Nicodemus Wiki — Religion, Family, Hometown

Ryan Nicodemus was born to his anonymous father and his mother Kelly Nicodemus in Knoxville, Tennessee. As he recollected his time from early life, his parents struggled to make ends meet since they didn’t have much money.

The co-founder of The Minimalists, Ryan had a troubled childhood caused by a dysfunctional family. His beautiful mother struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. Eventually, his parents divorced and separated when he was only 7 years old.

But, Ryan always believed his unhappiness rested in the fact that he didn’t have enough money which turned him into a wealth-centric individual.

More on his family, Ryan Nicodemus moved in with his father who was the owner of a wallpaper company. By religion, he was Jehovah’s Witness and truly cared for Ryan.

But for Ryan, all of the changes that happened were unacceptable so he dabbled in drugs and alcoholism. Talking about siblings, he has a sister named Olivia Nicodemus who attended Lebanon High School in her hometown of Ohio.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

As Joshua Fields Millburn wrote in one of the posts on Instagram, he and Ryan switched up their styles after 10 years. He grows long dark brown hair and a beard that gave him gritty looks.

Moreover, Ryan Nicodemus stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Likewise, he weighed about 81 kilograms (178 lbs) in total.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Coming to the social media influence that he has, over 67k people [as of Jan 2021] follows him on Instagram. Likewise, he keeps the same level of hold in the number of followers that he has on Twitter with 52.6k followers in total.

However, Ryan flaunts 3321 followers in total.

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Ryan Nicodemus Net Worth, Book, The Minimalists

Ryan Nicodemus knew Joshua Fields Millburn as a student when they were in fifth grade. Before working alongside Joshua in the telecommunication company, he had another low paying job. Dissatisfied with the amount of money that he made, Ryan applied and landed a job at the same telecommunication company Joshua worked for.

The Ohio-native worked hard and climbed the ranks and ended up earning an impressive salary. However, the void which he felt inside wasn’t filled with the abundance of money that he made.

One fateful day, Joshua approached Ryan and asked him the question he was longing for someone to ask which was, are you happy with the job? Joshua pitched the idea of a Minimalist way of living life which basically meant getting rid of things that they didn’t need.

It all happened 10 years ago. And came the turning point of their life, starting The Minimalist blog. The co-founder took it to another level when they decided to touch the lives of others.

Looking at the scoreboard, Ryan and Joshua published four books in total namely; ESSENTIAL, minimalism, EVERYTHING THAT REMAINS, and LOVE PEOPLE USE THINGS.

The duo explored other mediums to promote their work. Besides blogs, they did created podcasts to digitally reach everyone’s ear, attended interviews to address the queries that people felt about them, and of course tour across different cities and states in the nation and outside of it.

Plus, The Minimalist boys also starred shot a documentary which was streamed for the first time on Netflix. He also co-founded Asymmetrical Press.

Even though the boys gave up on the old ways of life about stacking wealth and pocketing impressive salary, Ryan Nicodemus was still worth about $250 thousand.

Ryan Nicodemus Wife, Girlfriend, Kids

Before we talk about Ryan Nicodemus’s current girlfriend, let’s stroll down through his past marriage. Ryan, who moved in with his father, seeking happiness devoted himself to his father’s religion.

Ryan tied knots with his anonymous girlfriend at the time and made her his wife. Together, they bought a house and settled with a dream to start a family together.

But, the marriage took a very bad turn and ended up in divorce after he and his wife separated. This affected Ryan intensely and turned again to his old vices of abusing drugs.

Ryan Nicodemus changed his way of life and went The Minimalist, the very last thing people expected from him. And then, he met his girlfriend Mariah Schneeberger.

Even though the timeline between their relationship remains anonymous, the couple apparently met a while before 2014. Though Ryan and Mariah grew deeper in love with each other and eventually moved in together in September of 2014.

Mind you, since Mariah is not a minimalist, the love that exists between the two made them come to mutual understanding while finding a common ground to compromise.

Mariah first appeared on his Instagram on 23 September 2014. The in-love pair were still dating each other in 2021 and were committed to one another. They have accepted and respected each other’s lifestyle.

But even after being in a serious relationship for over 6 years, Ryan and Mariah hadn’t married each other. None of them appeared to have any kids on top of that, meaning they were enjoying and cherishing each other’s company.

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